Thursday, October 1, 2015

An Interruption in the Matrix

                February 21st, 2013


Transcribed conversation:

Austin Reeducation President & ARM Ambassador

Interpreted by Barry Soeterror


Conversation initiated by the Austin Reeducation President


AR-Thank you for joining me Ambassador. We have much to cover.


AA-Yes. We do


AR-Are you confident that your health program will be accepted by

the masses?


AA-We don’t have a need for confidence.


AR-yes, but are you certain, your campaign to push the ARM program is strong enough to win over the likes of both republicans and democrats alike?


AA-our campaign reaches as far back as the first humans on this planet Mr. president. As you know, we have given you a guarantee that our plan, thru your banking system and media, will provide you with the utopia you have described to us.


AR-Are you and your kind on board with the number of 80%?


AA-The number of 80% is a number that is insignificant to us. That is your number, and we do not deem it admissible to our agenda. Your biggest concern Mr. President, is that you deliver our energy.


AR-Surely you must understand that ‘your brand’ of energy isn’t the easiest to come by. We have set in place every possible scenario, every major false flag coverage by the media you yourself have been in charge of, covering the next several years for your event to take place by 2018.


AA-We do not care what words you use for total annihilation.


AR-ok, please meet us half way. Your kind introduces the ARM program as the AMERICAN REST METHOD. Correct?




AR-And we are in charge of selling the idea that, people should be more apt to taking your medicines and following your health care guidelines, than being sick from the toxins ‘you gave us’ to crop dust and chem-trail with for the last 50+ years?


AA-Mr. President. It is not our concern weather or not humans stand up against the way we kill them. The ARM campaign will re-introduce mass genocide, mind control, race war, and deadly medicine in a way that every human will happily agree with. Mr. President, we are not here to save the human race. It is your right as a leader of your people to sincerely want a utopia to raise your families in. Your demand for a population decrease is true and just. Again, we do not care about what means you die, we care about the energy we receive in return. You will be left with a beautiful planet, new and scar free of turmoil. You will not fret with juvenile distractions like free will and hope. It will just be. Do you understand Mr. President?


AR-I do. Do I have your word that, you will honor this pact, and your kind will follow thru on your campaign to make this world what it was meant to be?


AA-If you deliver the children and their innocence, you will have your Utopia.


End of transcribed conversation.

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