Friday, October 2, 2015

Worse than I Imagined



                March 1st, 2013


                Cain here. It’s cold. It shouldn’t be though. At least I don’t want it to be. I haven’t logged my status in several days. No reason other than I’m exhausted. I’ve lost everything. My bus. My crew. My guns. Everything. There’s only me and, who I thought was a prostitute… She isn’t. I apologize for stereotyping. Her name is Dawn.

                It’s about 4am. We are inside my bus. It’s turned upside down….I’ll explain here in a minute, but it’s the warmest in here. Soon as the sun comes up, we’ll try to hitch a ride. Freeways aren’t typically the best place to go according to most apocalyptic books I’ve read, but when it’s cold and you’re low on supplies like we are, you can count on how disgusting littering humans are. People have been throwing things out their windows forever, and I’m looking for things to burn, so we’ll scavenge the freeway sides and beneath bridges and such. Woods too cold and crisp right now, and we need a quick set up if I find a squirrel or bird to eat. Hope it doesn’t gross out Dawn too much.

                Dawn. I mistook her as a prostitute back at the gas station. I mean, she was dressed in fishnet stockings (which I might need to use later if I find a creek). I admit, I was wrong. Very wrong. The two mystery men I met at the gas station did in fact work for the ASMZ. According to Dawn here, there was much more going on. She told me that her and her girlfriends were kidnapped by the mystery men, and forced to dress that way. It was a sex traffic operation going down. She also told me that her and her friends were supposed to be traded for a man with golden teeth. As soon as the zombies started to attack from outside, all hell broke loose and the distraction took the mission away from the ASMZ. I remember the man with golden teeth. That’s the bastard that flipped me off on the highway before I lost control of the bus.

                Dawn’s friend, Megan turned zombie. Two of my crew stomped her face into the plastic floor board of the bus while Dawn screamed Megan’s name, and my crew apologized… but


commenced. The last thing I remembered was looking up at the road, and seeing the grill of a huge black semi.

                We were in a head on collision. The semi hit us on the twisted, and cold roads of the mountain side. I was strapped in my seat when the truck plowed through the passenger side of the bus, just missing me. 3 bodies shot forward, as they weren’t strapped in. It was the now headless zombie Megan, and the two of my crew that were unbelted. They asked me to never talk about them if they were to die, so I won’t give names. I watched the first of my crew smash and die as the truck practically split my bus in two. By the time I realized how much blood there was… I was out.

                When I woke up, I could barely move. My body was sore and I was bleeding from my elbow. My head hurt and I remember distinctly how worried I was about having a concussion. I rolled over and beheld the destruction. In and out of view, my sight was blurred. All I could hear was the crackling of fire, a few night insects, and a woman, weakly cursing from a distance away. I rolled to my back side and focused on breathing deep. In and out. In and out. My other senses started to come back, and I could hear the faint sound of a diesel engine. My eyes were closed but I could also make out a new sound. It sounded like two rocks grinding together.

                I took one last deep breath and opened my eyes. I sat up, and leaned against a cold tree. The environment came into view. I looked to my left and saw a lady cursing, and crawling away from the wreckage. Through the destruction and pits of flame here and there. Through the cold and dark, I looked to the right, and saw a very large man, in overalls. It was dark, so I mostly saw flickering reflections of what horrors were happening.            

                I was weak, and unable to scream, move quickly, or help the sobbing lady. So I sat there and watched. The large man was going through the wreckage, snatching bodies up by the hair, and sawing their heads off. That explained the grinding sound I heard. I squinted and tried to see something else through the reality, but there was only this….nightmare. One by one, he picked through my crew and skillfully removed the head from the body. Each head he would take, and hold up to his face, and begin to talk. Blood rushed out from the severed heads, and I recognized them all.

                I tried to mutter……something, but I was unable. The large man tossed the heads up, into the cab of his truck. I pray to God that my crew were all dead before having their heads sawed off. The man picked through some of the destruction and fire, picked up a rock and tossed it at the woman who was now screaming and crawling away. I think he was just teasing the living. This was a monster of a man.

                He squatted down, picked and prodded at one of the small fires, then stood up and stretched. As he did, he yelled loudly in to the night. His giant arms open wide and span out like a pterodactyl. Steam left his mouth and rose, disappearing in the cold. Then, turned around, stepped up into his truck and pulled the door shut, revealing the name BIG RIG in green letters. Brittany Spears Oops I Did It Again was turned up loudly from inside the cab. The truck was put into gear, and he slowly drove over the debris, and onto the road.

                The early morning was here. The fog had set in, but so had my vision. Although it was still dark, I could make out that this truck was death. Black on black, a large ASMZ logo on the side, and peculiar iron windows lining the outside. It was either some sort of smaller transport truck or just meant for war.

                That’s that. Dawn and I are the only survivors. We crawled into the bus, which is mangled and turned upside down. We found some blankets on the ceiling….floor….whatever, and are staying warm with our breath. Like I said. When it’s light, it will warm up and we will continue. I never thought this trek to save what’s left of my nation was going to be easy. I know that I’ve been reading these two books a lot, and they have heavily influenced me. But I wish I had confirmation on what I was doing was right…. You know? I remember in the second book, there were some ZFC in Africa, and Eddie wasn’t corresponding with them. They were completely left in the dark, wondering if what they were doing was right…or real for that matter. I’m in the same boat now. But with zombies everywhere, and the ASMZ taking over everything, I feel like I’m doing the right thing. Onward to Southaven.

                This is Cain.

                KILL’EM ALL

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