Sunday, November 29, 2015


                November 29th, 2015

                Professor Stevens here. We are all here. The assembly will be starting soon, and I will transcribe as much as possible. The arena is large. There are many seats, and many of them are full of survivors…. Or civilians as the founder of Southaven calls them. I know I haven’t properly introduced myself to this historical log. I am Professor Stevens. Student of Lord Micah, who was the creator of a frequency weapon we still use to this day, although it is modified as I see fit. I am in close relation with the Gypsy Group and the ZFC. And I bare allegiance to them, and against the ASMZ, Canary, the ARM Program, and any other tyrannical entity hell bent on population control and human modification. Having said that, it’s been a year or more since a post was published. There are people many of you might not know, but will. We are now waiting for an assembly to start. The founder, GAVIN STONE will be speaking. For those reading and just finding us, try to keep up. Much has changed. Oh, he’s walking on the stage. I will begin transcribing in 3…..2…..1….

                “People of Southaven. Over the last few years, we have grown in size, and in strength. Since our humble beginnings in Georgia, we have encountered many obstacles, and have endured many trials to ensure our survival. The world ignored the signs, but we were prepared. And now, now there is another obstacle. As most of you know, Reeducation cities are popping up all over the United States. The ASMZ is the new world government, leader of all military action and their laws are suffocating those of us who believe in honesty, morality, integrity……everything… Their agenda has born new groups. The Canary Group, who has moved from cleaning up zombies to becoming the leader of foreign affairs and management of every Drone City across America. The ARM, or the AMERICAN REST METHOD, who has merged from a legal suicide program to the leader in health care across the globe. Also in charge of the FDA, and who originally implemented food rationing, ultimately starving out millions of people across the world, shrouded in conspiracy and evil.
                These things are what we deal with on a daily basis. Now, as to not confuse the people of Reeducation or any Drone city, we are left alone for the most part. If they send a deliberate military attack on us here in Southaven, they would most certainly have to explain their actions to their citizens. So, a slow and diabolical execution of the people of Southaven has been introduced.
                I, GAVIN STONE, by the power and authority of Southaven law, in which I myself implemented in 2011, forbid any of you, the citizens of Southaven to take advantage of THE GATE event that Austin Reeducation is holding…”

                …Gavin Stone continued for an hour or more. I could tell that people were falling asleep. The audio coming from the stage wasn't that great. The echo from his voice was blurring his words together. But in short, he doesn't want us to take part in the Gate Event. The ASMZ works with Reeducation cities and Drone cities to host an event where people on the outside the walls of Reeducation or Drone cities, have a chance to fight their way in to experience ARM Programs Rest Method. It’s truly the most morbid, disgusting act of human behavior on display. People fighting for a chance to kill themselves. The only thing remotely close, was the mass killings of people stomped and trampled to death in the rush of Black Friday. Which again, is hosted by the ASMZ. Those of us in Southaven know what work the media puts into mass hypnosis, making things seem more important than safety, family, etc. I don’t know anyone personally planning on taking part of The Gate event, but until now it’s been open for anyone who wants it. Our leader Gavin Stone means well, but saying that he forbids anyone from taking part doesn't change anything. The idea has been made into a fantastic journey. End your life the way you want to, is what the ASMZ says. But….. The arena is emptying out now, and our team is quietly exiting too. We are a large team now. We have a meeting in a place called Cain’s Camp later this evening. He seems to have quite the loyal following. He is to be speaking tonight about a retaliation. There are supposed to be some old ZFC reintroduced to the clan as well. For starters, STAR, and LOKEY will be attending. Until tonight, this is Professor Stevens.

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