Friday, October 30, 2015


                November 1st

                Sorry, I was tired… I needed sleep. Oh yea, it’s Cain.
                Um… where was I? Oh yea ha! Gold teeth. Yeah! I remember seeing gold teeth back on the highway at the truck stop where I picked up Dawn. God rest her soul. The white van that passed us, he was the dude that was handcuffed in the back, flipping me off! This was him! He loosened my wrists and I immediately went to punch him but to my surprise, he blocked it and threw a right directly into my stomach, knocking the wind out of me.
                “My name is Mock.. I knew I knew you.” The hillbilly spoke. “Well aint this some shit! Small world ain’it?” I was having a hard time concentrating on how to decipher his backwoods language bent over with stomach pain in the middle of nowhere. “Ha! I’m just pullin’ yer chain chief. I know who you are. Them bitches I kilt sure didn't like you much! I reckon I might not either, but I sure as fuck hated them, so maybe we’ll get along… kill some zombies… find some women.. what’chu say to that chief?”
                 I looked up and saw who I was dealing with. “Ah c’mon Cain.. don’t look at me like that. I got some secrets you gonna’ like. And, I think it’s best you help me out. So let’s go. Camp is that way.” He pointed into the woods. And that’s where we walked.
                It was dark now. The stars were out and there wasn't much moon to light the way. Mock began speaking under his breath. “Chief, yonder is my fire and my camp. We’ll stay there tonight, then head out in the morning. But first we gonna have some fun.” We walked to a tall, dark tree where he handed me a machete. I assume he has them hidden all over the woods, and this one was for me. I was intrigued with the news that he had secrets, and that as jacked as this dude looked, we were on the same team.
                “Well chief, if you remember me, then you probably remember my friends.. Tweedledee and Tweedledum.” Toward the dark, through the trees and the sounds of night, his machete pointed out two zombies. “Let me formally introduce you.” He nodded his head for me to follow and grinned with his golden teeth shining in the little light we had.

                Hanging on two crosses, were the ASMZ officers I bumped into at the truck stop. The same that were driving Mock when he smiled and flipped me off just before wrecking my bus. Their entrails were dangling to the ground. Mock had split them opened before stoning me in the road. Their hollow voices spat evil sounds through the night and it made me uncomfortable. The highly decorated suit of one ex officer of the ASMZ made me nervous. “I see you remember our friends don’t you Cain.” “We need to get out of here, their sounds will only attract more zombs.” I told him. “You ZFC?” Mock interrupted. My mind flooded with questions. He knows the ZFC? He knows of the ASMZ? Who am I dealing with and what have I gotten myself into? Then, the bizarre, turned frightening.

                Mock looked at me. The reflection of his dying camp fire bounced off his scar ridden face. “Yes, I know the ZFC, Yes, I know of the ASMZ, and shit… is what you’ve gotten yourself into.”

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