Friday, November 23, 2012


There is so much to explain. Almost a month has passed. To those reading, I cant apologize enough. Things have.... changed here. In a few short words, ALL IS LOST. Lord Micah is here with his children, my family is still intact, but for the most part Houston as a whole is gone. 

I'll explain the best I can so please bear with me. After receiving word of JIG'S DEATH in Ethiopia, other members of the UK ZFC phoned in telling of his 'true' role. Apparently, JIG and his brother weren't simply ZFC leaders, they were spiritual leaders. PROPHETS if you will. JIG never told me anything about it. He mentioned being licensed to marry people, but nothing as big as what they were letting on about. MIKE T was also spoken of quite highly. They were sought after by the sick, and the needy for answers. They organized prayer councils for the worlds governments and even gave sermons in large arenas. All the while, I overlooked the quiet but wise answers JIG and his brother gave. MIKE T was openly vengeful on the wicked, but created a following for his 'brand' of spirituality. After the call, I turned and looked at my wife.... "PROPHETS?" she said. My call was on speaker, as they all are now. Full transparency... And then I got a message from JOSHUA.


This is Joshua, I send this message with hope, and sorrow. Before I start I feel I owe you the truth, I have been made and you will hear it eventually...I would rather it be from me. I have known about you for some time now, watching, waiting. I come from a group within a group is the best way to describe it. We are an ancient brotherhood and were mystified and even hated by some long before Z day. Most of the hate stemmed from lies, but we accept it as it keeps people guessing. Now for me and my small band of misfits. We call ourselves Berserkers, the name comes from ancient Nordic warriors. You can look it up if you want. Eddie we have been watching you for some time now waiting for the moment we could reach out...Sorry it took so long, but as you can imagine trust is an issue with us. Every man in my unit is an ex SF soldier, we are built for war. The men that helped us out here were part of this unit. My little brother that is in TX with you is also part of this unit, he's not ex military, but we taught him well. Don't take it out on him, he was under strict orders to keep silent. You can show him this message and he can answer any questions you might have. I'm telling you this now because the ASMZ has confirmed that it is me with your ZFC and they will stop at nothing to get to me. The only good thing about this situation is that they do not know what I look like other than my description. I may be the ASMZ's most wanted man, kind of a dead or alive thing. Now they know you have made contact with me I'm sure they will have some questions for you. You tell them what you need to for the safety of you and your people. All I ask is to never let them get a hold of my brother, the shit they would do to him to get at me would be unspeakable. I can go in to it more if we speak again.

We are in sight of the ARK. I have come up with a plan, I'm sorry but it is too dangerous so I have not told the ZFC here yet. Right now they are all sleeping trying to rest before we move. I can not let them come on this mission with me, they have lost too many already and one of them is just a kid. I have a few of my men here and we are almost ready to move. As I write this my team is setting a nice little care package I put together for the ASMZ. These packages go boom, and the boom is going to be very BIG. One is being set at a large ASMZ camp located on the way in, the other is set for that big bitch Grendel. The plan is to lead it down a dead end road and hit the switch at the same time detonating the one placed at the ASMZ camp. I'm going to level this whole city. The ARK is highly guarded, our plan is to start the raid as soon as we hear the booms. I saved the biggest one for ark, once or should I say if we breach we will collect what info we can then we are setting the package. The problem is I don't know if we will be able to get to a safe distance before detonation. I will be leaving men here in case the ZFC wakes before everything is set. I cannot let them follow, I have arranged for an EVAC. You'll have them back in the states in a few days. I will leave a note trying to explain, but I know there will be some anger. Try and let them know it was for the best. I think you will like this, the package at the camp is marked from JIG and the one for  
Grendel says from Mike T. Of course I had to mark the one for the ARK from Eddie with love...

Eddie if I don't make it, know that it has been worth it. A small team of my men are on their way to you and will be there tomorrow. Tell my little brother to carry on "he'll know what it means." If I get out of this alive I will make contact somehow...after these explosions all electronics in this area will be out for a very long time. 

Keep on rocking in the free world brother

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