Sunday, September 30, 2012


The message that I was receiving stopped abruptly. Its been nearly two weeks and I can say that on this end here, things have accelerated. The ASMZ infiltrated the city infrastructure and controls nearly everything from the power companies to the local media and police department. Our signal has been picked up and as a result, they cut off our power. It was 3 days until we had running lights. Thank the good lord for solar panels. The ASMZ (or government) doesn't own the sun...yet.

Lord Micah says he has a location on the third generator. That is HUGE in our fight to win this war. He says that the Bermuda Triangle is the place. No matter how wild it sounds, he showed me the video of the scientist divers that found it sitting there. There is a frequency that is emitting from the cap that seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. Micah says that this year, the frequency will match what the earth emits. Hard to understand, I know. But essentially what it means is that the frequencies are lining up. The stars are getting in order. And we must be prepared for what might happen.

Some people around here are saying its the Mayan Calender deciding the fate of the world. I don't know though. Its all really difficult for me to take in and understand. Lord Micah has a great way of explaining it to me. The problem is now, is that when we send our team of divers to the Pyramid laid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, we don't know what kind of generator we can take. It might be a small piece, it might be the whole thing.. we just don't know. This worries us. The third generator is key factor in who rules this planet.

The first being the EPHOD, the second is the Arc of the Covenant (which we still haven't attained, but were close), and the third being the PYRAMID OF BERMUDA. All three power generators should create enough energy to activate the first generator. The EPHOD is not only a Biblical golden breast plate made of gold and gems, but fabled to be a way to open a line of communication to the Gods. That's what were hoping for. Its not that we will finally be able to speak to the Gods of the universe, but that we will have and be able to protect the 3 GENS. If the wrong hands get all 3 GENS, the world will change for ever.

The ASMZ has openly sided with the Globalists and Elitists of this planet and made clear what their plans are. Under the noses of most of the world, they plan on the extinction of 80% or more of the population. They plan on creating better humans. To do this, they need power... lots of it.

To get rid of 80% of humans would take hundreds of years doing it by way of virus or by poisoning our water system. People still have people. Procreating is what we do. Its what our bodies are ultimately made for. So that idea hasn't worked so far. Lord Micah says that is precisely why they need all 3 GENS. The power that all 3 GENS would give, allows the ASMZ to create the ultimate FREQUENCY WEAPON. A weapon that would drop humans where they stand. And that's not all. It would be able to pin point what humans to drop. Leaving the Globalist, Elitists, Illuminati, Bilderberg, ASMZ, and other 'chosen' populous to stand.

So we MUST get the 3rd GEN before the ASMZ does. Zombies are everywhere. Another terrorist tactic the Government and the ASMZ has used to reduce the population in small sizes. But it seems to be working. People are giving up here. Not everyone, but enough to see a difference. My ZFC alone has reduced at least 50% over the last year. These are numbers I didn't really want to report. But they are just too dramatic to ignore anymore. The ASMZ is offering family benefits, and money. Things we just cant here at the Houston ZFC.

The ASMZ is requiring something new though. Just over the last few months I've heard of new ASMZ members being required to wear a small silver bracelet at all times. If they aren't into the forced fashion statement, they can get whats being called RECEPTION.

RECEPTION is a shot that the Government or ASMZ administers. It is a small film of metal that gives the ASMZ the right to grant you access to everything this life has to offer. Pay your bills, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, flights, buying clothes... hell even access to the local drag strip. If you get RECEPTION you qualify for free vaccinations and medicine is covered up to 300 dollars per quarter.

I would definitely benefit from moving over to ASMZ's RECEPTION program... But I'm awake.. Are you?

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