Tuesday, November 3, 2015


                December 26th, 2013

                Hey it’s Tree. I remember Christmas back home. It was cold, like it is here. I can’t believe it’s been a year… or so since I entered the states. Yesterday Paul said he posted on the ZFC server. I agreed to pick up where he left off. I know this data is hacked by the ASMZ. So if you’re with them and reading this, Fuck you. Now… let’s see. I didn’t read what he posted, but I’ll start with the Gypsy Group.
                Luna grabbed us both by the hair and we all squatted down in the dark. The trees were damp, probably from the night air of Louisiana, but who knows. I listen to the death an destruction coming from the inside of the hospital. A voice behind me kept saying, “They are so fucked. They are so fucked.” “Ssshhhh!” Luna demanded quietly. Crouched down in the trees, I quietly looked around at the company that reached out and took us out of sight.
                I saw the two Reds, they were behind me. There was Pup, who was really fucked up from being thrown out a stained glass window. And he was being bandaged up in the dark by a girl named Jessi. Who we didn’t know then but do now. There was Luna, who the last time we saw, we were naked and near death, and there as a new mate named Stevens. He was rummaging through a duffel bag quickly. He was taller than any of us, even the Reds. It was dark, and I wanted to notice him more, but my eye was on the sky. I’m sure Paul explained it better, but there were loud claps from the sky. With each clap, we saw space ships. At least, that’s what my mind said they were. I don’t know what they were really, but they looked like fucking space ships.
                “Do you have it?” Luna turned and said to Stevens, never taking her eye off the front door of the hospital. “Yes, it’s ready.” Stevens stood up with a peculiar box that he held with one hand. “Please cover your ears people.” Steven whispered loudly, and stepped around us, out of the safety and cover of the trees, toward the front of the hospital. Between us and the 3 floating slabs of whatever the fuck they are, Stevens held his hands out and screamed the word, “UUUUUUZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!”
                We watched as zombies by the dozen slowly trip and moan their way toward Stevens. Hissing and growling, the zombies reached out toward the words of Stevens. I wasn’t sure why he was doing it, but he seemed to be baiting the fucking zombies toward him. Black oozing blood poured from every hole in the zombies as they made their way across the hospital grounds. Some spitting and sputtering until blood squirted violently from every pore of the zombie. Stevens cried out several more times, “UUUUZZZZZAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” More and more zombies came, now from the trees and through the windows leading to the basement of the old hospital. “Hurry!” Screamed Luna. She stood and yelled again. “DO IT!!”
                Stevens nodded. He reached into his pocket and grabbed what looked like ear plugs, held out the black box that he held in the palm of his hand, and much like a remote for a television, he pushed a button. A high pierced sound entered my head, and dropped me to the floor of the damp woods. I put my hands over my ears and it helped a bit, but not much. Stevens stood there with his finger on a button, and he was saying something to us, but I’ll never know what it was. I could just see him screaming to Luna. Then, the high pitched sound went away, leaving the winding and twisting sounds of the hum, then…BOOM!
                A clap echoed through the trees, coming from Stevens little black box. Every single zombie that was lumbering its way to get to us either disintegrated, or was lifted and thrown through the air, splattering themselves on the face of the hospital. Bodies of the dead were shredded in mid-air. Jaws ripped from the face, ribs torn from the body, and guts flailing themselves, twisting around the 3 slabs of black whatever the fuck they are, that still floated motionless in the crack of the device that Stevens held.
                I was speechless. I looked around and noticed I was standing. We were all standing, and watching. The claps in the sky revealed the fainting image of what I still think were space ships. And out from the doorway of the hospital, crawled the bodies of 3 giant zombie like creatures. They hunched and dug their slimy black fingers into the ground, and howled into the woods where we were. One of them began to charge, but was held back by another. They looked at us, directly at us. Their eyes were black. Emotionless. Empty. Horrifying.
                Stevens screamed into the woods where we stood in awe. “IT WON’T CHARGE! ITS NOT CHARGING GODDAMMIT!!” He looked frightened and a Luna grabbed us to retreat. We all thought the beasts would attack and kill us, the last surviving members of the Gypsy Group. Stevens was obviously trying to use his device again, hoping to destroy the demon zombies. But they weren’t there to be destroyed. They crawled onto their slabs and sat on chairs that rose up out of fucking nowhere, some walls came up on the sides and roof around them and they fucking disappeared! Gone!
                I still can’t explain that one, but that’s exactly what happened. The claps and humming from the sky stopped. No more big ass spaceships for me to look at, and no more zombies trying to attack us.
                Luna left the group, and approached Stevens, who stood there facing a blood bath of zombies. I heard her say under her breath, “You gotta get that fixed, okay?” Stevens nodded yes. Luna waved us out of the trees and gave us council.
                “This is the first we’ve seen of the new world. This is the first we’ve seen of the giant zombie, and this is the first we’ve seen of the merge of realities. But, this is also the first we’ve seen of Professor Stevens Frequency weapon. Our mission has changed from just surviving, to taking back our planet…. Or leaving it.”
                Paul and I looked at each other in total disbelief. The other Gypsy Group members listened without question in their mind, and without the disbelief Paul and I had. She continued.
                “Inside, we will find, our family and our friends. Our brothers and sisters. They are likely all dead. But we must make it to the basement, grab our tools and our belongings, our bags and what food we can carry, and make it quickly to Southaven. I have faith we will be met there by many more of our friends and family. I know that we have had losses, and that we are weak and that for some of us, our faith is being tried.”
                She looked right at Paul and me.
                “But, like the books say, WE FIGHT AS ONE, UNTIL THERE ARE NONE! So, let’s get our things, and go.”
                Why weren’t the spaceships in the sky even brought up? Why weren’t we able to stay and grab more food and supplies? And who was this Stevens guy? What was that device he had? I had many questions. Now? Well, now we are in Southaven, and my questions have been answered. We purposefully left a bag with information containing profiles of every Gypsy Group member that made it out alive, along with a map leading to Southaven. We also left two Gypsy Group members. Pup and Jessie. They were told to stay behind and wait for the last of the few that were meant to be here.
                Before I get off, I want to say that we are still not safe. Southaven is a safe house, but no one is safe anymore. Luna introduced herself as the leader of the Gypsies. She warned us about the true threat of the ASMZ and who works with them like the Canary Group and the ARM program. I’m sure we will all go through a formal introduction after everyone is here. But we wanted to explain the exodus of the Gypsies from the hospital for historical purposes. Soon, we are supposed to go dark.
                We don’t want the ASMZ or anyone else to track our position or plans for the future, so we were told to stop publishing our posts on these tablets we were given. For one year. All of our information will be recorded, just not published. The next time you hear from us, will be a year from now, in 2015. Wish us luck.
                 I too am tired now. I need to sleep. There is word of new members coming to Southaven, and we are excited. There are no Trees here to climb, so I feel alone. Maybe one day, we can plant some.
                This is Tree John. 

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