Sunday, October 11, 2015

This is Cain.
                Things have changed

                I flagged down a passing truck. He stopped and I ran to the window. I told him up front that I had a friend in the woods just past the tree line waiting for my call. The driver looked nervous. I don’t blame him one bit. We looked like zombies. I’m surprised he didn’t just run me over. He gripped his wheel, took several deep, pondering breaths and nodded yes. I turned and called for Dawn, who slowly, timidly walked out from the tree line. I noticed a blue tarp in the back of the man’s truck. It was covering something. Mentally noted.
                Dawn finally got to the truck. I offered for us to sit in the back, but the driver stuttered and stumbled over his own words saying, “NO NO! Up front. Up front’s fine!” We obliged. And off we drove, headed south. The man never asked where we were going, but kept looking in the rear view. I explained to him, in more detail that we weren’t just stranded in the woods, but that we were attacked by a large, menacing man driving a black diesel. That’s when things got….different…
                My mention of the man who calls himself BIG RIG, destroyed the driver. He became physically upset. He started crying and tapping the steering wheel. Dawn was sitting between the driver and me, and she too became nervous. The driver constantly looking in his rear view. Dawn began to cry out of fear, squirming in her seat, she reached for the door handle. She was trying to get out. “Stop it! Stop it!” I yelled at her. “You’re going to get yourself killed!” She was not to be contained though. She bounced around in her seat, finding any way around me and the driver to leave the truck. She turned completely around in her seat and tried to open the window leading to the bed of the truck. I grabbed her hard, and saw her face turn from fear to complete nightmare. She went silent, and then let out a scream I will never forget.
                It forced me to look in the bed of the truck. The wind hand blown the blue tarp back and exposed the headless, bloody bodies of 4 people. “AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” The driver lost it. I was in shock at what I saw. Dawn was damn near in convulsions. The driver looked at me, and angrily screamed, “You! You’re with him aren’t you! He sent you didn’t he!” He grabbed Dawns hair and started bashing her head into the dashboard of his truck. “Stop it!” I yelled at him and tried to take his hand away from her. Nothing worked. I’m not sure, even now, why I did what I did. But I poked him in his eye. It must have been the adrenaline but I poked him…. Much harder than I wanted to. I felt his eye push back into his skull, and then came the blood. The man covered his eye with both hands, screaming and swearing. Dawn fell down into the floor board of the truck, holding the back of her head, and I sat in the passenger seat, wondering what in the fuck have I done. The truck slowed down. The man was still screaming while I tried to explain to him that we weren’t with anyone. The truck veered slowly to the side of the road where I saw something I thought I’d never see. A very odd group of zombies, almost waiting for us.
                The truck rolled to a stop, and Dawn exited the truck as fast as she could, screaming bloody murder. I got out of the truck as well, went around to the back, and lowered the tail gate. The driver stumbled out crying and continued to cuss me. “BIG RIG, he killed them! My family…. They’re all dead!” I then realized that we were just part of a long trail of blood left by a monster, driving a black truck. I looked back into the bed of the truck, and noticed the bodies of what used to be two small boys, a girl in a yellow Sunday dress, and a woman. They were all gruesome. The man held his eye and screamed, “Take me Lord! Take me to my family! End me here please Lord!” He wept and stumbled toward the trees along side of a silent road. Silent, except for a group of zombies that had a very peculiar….. thing about them.
                The man stopped short of the tree line, crumbled to his knees and began vomiting, probably out of grief and exhaustion. It gave me a moment to look harder at the zombies, which were slowly approaching. They had what looked to be……sacks…. On their head. Bags if you will. Plastic grocery sacks. On them, spray painted were what I can only explain to be…. Happy faces.
                As I looked, a hum came from the trees, or the sky… I’m not sure. The man, holding his eye, picked his head up and looked around. Dawn, had stopped screaming. The hum grew louder and louder. The driver screamed “TAKE ME NOW LORD, TAKE ME NOW!” I glanced in the direction of Dawn who was just screaming in the center of the road, and she was lying face down on the pavement. I ran to her and noticed my knife in her right hand. She had slit her throat. There was blood everywhere. I rolled her over to see her eyes twitch and vibrate as she coughed her last breath. I held her in the center of the street while she bled out in my arms.
                The hum grew even louder. My mind started to feel numb. She fell out of my arms and I had to place my hands over my ears. It was getting harder for me to see straight, but I started back towards the truck, hoping it would protect me from some of the sound. I climbed in, closed the door, and held my ears. The sound changed. From a constant grinding hum, to a winding hum that twisted in and out of volume. My vision changed, and I could feel it in my teeth. And then, it stopped. My hearing slowly returned, and I was able to look up. I was in the driver’s seat. My hands were both placed at 12 o’clock, and my forehead rested on them. I could see just over the dash and just under the steering wheel. The man continued to weep. Laying on his back, I watched him and remember thinking if I should just leave him there to die, or comfort him after losing his family to Big Rig. My thoughts were interrupted though. The body of Dawn threw itself over the hood of the truck. She didn’t notice me, but the crying man lying next to the trees. She wasn’t Dawn anymore either. She had turned. I don’t know if it was the sound in the sky, described in the books, or if she was attacked in the woods and hid it from me, or what… but she was definitely not Dawn anymore. Her eye was on the man. She hissed and scratched toward him. Her throat slit, still bleeding everywhere, left a huge trail across the hood of the truck. I put the truck into gear, and crawled away.
                I slowly passed the group of zombies that had their heads covered in bags with smiley faces on them. Windows rolled up. And the muffled sounds of Dawn the zombie devouring the driver, gurgling his bloody words, “Thank You Lord, Thank You.”
                I’m headed south. The last overhead sign I saw was HWY 10, leading to Louisiana. I’m alone now. It seems that there is still life in some of the towns. I stop for gas only. I found a 9mm in the glove box of this old truck. Bullets under the seat. A picture of his family in the sun visor. I’ll report back when I have more news. I don’t like to get all spiritual and stuff, but if you pray….well….. go ahead and pray.
                This is Cain.

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