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                November 2nd, 2013

                I had to cut off my last post. I’m tired and things aren't looking so well here at the hospital.. I know, you’re lost… Let me explain… quickly.
                Mock said he was an Intuitive. Meaning, he used the process of elimination to its maximum and was able to decipher situations, peoples thoughts, crack codes, frequencies… you name it. His deep hillbilly draw hides his knowledge. He explained all these things to me the following morning. After sleeping against a tree all night, he had me help him uncover branches and bushes where he hid the white ASMZ van he was being hauled in. The decorated suit that the ASMZ officer wore, was actually Mock’s. He was intelligence for the government, went rogue after finding out that they are all corrupt pieces of shit hell bent on destroying humanity for their so called Utopia. After finally being tracked down, the ASMZ stole his suit and used it to fool people, gaining access to places. It fooled me, and I consider myself pretty damn smart.. Anyway, all this news was nothing in comparison to what has happened just recently. As you know, our target is Southaven. A place where we will organize and lead the resistance to free the world of the ASMZ. And up until now, I thought we had a fighting chance.
                Mock said he had some friends he was going to meet. He didn’t say much more other than, “Don’t ask no stupid ass questions, and do what yer told chief. These people will take care of ya, but I swear on my gran’pappys grave, if you turn out t’be some kind’a pussy, well… Miss Luna aint gonna like that too much. And she might have to keel us both.”
                We drove to a compound he said he knew about. A hospital taken over by the famous Gypsy Group. I've read about them extensively in the two books I hold dearest to my heart. And as we drove, Mock’s bag was left open on the floor between us. It was full of porno mags, Copenhagen, and right on top were old copies of FrequenZ Alpha, and FrequenZ Sigma. We were on the same team. There was never any more question in my mind about that.
                Our drive led us through muddy back roads that he knew well. Navigating skillfully past old fences and barbwire posts leading further and further into the mysterious swamps of Louisiana. Occasionally, we got out and took the liberty of silent kills. Using guns wasn't the smartest thing out here. Keeping quiet and staying focused was key. Random zombies slogged through the terrain. Here and there we would see a zombied animal. Raccoon, or nutria that had been infected. We used bow and arrow, sling shot and even the old fashioned sling. Mock was exceptionally good with a sling. I gotta be honest though. The closer to Texas we get, the more disgusting the zombies get. Their eyes are damn near gone. Hollow sockets and oozing black pus falls from their faces. Even the hiss and growl they have, has an evil… almost tinny, winding sound. Hard to describe, but unforgettable none the less.
                We arrived shortly before dark at the Gypsy Group compound. Immediately I noticed zombies mounted high with stakes rammed through their entire bodies. Before I could even respond to the sight, Mock interrupted my thoughts. “Dear God…right? You were gonna say Dear God? I like to guess what people er’gonna say, before they say it… you know.. keep my shit up t’par… you know?”
                He was right… I was going to say that… Dear God.
                We walked up to the front door, and he went to knock. “Something aint right. You feel that?” Mock began to breathe a bit heavier. He placed both palms on the door, then his ear. A loud hum blasted through the air and shook my core. I hadn't felt a blast like this before. It was a blast… just to confirm. I felt dizzy, and wanted to vomit for a minute.. maybe longer. After the initial boom, a sound continued to wind and grind, forcing me to put my hands over my ears. Mock stepped back and kicked the door in to the old hospital. We both ran in and closed the door, slid a table in front of it and ran for the nearest closet to get away from the sound.
                There we stayed for what felt like an hour. It turned out to be a janitorial room. Small, but complete with a mob bucket. I know because I stepped in that bitch. The sound went away and we were able to see, and think straight again. “C’mon.” Mock had me follow him down a dark hallway.
                “This place is supposed to be lit up.” Mock began to calmly..panic. “There’s supposed to be kids and…people. There is supposed to be order and…fuck! What was that!” We both saw something run across the dark hallway ahead. It looked like a human, on all fours, but with really, really long arms. We both held up our weapons. Which were machetes. I had my pistol which I still haven’t used, and he had a pocket full of rocks and a sling. Out from the dark charged three zombies. They were running. I hadn't experienced anything like this before. They were screaming, airy, whining gurgles. Almost imitating the sound that we heard outside. We both drew our machetes.
                The first swing came from Mock. It stuck in the neck of the charging zombie. With not enough time to engage, his aim was off. He held the zombie at arm’s length trying desperately not to lose his machete, and keep the zombie at bay. The next swing came from me. I swiped the top portion of the zombies head completely off. Blood sprayed across my face and the floor, and the zombie dropped twitching. With Mock still retrieving his machete, I met the final zombie with force. I stabbed the machete between the milky eyes of the beast and followed it to the floor, making sure the death was final. I stepped hard on its head and pulled my blade out, looking to Mock to see if he still needed help. His zombie was fully decapitated. The body lay kicking and grabbing on one side of the hallway, and the head on the other. Still biting and gurgling out hisses and groans. Mock sat on the floor between the separation of the zombie. Puddles of blood and black ooze drained from the dead. The walls bore the signs of the battle, and a battle we had missed. But our fight wasn't over. Ahead in the dark, beyond the smears of blood and twitching zombies, stood a figure neither of us had seen before. His body crouched forward in the high ceiling of the hospital hallway. His long arms stretched out and grabbed the corners of the walls leading off in different directions. This was a beast. Something I am afraid of. For anyone reading this, please know that I pray to God that I never see this creature again.
                The being belched out loud scream. Low and vibrating, it sent a shock-wave through the hallway that met Mock and I with a force that threw us 10 or more feet back. Mock slammed his head on the corner of the wall and fell to the floor like a rag doll. I got to my hands and knees as soon as I could and fumbled my way around the corner to catch my breath. My hands were shaking so bad, I could barely check to see if my pistols safety was off. I sat against the wall, breathing heavily when I clearly heard the words..


