Sunday, November 29, 2015

Welcome to Southaven (Jessie)

                NOVEMBER 29TH, 2015

                It’s Jessie. It’s going to be weird posting again after so long. So much has happened. Right now, I’m walking to Cain’s Camp. It’s been a year. Southaven has been our home. And at some point, I’m sure someone will post everything that has happened between. But for now, I’ll fill you in. We’re fucked. Inside one year, the ASMZ has taken over the entire globe. Not sure how, either it be by media, military, taking over the banking system…. Shit who knows. I just thought taking over a planet would take longer. Southaven is safe for the most part, but we still have to scavenge for food and water, which is BULLSHIT, because we can literally see the walls of Reeducation and a few small Drone Cities from here. You can see more at night but..

Sorry… fuckin fly flew up my mouth…

Anyway, yea. You can see more at night. The ARM Program has some zeppelins that drops off food and water sometimes. They are just teasing us with that shit. We have to fight for fuel and power out here and there they sit with everything all perfect, like it used to be. It would be fine if they dropped supplies off a little closer to us, but we have to go outside where all the zombies are to get that shit. And it’s not just zombies anymore. We deal with drones, zombies, punk ass humans trying to steal our shit, and these odd creatures called Uzzah. I think the government made them but who knows…  Apparently, the ASMZ has been working on zombie farms since 2011, and there are literally millions of zombies surrounding Reeducation and the Drone Cities. The Gypsy group has bounty hunters though. Some of them are really good, and can move around at night outside the shitty walls of Southaven. Mock is one of the best. He says that any one of the Drone Cities, sends tiny drones out to monitor us when we go retrieve supplies when the zeppelins drop them. And that the people of Reeducation watch it… like a fuckin tv show! Like a fuckin reality tv show! Makes me fucking sick. Fuck them. But you know what? The Gate Event is coming, and we have plans. Reeducation won’t be the only ones with power this fucking Christmas. I’m walking up on Cain’s Camp now. It’s like its own village inside Southaven. There are dirt roads and tents up all over the place. Sucks pretty bad when it rains, but right now it’s just cold as fuck. There are small Christmas lights up. Someone is playing Christmas music quietly.. I can hear it. The weirdest thing is the str….

UGH…Sorry…fuckin flies are driving me nuts!

Yea, but what’s weird, is the street signs. Every time Mock comes back from doing a supply run, he comes back with these weird street signs. I can’t even make out what they say. Some kind of weird writing. Looks like Egyptian Hieroglyphics but I don’t know… Mocks a crazy mother, I just let him do what he’s gonna do. His gold teeth have always given me the willies. And why he never bathes? Dayum he’s a stinky one. I can’t complain though. That crazy ass gets shit done..  O.k. I’m coming up on Cain’s tent here. Thanks for listening….whoever the fuck you are ;)

This is Jess.

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