Monday, November 26, 2012


Lord Micah Here:

Eddie is still asleep. I just left his side. After the rampage of humans outside and falling on his head, he'll probably be out for a while. Eddie's wife came to me and asked me to post in his behalf. I don't know what to say really other than the obvious. I should be eating left overs right now. Thanksgiving probably wont be the same after today. Ive got a friend here at the Houston ZFC (whats left of it) taking  count on days. Its only been a few, but we don't want to get lost. Time might be the only thing we have left. I guess I'm thankful for the generators and concrete reinforced steel walls Eddie had installed here a year or so ago. Hopefully it'll keep us safe until we decide what to do. My frequency weapons are charging off the generator right now. There's plenty of food and water here. Enough for us to be comfortable for the next month or so if we decide to stay. I'm sure the ASMZ knows where we are. I haven't spoken to the others, but I'm assuming the military has frequency weapons far more advanced than my science here. It'll probably be days, or maybe even hours until they triangulate our position. I also wanted to say just one more thing. This is the first day of NEW AMERICA, or the last day of the world as we know it. All our surveillance cameras are gone up top, and we cant monitor anything. I plan on going top side in a few hours, at least before Eddie wakes up. I don't need him telling me what to do right now. I have children like he does and we all have a right to know whats out there. I'll take my precautions. But here's what I wanted to jot down, if anyone ever ends up reading this. 

Fifteen years ago, I was pulled from my studies at MIT. An officer named Barry Soeterror commissioned me to help him on a project for the government that was supposed to 'change the way energy was used'. I was offered money, and a lifestyle much needed for myself and my children. I had to spend many days away from home, eventually loosing the trust of my children and ultimately loosing touch with them all together. The money was there, but it was never me who gave it to them. I don't know why I'm writing this..... I just need to. My son and my daughter were soon strangers to me. And soon I lost complete communication with them. We are reunited now by fate. Eddie Rotten and his group of soldiers have done well for me and my family and I'll never forget what they've done. That is why I'm writing this now.

Barry Soeterror ended up being a commander in the higher forces of the ASMZ. When I found this out, they were still funding all my research, and supplying both my labs. The one in Dallas, and the one here in Houston that no one until now knows about. When they found out that my research was leading towards frequency, I was pulled from my position as lead scientist and given an IT job for the ASMZ. Please know, that at that time, I HAD NO IDEA the ASMZ was part of the one world government. I didn't know that they were trying to create a perfect human being. And I swear on my life, for whoever reads this... I had no way of telling that my research in frequency and energy would be used for their testing on creation of a new race of humans. God humans. I didn't know. 

If anyone reads this before we get out of hear, I know there will be consequences. I cant tell anyone face to face because it would cause havoc in this small space. There is some commotion in the front room so I need to end it here. FOR THE RECORD: I am not a member of the ASMZ. I do not hold any allegiance to them or their cause. I am a survivor with the resistance. I am backing the cause and effect of the ZFC. For better or worse.

Lord Micah
Houston ZFC

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