                My heart nearly leapt out of my chest. I covered my ears and watched as everything in the hallway was blasted past the corner I hid behind. Desks, papers, and the bodies of the dead, and even Mock blew past me like there was a hurricane in the hospital.
                The books! Alpha ran through my head where it spoke of a creature named Uzzah… but that was in Africa! Was I looking at the creature itself? I swallowed hard, and looked around the corner cautiously. The dark, shimmering creature leaned forward and placed its hands on the ground. Its arms were so long that they reached out a good 4 or 5 feet in front of it, as it crawled and made its way closer and closer to me.
                I hid behind the corner again and looked to Mock. He was waking up. My sweat was dripping into my eyes and I began to taste the blood from the scab that Mock caused when he threw a rock at my head. Mock looked up, dazed.. “WHAT THE FUCK!” Mock noticed the creature slowly crawling its way toward us, and quickly found a corner to hide behind as well. He held his head because of his collision with the wall and started digging in his pocket.


                Again the creature belted out the name Uzzah. Ceiling tile and more papers gushed past us as we hid for our lives. The creature leaned forward, to gain the strength to belt another blast just as Mock used his sling shot and fired a pocket full of rocks behind the beast. The hallway went silent. I looked around the corner and noticed the creature investigating the sound that came from behind him. It was our chance. We ran for the door.
                To our disadvantage, everything under the sun was blocking our exit now! We separated and ran to the nearest windows leading outside. I ran and ran. I heard a window shatter and knew it was Mock breaking it so he could get out, so I did the same. With the butt of my gun, I smashed the window and climbed out, ripping the flesh on my arm wide open. As I sat there for the few seconds I had, thoughts came over me. What was happening? Did I just see what I think I saw? Should I go around the hospital and meet up with Mock? Am I losing my mind?
                A hard slap brought me back to reality. “You’re gonna bleed out! Put your hand on it and don’t say a fuckin’ word!” A beautiful, blonde headed warrior appeared out of my daze. She had electric blue eyes, a half open shirt with traces of dirt on her breast. Her jeans were torn at the knees and she too was bleeding. But not nearly as bad as I was. My arm was gushing blood. “Here…. Come here!” She loudly whispered through her teeth. We both crouched and made it to the front of the hospital. We looked around the corner to see an incredible sight.
                Between where Mock parked the van and the front steps to the hospital, sat a black slab. It sat about 4 feet off the ground on its own. From the front door of the hospital, reached out the long arms of the creature. First it’s stick like fingers, then its hands and arms. The body contorted itself to leave the doorway, revealing that it had no anatomy. There were strange carvings that covered its body. The creature was slimy and shimmering in the night’s reflections. It grabbed the slab that levitated, and pulled itself onto it. A chair of some sort raised itself from the surface of the slab. I turned to the blonde, and she simply pointed for me to continue watching this unbelievable event. The creature sat on what looked like a throne. Then came the zombies.

