Friday, November 23, 2012


When I woke up, there were people all around me. Not staring down at me, but moving around. Busy busy. There was a screen up at the foot of my bed. Not a real bed, but a 4 foot cage with a blanket on it.   The pillow under my head was fresh and smelled good. I'll always remember that. I sat up but was met by my wife who swiftly put my head back on the pillow. I say swiftly... I mean roughly. She leaned in to me. "If you plan on getting yourself killed, then do it after Im dead. We need you here and you going and getting your head all busted up in a time like this is just plain stupid." She leaned in closer and kissed my forehead, then walked away.

Laying back, I was staring at the concrete ceiling of the basement shelter and began to think to myself.

 Im so glad we dug this thing a year ago. It was never taken serious until the first zombie wandered into the front door of the ZFC. Someone left the door open. Simple as that. Someone died. Since then we've taken every precaution, just in case. My mind drifted to JOSHUA. I guess he's there alone. Ethiopia has a new single wandering the streets. But after remembering, I realized he wont be alone for long. He's got company coming to help him find the ARC. He seems to be connected. As connected as LOKEY with the GYPSY GROUP. Speaking of.... Everyones coming home.... but they are expecting a nice warm welcome. I haven't seen whats going on outside yet. Hopefully every things calmed down, and we can start rebuilding. JOSHUA has sent a team here too. I wonder when they'll get here. Are they already here? My mind wandered back to my wife and sons. Then back to the fresh smell of the pillow.

I was interrupted.

Lord Micah came to me and shoveled his arm behind my pillow. "Time to sit up" he said. The t.v. was a small flat-screen mounted on a concrete wall. Micah had the remote. "Your gonna want to see this."
A news reporter came on the screen, but it was different. There were no fancy intros or graphics spilling across the glass. There were no stocks or weather notifiers scrolling the bottom. It was just her. The reporter, and what looked like a sheet hung up behind her. Confused, I looked up at Micah. He placed his hands on my head and turned it back to the screen.

"This is Kalla Monahan with Channel 4 News." She took just a moment to gather her papers. The sound was awful so Micah turned it up enough to hear the hum of the volume. "As you know, RECEPTION has been the saviour of our country thoughtfully given to us by our government." She paused and glanced around as if she were scared, then continued. "Unfortunately, rebels known as the ZFC gathered in numbers and began to fight against our beloved government." The reporter was now visibly unsettled. Her eyes began to water up and her face blushed. "Because of this uprising, our government has decided to solicit the help of the ASMZ who has proven to be an asset on the fight against not only zombies, but global warming, political uncertainties, and other forces unknown to us." I glanced back at Micah. He pointed at the screen. "The ZFC has endangered the lives of Americans and others around the world for over two years now, and the World Government, along with the aid of the ASMZ has decided to extinguish all existing members of the ZFC. They are viewed as terrorists, and will be dealt with as such. All citizens of Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and Abilene have been transferred to an ARC." I looked up again, Micah looked at me, "AMERICAN RE-EDUCATION CAMPS." The reporter continued, " These camps are conveniently set up for us to start over as Americans, but mostly to be safe from the ZFC. The fore-mentioned cities are being dealt with by the ASMZ as I report this." The reporters words started to shake and her words had hints of sorrow. "Texas currently has 3 ARC'S, separated by men, women, and children. This way, each citizen will learn the ways of prosperity without the fear of constant threats by the terrorist group, THE ZFC. As for now, each ARC's location is secret, as the fear of the ZFC grows. I am reporting live from the panhandle as my husband and children are being re-educated in other camps." Her voice was filled with emotion as a tear rolled down her face. She kept her composure as well as she could. "As a member of Americas new ASMZ program, I am proud to tell you I am not afraid, and I am thankful for the ASMZ and RECEPTION. Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Goodbye."

The screen went black. Micah leaned over me and pulled a tape out of the v.c.r. underneath the TV. My feet were hiding it the whole time. "This broadcast was yesterday Eddie." I looked at him in complete confusion. "Thats not all either" Micah went on, "Your Ranger JOSHUA, well... his men are in the front room with guns......LOTS of guns. Get rested and get in there when you can. I'll explain more then, for the mean time ponder on this. Our ZFC is coming back from AFRICA, with the ASMZ waiting for them. The whole Untied States is on lock down. The video I recorded just before coming down here shows what people were running from, and I can tell you this... It looked a lot like that creature from the airport in Colorado. Were safe in here for now, but not for long. These Re-education camps have a few thousand people in them each. The rest.. are gone. America is but a third what it was yesterday. Outside this basement, there is nothing Eddie. NOTHING."

Micah handed me a canteen with water inside, he nodded and walked away.

I bayed back on the pillow. The fresh smell was still nice, but I wasn't satisfied anymore.

My eyes watered for a second. All those families locked away from each other. And thats WITH agreeing to the RECEPTION PROGRAM. The rest....gone? Could America, LAND OF THE FREE, AND HOME OF THE BRAVE, be leveled in one day?

I closed my eyes and felt my body drift off. 

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