Thursday, October 1, 2015

FrequenZ OMEGA Prologue


                The FrequenZ series in its entirety is a study on humanity. Our hopes, fears, dreams and goals are supposed to be measured by the individual. However, we are not blind. Our world seems to be crumbling. Our devices are becoming more powerful than our free will. And our children are learning to prioritize social media over creativity.
                There is a renaissance coming though. The point behind documenting key happenings in our Government is to create a timeline to our destruction, or our rebirth. There are many of us who would rather follow the grain. The powers in charge have made it so comfortable. Why would anyone ruffle the feathers of the golden goose? Who would dare bite the hand that feeds us? After all, what is there that we don’t have? The opportunity is there, and we have been guaranteed that if we shoot for our dreams, we will attain them.
                The truth is a dark and sinister one though. There are Great Distractions. These distractions have purpose and have been in place for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We have been tuned to a frequency, to do what we’re told. And for the most part, we do.
                Until now. Today there is another frequency being created. People by the millions are opening their eyes and seeing the deliberate destruction of the planet, and a seemingly depopulation of the human race.
                This book pulls from that energy. Zombies are the distraction, Fear is the hurdle, and WE are the cancer that plagues the earth.

The Story.

                Book one and two, FrequenZ Alpha and FrequenZ Sigma, focus on a group of survivors named the ZOMBIE FIGHT CLUB. The group grows throughout the books, learning from each other, and exploring their lives before the creation of zombies by our Government for population control. Leaders in the group claim that there are three generators. And when working together in harmony, can stop the evil plans of the One World Government. But in the wrong hands, can bring on the apocalypse in a way this world can barely conceive. Omega delivers the answers.
                This is a fully interactive book. Characters of this story are played by real people, portraying real events that they believe can happen. If characters cease to play a role by sharing their events and ideas, then they are killed off in the story. I have been fussed at plenty in the completion of Alpha and Sigma, as some characters didn’t want to die so horribly… but rules are rules.
                FrequenZ Omega is no different. Over the last year, many people have come forward through social media; the very device which could be ending our connection with the planet as a whole. Podcasts, Facebook and Twitter have been the platform where ideas and characters are built. And just like the first two books, when distraction sinks its dark and evil teeth into the provider, as so it happens in the pages of Omega.
                The zombies have evolved from the first book as well. For those of you that are ZFC, you can simulate the change in zombies, as with the spike in violence and blatant disregard to the truth that our media is choosing to push. The worse the world becomes, the worse the zombies in the world of FrequenZ develop.
                Some have accused me of being a conspiracy theorist. I have even been labeled an Armageddon pursuant, or Apocalypse seeker. I don’t feel that way at all. As I’ve explained in the past, the word zombie is just a word. It’s the people that give it meaning. When the word zombie is mentioned, some eyes roll, but others know that it means family, respect, free will, choice, preparedness, survival, leadership, morality, and honesty. Without these things, the human race is surely doomed.  
                The pages of FrequenZ Alpha and Sigma are littered with historical fact, but also fiction; as it is about the best in horror, paranormal and conspiracy. But is it fiction? Do we really know what’s real, and what isn’t? What frequency holds the truth? Omega will introduce new characters and locations. It will answer questions left open from the first two of the series, and hand feed you a new, and uncomfortably accurate depiction of a possible apocalypse.
                This series is widely covered on the Zombie Life Podcast. Others in the ‘community’ have become heroes and villains in the pages of FrequenZ, and choose to live or die, depending on their involvement.

                The Prologue is over.

                Turning the page invites a new frequency in your mind. Your free will can make you put this book down, or explore this particular world with the flip of a page, or swipe of a finger.  Between the lines, is where evil finds camouflage. Real evil. The same that hides under your bed, and whispers that Channel 2 News is gospel. The same that revels in grabbing a normal human to rip his flesh out by the pound, for the joy of being watched. Be careful if you don’t understand evil. It can turn into entertainment. And even you, can become a zombie.

William Howser

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