Monday, October 8, 2012


STAR just emailed me from Ethiopia. They are close... VERY close. I also received a message from our friend ANONYMOUS. I go back and forth on which messages of his I should share. His comments are always published here but I don't know who sees them, and who passes them over. In the attempt that it will help us retrieving the ARC OF THE COVENANT, I'm going to share his latest message...This, is ANONYMOUS

Eddie Rotten. Rotten Eddie.
I must share with you something that I have clung into for the longest time and maybe you will come to understand for however way you choose to interpret it.
"A monster lies in wait in me.
A stew of wounds and misery,
But fiercer still in life and limb,
The me that lies in wait in him."

This is me.

And as for Grendel... You should know better.

There's no stopping what can't be stopped.
You can only hope to contain it.
Don't attempt to revert Grendel back.
You will fail miserably and take all of your precious ZFC with you. Focus on the Ark.
Use not just the coordinates I gave but also the coded message. I speak in code because I must.
This is survival, Eddie Rotten.
Want some, get some.
Bad enough? Take some.


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