                A small horde of zombies slowly made their way out of the hospital and began to place their hands on the black slab. The creature in the throne seemed to climax at the attention from the dead. His body twisted and jerked as he sat, but never stood after that point. The zombies started to climb onto the floating slab, and as they did, 4 sides began to appear to come up. Slowly, a cube was being formed. Some of the zombs made it completely into the closing object, others were cut at the waist, spilling their intestines onto the grass below. Some had their arms cut off as they reached inward toward the creature, but they continued to reach. Almost as if they had to be near it. I was bewildered. Finally, the object formed a complete and solid cube of blackness. It reflected just the nearest things to it. I noticed the reflection of our van, and slightly the reflection of the wetness of the zombies that were split into pieces, which now lay on the floor of the Louisiana swamp lands. The cube was closed. And then, it was gone.
                “Boo!” I jumped and wet myself a bit as Mock scared me from behind. “Aint that some shit!? I told’ya I had some secrets! Man, I’m just getting’started too.”
                I was still speechless.
                “I see you met the beauty queen. Jessi here will take care o’that arm fer ya. Damn! That fucker made me swaller my dip!” Mock leaned against the wall and dug a can of Copenhagen out of his back pocket. The beauty queen Mock spoke of ripped the bottom portion of her shirt off and quickly wrapped it around my arm. “I’ll be topless if you make me do that again, use your own shirt next time ok?” She smiled at me and made me feel comfortable in new surroundings.
                “I’m Jessie.” She said. “I’m with the Gypsy Group and so are you. There’s one more here, and you’ll meet him later. For now, let’s keep our heads down and find a way to the basement. We have something to show you. Mock, you good?” Mock nodded yes as he stuffed a huge dip between his gold teeth and bottom lip. “We’ll get you fixed up. There’s a lot to cover before we TOP.” Mock mumbled under his breath, and I knew that he didn't want Jessie to continue whatever it was that she was talking about.
                “There has been a mass exodus of the hospital. We are the only ones left. Everyone that still lives, has arrived in Southaven.” Jessie checked my makeshift bandaged as she spoke. I realized that there was much more going on than saving the planet from a tyrannical government. Or even zombies. Everything I read in the previous two books started to make sense and started to put weight on my mind. The generators, Alpha and Sigma…. There was a third that the ASMZ was to find in order to complete their plan of world domination, open portals or whatever the fuck it was.. I remember a code that Lord Micah spoke of that only he knew… so many things I had forgotten about. I had so many questions that ran through my mind.
                “Take it easy chief.” Mock put his hand on my shoulder. “Everything will be answered.” I knew he knew what I was thinking. “Let’s get to the basement, and we’ll talk about it. We have you in our care now, and that’s what Gypsy Bounty Hunters do. You’re in good hands brother, and Luna will be pleased.”
                I sat and thought for just a second before Jessie grabbed my hand gently and quietly led me to the back of the hospital. “What did you mean by, before we TOP?” I asked. She smiled and said, “In short, it means Thread Off Planet… but we’ll get there. Let’s fix your arm, and get cleaned up. We've got a long ride to Southaven.. Now, no more questions, in you go.”
                She opened up a trap door leading downward into a dark stairwell. Mock stepped in first, then me, with Jessie in the rear. She closed and locked the door.

                From this point on, everything in my life, everything I thought I knew about my existence on this planet… why I’m here and where I’m going… changed. The phrase “We fight as one, until there are none” has a new and more impactful meaning. Give me a few days and I will explain. I’m tired, and there are giants out there. Give me time to recover.

                This is Cain. I am ZFC. 

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