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                December 25th, 2013

                This is Paul. I am weak, but I must post before it goes dark. My last entry was over a month ago… I think. My mind has changed from what it was before. I don’t know if it’s my new environment, the humming from the sky or just pure exhaustion. However, I will report. Please bear with me, as this might all seem a bit confusing.
                The hospital. The hospital was where I reported last. I think I left off where Tree John and I were going through some sort of initiation for the Gypsy Group. We briefly met an odd fellow who bore a hat with floppy bunny ears. His name is Pup. He’s not with us now, but he helped us escape the hospital. Our initiation was interrupted by a hum attack. They were fairly new to me, not anymore, but then, they were. The hum came while we were navigating our way through the underground hallways of the hospital. I remember being out of breath, placing my hands on the wall and stretching my back before our next challenge. That’s when the hum came. Pup, who was guiding us along looked worried. “That’s a new one.” He said. His eyes glassed over and we were all forced to put our hands over our ears. A loud hum vibrated the walls and floor. Harsh bangs, and muffled screams came from the floors above us and we ran for some sort of cover as the fluorescent lights began to shake themselves from the ceiling. It felt like we were experiencing an earthquake. “We have to get out!” Pup screamed, and led us to a door that led us toward the outside. Inside the hum, there were pops and twisting, metallic sounds. They were driving me insane. Tree John, who was always short for words fell several times while running. Holding your ears and paying attention to Pup’s lead was getting harder and harder. Finally, a trap door opened from the floor of the main lobby into the hospital. As soon as Pup opened the door, a shimmering black, and massive hand wrapped itself around his neck, picking him up and away from us. I could only watch, and witness. A large figure, probably 8 or 9 feet tall ripped Pup away from us and slung his body across the room, and out a large stained glass window. There was lightning and whirling wind outside, and I could see what was supposed to be the end of our lives. “NOOOOOOOO!!!” I screamed out. The beast reached into the trap door and snatched at us. Its fingers were long and pencil like with fingernails that were chipped and razor sharp. “FOUL BEASTS!” The creature screamed out. Tree John and I dodged and held our footing on the steep steps that lead upward to the floor of the hospital lobby.
                The creatures hand quickly pulled out and away from us, giving us opportunity to look out and plan a better escape. What we saw, I will never forget. And, I am not comfortable reporting. But this is the only way. I peered out to see not one, but 3 giant beasts tearing through the hospital. People were scattering and screaming everywhere. All Gypsy Group members I presumed. Several at a time were scooped up and pulled apart right before my eyes. Loud hums came, making it hard for me to focus on our escape. Tree John ran ahead of me, pulled my shirt to follow, and we exited the trap door. The giant beings were only part of the destruction. Tree John and I ran. A lower torso slammed into my back, pushing me to the floor and I slid on the blood of the dead. I looked up to notice horde after horde of black blood oozing zombies. They were pouring in from the doorways and windows of the hospital. Screaming and crying, the remainder of the Gypsy Group tried hard to escape. I saw men, woman, and child smash against the concrete walls of the hospital with every scream let loose from the giant beasts. They had a power that pushed and pulled with every inhale and exhale. I was in way over my head, and I became very afraid. Still on the floor, I slipped on the ooze and slime of the dead. I reached for Tree John and he grabbed my wrist. “LET’S GO LET’S GO!” Tree John screamed to me. We ran for an opening through the front of the hospital. A large hole leading to the outside, gave me perception of the battle I was in. I was covered in filth and slime. We ran out of the hospital and Tree John tripped over the body of Pup, who was moving. Tree John, instinctively thought Pup had turned zombie, and bent down to crush his head on the stone steps. “Wait, wait!” Pup cried out. “Look!”
                My vision blurred. The humming from the sky and the screaming from the beasts and moans from the hordes of zombies made me start to lose my reality. Or so I thought. The ‘pops’ that I heard in the dark hallways underneath the hospital came back.  Pup pointed upward, towards the sky. Beyond the humming, there were pops. Pops that randomly…. Popped. And when they did, through the twisting clouds and greyness of the sky appeared to be large, dark, but translucent objects. After the first pop, I saw what looked like a giant zeppelin shaped ship. Then it was gone after one or two seconds. I looked at Tree John, who still had his hand on the hat of Pup. We grabbed each other and ran toward the trees. Another oddity became part of my new reality as well. As we fled toward the trees, I saw 3 floating slabs of blackness. They were several feet off the ground, seemingly serving no purpose at all. But they were floating. With every grinding hum coming from the sky, also came a loud pop. And again, we looked up to briefly see a giant, ship like object hovering over us. I was scared and confused. Looking back to the hospital, zombies slowly shuffled out chewing on intestines, holding and eating heads like a sloppy watermelon. Several hands reached out from the trees and pulled us in to the darkness.
                I need to rest now, but Tree John as offered to finish. Tomorrow we have a meeting with everyone here at Southaven. We’ll keep everyone reading, up to speed.

                Until then, this is Paul. Kill’em All.

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