Thursday, October 1, 2015

Out of gas

                February 1st, 2013


                Well, I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m hungry as hell. This is Tree John by the way. I’m not really into recording this shit, but whatever. Paul and Shipley are asleep. We are here, in the middle of nowhere, and out of gas. America is stupid. The laws are stupid, the people are stupid, the roads are stupid…. And this American muscle car just ran out of gas. So it’s stupid too. I’ve hiked up and down at least a mile in both directions, and found a tree to climb to find a better perspective. Go ahead, make jokes if you have them. But I see shit. And it’s saved me in the past. That’s right! Climbing trees lets me see for miles and miles. So if anyone ever picks this up and reads it, climb a damn tree and enlighten your vision a bit. Ugh… I really hate doing this, but I promised Paul that I would.

                Anyway, like I said. I scouted out a mile in each direction. Where are we you ask? We’re still on highway 10. We were headed west. The damn radio plays the shittiest music here in the states, but as previously reported, the signal keeps getting interrupted by this Thorn guy. Honestly, he’s not that bad. At least what he has to say is more entertaining than constant plugs from Samsung and Sony, LG and other products of the ASMZ. I swear, if I hear another song with references to “I called my baby on a Saturday night, with an LG in my hand and a blah blah blah.” I’m sick of it. Paul says the ASMZ took over the radio stations, and they have to play what their told….or else.. OOOOOOO SCARY!! F’n stupid if you ask me.

                Why are we out of gas? Well because our fearless leader, Paul, decided not to refuel because of a few zombies. And since when did martial law take over every city? When we arrived here in the states, it was obvious the police were in control, but conducting check points in every town? STUPID! That’s probably why we ran out of gas in the first place! Sitting at a f’n check point! Where was I… oh yea.. the radio.

                Anyway, what was it called? Thorn Tree Radio. That’s it. This dude somehow interrupts the ASMZ radio lines and starts telling us about The Fall. That it’s already here. That the zombies are the first wave of deception. That they are the distraction that will keep us from paying attention to what’s really going on. Population control on a global level! Ha ha ha ha.. I love that dude. But seriously. The zombie apocalypse is here man. You don’t need some crazed radio DJ to explain that to us. What are we… retarded? What was I talking about? Oh yea, Southaven. Thorn Tree Radio says that anyone who is ready to become part of the resistance, is supposed to meet up in a place called Southaven. Texas I guess. Paul talks about it like its goddamned gospel. He keeps reading these two books over, and over again. It’s driving me nuts, man! Fuck, who am I even talking to?

                My plan is to flag down the next car we see, and hitch a ride. I think the next town up is Louisiana. I hear they have good food there. Good music too. If I’m supposed to join some resistance army and save the world, I might as well eat some incredible gumbo on the way out! Geez, Paul and Shipley are still passed out. Anyway, one tree that I climbed west of where we ran out of gas, gave me a good birds eye view of what’s going on around us. There is some smoke coming from the north. Two miles I’d say. Swamp area if you ask me. I figure there’s a camp or small factory. I didn’t hear any noise… I’d say camp.. I’m going with camp. To the south around 10 miles or so I see what looks like an abandon hospital. Maybe zombies took it over, or the government said, “Fuck it, who needs health care anyway?” Ha ha ha! But if we’re looking for shelter, that’s my vote. Paul seems to be making the calls, which is right crazy if you ask me. It’s been an hour, and no traffic on highway 10, either way. I’m new to America, but the lack of



traffic on a national highway gives me the willies. Speaking of willies, I gotta pee. So when something of significance happens, I’ll return. Otherwise. Fuck off.

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