Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rushville, Illinois


                Our power is flickering. So I’ll get this out to whomever reads it. The sounds are back. The books I’ve been reading calls them Hum attacks. But these days, who knows what to believe. It’s kind of all coming to an end here. Most of my friends have left the area, and I think it’s time for us to leave too. We plan to travel west, maybe south. Hopefully the sounds will die out, they’re driving me insane. Our area has fallen to complete martial law due to all the zombies, so the best way out is at night. For all I know, they are hearing this right now. But I hear people are still able to get out. Long as I never have to deal with the punk ass ASMZ, I’ll be fine. For anyone in my community, this is Cain. I’ve got a bus parked just south of Rushville. Keep your talk radio’s on. I’m transcribing this as I go to keep a log. If all else fails, I’ll be in Southaven, Texas.

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