Friday, October 30, 2015


October 31st

                It’s Cain. I can see that it’s been a few months since anyone’s posted. I’ve done my part and uploaded all my past writings to this tablet. I’ll get into how I got mine in a minute, but I wanted to catch you up to what I’ve found, and where I’m headed.
                The radio frequencies have been on and off. Every now and then I get a signal. Mostly ASMZ bullshit radio, only playing theme music remixes from the world’s favorite products. There’s only so many times I can hear the jingle for Samsung or LG before ripping my hair out and going Rambo on someone….. Maybe that’s their plan? At any rate, I’m still alive. After losing Dawn I became much more conscious and aware of the apocalypse. I see people. Well, we all see people… but look deeper. In their cars, in traffic, at the store, I don’t know.. Something is dramatically different than even a few months ago. There are zombies, yes. But humans are changing. Like… alive, but completely disengaged to the world around them. A look of gray, if that even makes since. Honestly, the only time I’ve seen people so dead, is just before they turn zombie.. and that’s not a good thought.
                Now, how did I get this tablet? Well, that is a strange story indeed. Like I posted a while back, I lost Dawn to the apocalypse, stole some poor bastards’ truck and headed south. I ended up on HWY 10 toward Louisiana. The truck I was in was low on gas, and I hit a patch of nowhere. I mean…. There was nothing around for miles and miles. Louisiana was hot. Sweltering hot. The lone road stared to show signs of debris and death. There were a few dead bodies on the side but nothing people haven’t gotten used to. The end of the world is definitely not what I thought it’d be. The trees were still green and the sky was big. That’s how I knew I was getting closer to Texas. What a big fuckin’ sky man. Anyway, things couldn’t have turned out more like a horror movie if I’d have dreamed it up myself. My truck ran dry, smack dead in the middle of a farm road, right off HWY 10. I knew I was close to Louisiana, but not sure how close. My plan was to hoof it, thumb a ride and see if they could take me toward Houston. Or see if they could tell me where the hell Southaven was. My plans never work out as I want them to.
                I walked for 20 minutes… oh… Happy Halloween btw. …I walked for 20 minutes or so, and was hit in the head with a rock. If it was a pebble, I’d of been fine. But it was a fist sized rock. The thud on the back of my neck dropped me to my knees in the middle of the road. It was getting dark, and my situation didn’t look good. I had a gun.. the one I stole from the glove box of the truck, but that was it. Before I could warn or try to save myself, a man.. very dirty, dug his knee into my back and held me down to the ground. He tied my hands behind my back and stood me up facing away from him. The pain in my head was excruciating, and I could feel a small trickle of blood pass through my right brow, drop over my eye and land peacefully on my cheek.
                Facing the woods, the man began to speak. “Now, we don’t have much time.. You see them trees there? Them trees is where we’re goin. And I don’t wanna hear no shit from ya, hear that?” I nodded yes. He continued. “Now, there’s a little bit o’dead back’ere, and some of it, is where we’re goin. So yer gonna help me git rid of it. Got it?” His breath stunk like Copenhagen, and hell itself. I could tell he was covered in dirt and grime from nature. I looked up over the tree line, where the sky was quickly turning to night. There was a smoke stack, and I assumed that that was where we were headed. The man didn’t sound educated, but desperate. He could obviously survive, but the shake in his voice gave his situation away to me. I was gonna beat this mother fuckers ass.
                “Now, we got some dead to kill boy. If I let you go, I’ll give you a rag to fix yer head… sorry ‘bout that.” The man spun me around and I saw his face. I knew this face. Through the dirt and desperation, I saw a crazed survivor. With Gold teeth. 

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