Sunday, October 11, 2015

Death Road

Death Road
                APRIL 20TH, 2013

                Dawn doesn't say much. Since we left my bus, things have gotten better; but she’s still quiet. She’s obviously offended that I mistook her as a prostitute… but I can’t apologize enough. Well, let’s see. Where to start. It’s April now. The snow was magical, but it almost left me with frostbite. In my community back home, I was the ‘go to’ for how to survive in the wild. Even I get caught up in the demons Mother Nature brings. So…. The bus. We left our location, but not until I scoured the crash site again. The snow had covered most of everything up, but I found the bodies of my team. Their headless bodies made this all very real. They were my friends. Dawn stood there in the cold, watching me bury my brothers.
                There were zombies in the woods. We could hear them. But zombies weren't our fear. To this day, the sound of a diesel engine forces Dawn into any nearby corner. She trembles like a leaf in a breeze when I try to talk to her about it. I paid my respects as best I could, and we left. We stayed in the woods off the road and headed south. The further south, the warmer it would get. There were several places along the way that we camped. Very small fires, very quiet days and nights. In the distance, at least three times since then we heard the hum. It was as my books described. The hum would wind in and out, sounding like a vast number of different things, but they were never a comforting feeling.

                We had our share of odd things happen as well. I kept a close eye on the highway. I knew that our target was Southaven, but getting there in one piece was top priority. Finding ‘real’ clothes for Dawn was important too. She was wearing blood stained clothes that I took off one of my crew after the wreck. She was half naked and beautiful. But upstairs, she was gone. I need her to be aware and ready to help me fight zombies, but right now…. She’s just….gone.. I hear a vehicle. I need to find a ride. I’ll post in a moment.

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