Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Meeting

               January 17, 2013


                Hey, this is Shipley. Paul is driving. I have a moment to log some information while we drive this wasteland. We’re heading west. The radio stations fuzz in and out, more now than when we left New York. I just wanted to jot down some things before it gets too dark. When we do get a good signal on the radio, strange things are being aired. It seems no matter what city or location we drive through, the same station, with the same DJ makes announcements between the horrible music. Now, I’m no historian, but the DJs name is Kalla Monohan. I’m pretty sure she was mentioned in that book Paul and Tree John read all the damn time. Anyway, she said that Texas is under full attack, and that there are few remaining safe zones. That is nuts! We drive this land and cross through towns, sometimes seeing check points and what could be viewed as martial law, but not anything like what’s being reported in Texas. I’m not that sure it’s the best place for us to go. But these blokes have their minds made up. We’ve lost everything back home anyway. We have nothing else to loose. Paul needs to change his favorite shirt. That thing is RIPE! It’s black with the classic ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB logo across the chest. I’ve actually only seen him kill a dozen or so walkers, but he refuses to change that rag. The blood is all dried on the sleeves and it’s got holes in it. I think I’ll cut it off him when he sleeps tonight. If he does sleep. He’s likely our leader. Don’t tell him I said that though. We’re getting along now, but we don’t know each other that well. Strange times put us together, and I can tell we are each looking over our shoulder most of the time.

                We crossed into the mountains about an hour ago. The radio fuzzed out. When it came back in there were two different voices. I was excited because the sound of Kalla Monohan was starting to destroy my mojo. One voice was very familiar. I’ve seen their posts on YouTube back home, and have become comfortable with the conspiracy crap that group spreads. His name is Anonymous. A few months ago, when things were getting really bad, Anonymous made claims that the One World Government had plans for population control. They said that the ASMZ (which is the dumbest name I’ve ever heard of) was supporting everything the OWG was doing. This all seemed surreal because the books Paul and Tree John read, said exactly the same thing. Anyway, between the fuzzing in and out of the broadcast, Anonymous stated that “we Must be careful of Distraction.” He went on to say that American zombies will in time become the worst on the planet, and that hard days are coming. Food, water, batteries, medicine and all the other survival necessities should be gathered in the days to come. It’s all old news to me. How could things get worse here than back home? That book my mates read said Africa had gotten pretty bad, and they basically forbade me to read the ending of the second one they were holding on to. But it’s fictional. So who cares right? I don’t know. Maybe later I’ll snag the second book from Paul’s bag and skip to the end. So, yea… Anonymous broke into the airwaves to make an announcement. That was weird. But not as weird as the second voice that came on the air.

                He called himself Thorn. The broadcast was called Thorn Tree Radio. Now this guy, was certifiably the craziest person I’d ever heard on the air waves. It took me a while to get past his yelling and preaching, but he had a point. I’m not sure what my mates took from his ramblings, but we’ll probably talk about it over Vienna sausages later. We’re cheap. Don’t judge. Thorn Tree radio plays much better music than that squash we’ve been listening to. Every radio station seems to be playing the same thing, so we don’t have much choice other than to just reach up and turn the damn thing off. But we don’t. Along with being cheap, we’re lazy. Thorn seems to be a DJ in a remote location. He says the location changes so he can’t be tracked down. His broadcast definitely isn’t as clear as Kalla Monohan’s, but then again, she’s probably funded by the American Science Military for Zombies, who is basically the world’s government at this point. Thorn continued by saying that the ASMZ was planning a complete takeover of our Governments, our health system, our money, our rights, liberties, and so on. I’m skeptical of this dude, but passing through these mountain towns and seeing the way the military is checking everyone makes me wonder if he’s telling the truth. The last thing that he said really got me scratching my head. He said the only way we can survive the takeover, is to unite ourselves into one community. He said the words ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. I couldn’t believe I actually heard that on the radio. As soon as those words were mentioned, I noticed Paul’s head nod in affirmation. He gripped the steering wheel tighter, and even began to drive a bit faster. Thorn began to council saying, that every ZFC member from around the world was to meet in Southaven, Tx. More direction and insight to the fight against the OWG and the ASMZ was to be given out as the last hours of reality come to an end. Thorn ended his broadcast finally by saying we should all be thankful for being alive, and awake. A Patriarch and a Matriarch will emerge after we are united as a community, and we are to follow their lead.

                Geez… and these guys say I am the annoying one. I gotta tell you, as compelling as that broadcast was, it sure was annoying. I found myself rolling my eyes several times. Who, knows though. Anything is possible. 5 years ago, I would have never seen myself cleaning zombie blood off the windshield of a hot rod highway 10 in America. What a life!

                This is Shipley. Signing out!

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