Friday, October 2, 2015

Best Place to Die

                March 15th, 2013


                Why am I taking time out of my day to record this shit? Ok… formalities…. This is Tree John, I’m in a hospital that’s creepy as fuck, and I think we should have left a long, long time ago. There, that’s all I’m recording. Now here’s Paul.


                Paul here. Excuse Tree Johns short attention span. We are in an abandoned hospital just off of I10. For the most part, we’ve had this place all to ourselves. Or we thought we did. After we ran out of gas on the freeway, we found this place (well, Tree John found this place) and decided to use it as a base of operations. What we wanted to do is hope that people would wander thru, and we’d recruit them to be a part of the ZFC. That idea, was noble, but it sucked. No one has come through. But we have seen some action. ZOMBIES.

                After days and days of seeing no one, the sight of a few zombies was almost a joy. Don’t judge me. It’s true. I’ve lost almost every member of my family….. that I know of, and these two jack asses do their best to accompany me, but I’m restless. Zombies help pass the time. There’s actually a lot to cover. So I’ll just start.

                Like I said, I think we’re not alone here. After clearing all the rooms of zombies, we drug their bodies out to the back of the building and set them all on fire. There seems to be plenty of supplies here in the hospital. We found the kitchen, where there was no power, but plenty of canned goods. Some of these rooms were actually spotless. I wonder if they were just opening. The zombies we killed were obvious patients. I would go into gory detail, but I’m not really that way. That’s more Shipley’s thing. He’s told us some crazy stories from back home, so I’m sure he’ll entertain you with horror at some point.

                The basement is where we found most of our wonders. I just came up from there and I can tell you this, I’ve never seen a collection of so many odd, and dark things. There are skulls, and bones everywhere. There are symbols and chimes hanging all over the ceiling. It’s very odd. Tree John puts up a good front, but he won’t even go down there! Shipley keeps saying he sees things in the woods at night, but when we look as a team, we see nothing. Going out beyond a 100 yard border has been decided to be a bad idea, at night. There are strange sounds here at night. And during the day, we go out as a team to scout the area and put down zombies for entertainment.

                I do wish we had company though. Like a woman….. just to break the overwhelming conversation of man talk. I’m going to investigate the basement more and report when I find something. I don’t want to get weird, but I want to say Voodoo. It looks like Voodoo took place down there.

                One last thing, then I’m off. The sounds from the sky have been coming back. They sound differently each time and they aren’t predictable like they used to be. Shipley has a battery powered radio that he brought from the car, and we only use it at 7pm every night. The ASMZ rules the radio with shit music, but every once in a while, we hear an interruption from our favorite THORN from THORN TREE RADIO. ……don’t know why I capitalized that… he’s a good listen though. He’s been saying that the ASMZ has made a giant step in global domination. The leaders of the world have basically surrendered all power to the organization, making it the most powerful governmental force on the planet. Very strange and hard to believe. But he went on to say that it’s a complete cover up. That as far as the rest of the world knows, its business as usual, with opposing political sides and nations. The other thing he covered before breaking out of his transmission, was that the president has signed a new health care bill, and renaming it the ARM. Then the signal was lost, and it was right back into the commercial crap music. I’m not sure what all this means, but if there truly is a one world power, controlling everything that happens on the planet, then the prophecies are coming true. If the health care system is a part of that, then the world would all have to abide by the same rules. I trust in what Thorn is saying, and I care about our freedom. So I will push on and we will reach Southaven. We will meet there, where further instruction is given and we will defeat the ASMZ, kill the zombies, and attain the third generator.

This is Paul, signing out.


                Hey this is Shipley.

Somebody took the black beans from my bag, and I know both of you bitches read this stupid thing. Give it back, or I won’t share the Penthouse magazine I found on the third floor.

Yours truly, kiss my ass.

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