Friday, November 23, 2012


Lord Micah was a great father and mentor to the other children here at the HOUSTON ZFC. That is, before it was destroyed. The last video I was able to send out to Africa, was on Thanksgiving Day. We were all at the ZFC just blocks down from my house. The zombies in the area were easy to handle, and now almost two and a half years in, everybody is well trained in zombie combat. But we weren't prepared. None of us were.

There was turkey on the table. A total of 50 of us were left. Most of the rest of the HOUSTON ZFC left to join the ASMZ for the benefits of their RECEPTION PROGRAM. They promised not to give any 'real' information about us. But we cant and wont trust anyone ever again. RECEPTION offered slashed prices on food, water, and gas among other things. Medical and dental was free for them now, and for the ones that were pregnant or blind, I cant say I blame them. The elderly were the first to sign over. "Its been a hard life" was most of their excuses. I have a small group of elderly here that would rather die in agony than join the ASMZ...... but none of that matters now.

We all said GRACE and served what we would later realize, was our last Thanksgiving dinner. We spoke of the honor of the ZFC in Ethiopia, and sang songs around the table, until the sound came.

It was loud. It was like a HUM blast, but deeper. My head wasn't vibrating inside, and my ears weren't pulsating so I knew it wasn't harmful. Lord Micah ushered all the women and children to the basement of our barn, then met me at the front door. Slowly we opened the door and looked outside. There were sounds coming from across the neighborhood. Odd sounds. There were faint screams, but that was normal. There were half a dozen zombies standing, all looking in the same position. Frozen.

The sound rang through the sky like a siren. Unlike anything I had ever heard before. "Micah, go grab the camera and start filming... this might be big" I told Micah. Micah ran to the table and threw up the cloth cover, opening the bottom drawer where the camera was. I turned to look out again, and saw the streets between the houses begin to fill with people. Hundreds of  people running, as fast as they could. They were screaming and glancing behind themselves. It must have been the entire population of the city coming in our direction. I looked around the open grounds at the zombies. They reached their rotten arms for the chance at a nibble but were stampeded by the people. As they came, people ran over people, stomping each other into the ground creating a new road of blood and carnage.

They too close. I slammed the door closed and locked it and ran as fast as I could towards Micah. I saw the video camera on the table filming my every move, and when I reached the table, I noticed Micah had his Frequency weapon in hand.

"Whats going on?" Micah asked. His eyes were telling of the fear within. My eyes were the same. I didn't have time to explain. The walls of the barn started to shake. The left window gave us a glimpse of the horror that was coming. Waves of people were crushing each other on the walls of the barn. The windows were shattering. "RUN RUN RUUUUN!!" Was all they were saying before having the life crushed out of them. A huge crack split up the side of the barn and I knew we didn't have much time. I ran to the far side of the table and lifted the double hatch to the basement. The eyes of the women were all gazing up. Then pure darkness. All the power had been trampled out. "EDDIE!! PLUG YOUR EARS!!"

Lord Micah's warning forced me to look in his direction. The front of the house caved in and people wildly climbed on each other to find a way away from what we still weren't sure of. But that was the least of my worries now. The walls of the ZFC had been breached, and crazy neighbors were screaming toward Micah and I. Neighbors I had seen at the market. Neighbors I killed zombies with and then never seen again... until now.

I covered my ears just in time. Micah aimed his Frequency Weapon and pulled the trigger. A high pitched wine came over the room and immediately caused people to start dropping. But the wave continued. They were 20 feet from us now. Micah, with the weapon aimed at them, ran to the far side of the table where I waited with the basement door open. When the weapon was fully charged, the wining stopped and a wave of blue light released from Micahs' creation. It was silent at first. Without a single sound, I saw people being scooped and thrown through the remaining pieces of our shelter like a leaf blower in high gear. "GO GO GO!!" Micah screamed. I couldn't hear his voice, only his mouth moved. My vision blurred as I struggled to keep the heavy basement door open. I leaned over to the camera and grabbed it just in time for two bodies to slam down in its place. As much as I could make out it was a man who landed back first on the hard wooden table, and a girl wrapped in his arms. Micah released his trigger and ran toward the basement door, grabbing the girl by the arm. They ran down the steep steps into the darkness and I had one last chance to look at the destruction.

People were falling through holes in the ceiling, literally pushing through bodies of other people to keep from being stomped alive. The hole that Micahs' weapon left was filled up in seconds. My ZFC was gone.

Then, a hand from the darkness grabbed my wrist and pulled me down. On my back of the basement floor, I saw Micah lock the hatch door, all three times. There was a warm feeling coming from the back of my head. My hand went there instinctively. Our back up generator kicked in and yellow lights flickered on. "OH SHIT" was the first thing I heard. I looked at my hand. Covered in blood. "SOMEBODY GET THE KIT!" was the last thing I heard. I stumbled over to my knees and sat back. My vision was blurry, but I could see the girl Micah pulled from the table. She was wearing a red shirt. I vaguely made out her name tag through the blood. It read TAYLOR.

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