Sunday, November 29, 2015

Welcome to Southaven (Paul)

                NOVEMBER 29TH, 2015

                We just left the assembly. Gavin Stone sounded more like a preacher than a leader. Oh, it’s Paul. Most people call me Workman now, I don’t mind. I’ve changed in many ways. I’m walking to Cain’s Camp like most other ZFC right now. It’s getting dark, and I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain some things. It’s been a year, give or take a few weeks…. I think. We have gone dark, meaning.. none of us have posted any thoughts. There are plans that we are talking about. We are to infiltrate Reeducation, shut down the ASMZ and stop the takeover of our planet. We are on a new and secure line thanks to Professor Stevens and Doc. Doc was a sound engineer an editor before the fall, which I’m sure we’ll talk about tonight in Cain’s tent. Our posts are protected so the ASMZ or anyone else outside our circle can read them. We are all cold and hungry. We get food but in rations. Depending where you are, you might already know about the ARM Programs zeppelins that drop supplies off just outside the walls of Southaven. Gavin Stone sends us out to get them. Sometimes we don’t all return. Last month, some of Gavin’s own were attacked by an Uzzah. A food run turned into the zombification of these men. They returned with no arms. Their eyes were dark and furious. They howled at the walls of Southaven liked they belonged there. Dry and sputtering bellows came from their throats. Their wives and children stood in the tower, looking down as they bled out in the dirt, finally to be shot by a guard. It was sad. Even sadder is that they were sent back to Southaven as reminders of the horrors outside the walls, and that there seems to be no escaping the wrath of the ASMZ. The Uzzah has become a common word among the ZFC lately. They seem to be the biggest threat posing us at the moment. Breeching the walls of Reeducation will be harder with giant flesh eating beasts that float on slabs of alien technology in our way. At any rate, I’m here. Cain’s Camp is quiet. There is Christmas music playing….. Somewhere. It’s nice. I’ll check back in after the meeting, maybe tomorrow..
This is Paul.


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