Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playing catch up with the SERVES.

The obvious lack of posting on this blog has started some kind of.... uprising. Lord Micah and his daughters have been doing quite well back here at the Houston ZFC. There were plans on starting a GALVESTON ZFC, but that all went to crap. Our new friend Brandon decided to take a few members out and see if there was anything left of Galveston to set up a home for people that needed help. The short answere was no. Brandon was young, but very experienced. We dont know much about his family, or what happened to his home town in Florida. But we can deffinetly use him. We could use a few more of him actually. His spunk is needed around here. Him and Emily seem to keep peoples spirits up.

Brandon reported that there were zombies wandering all the way to our side of the bridge connecting us to the island. There was a HUGE ASMZ presence there, and he didnt want to get close enough to cause a stink. White tents with gunmen, taking turns shooting down zombies as they crossed the bridge line. "There were so many." He said. Almost as if they were breeding in that remote beach town. How could there possibly be so many people left after so many mandatory evacuations? None of us could answere these questions. All we knew, was that the ASMZ didnt hesitate between shooting at zombs and shooting at survivors. Were not all cut from the same cloth... anymore.

There was in fact, a small zombie attack on us here at home, just like ANONYMOUS reported. We still dont know who that dude is.. It its even a dude. Lord Micah and some others helped each other in deciphering the numbers in one of his last posts. They turned out to be coordinates to where the ARC OF THE COVENANT is supposed to be... we'll see. Which brings us to our team in AFRICA. They are tired and ready to come home. The ARC is the second of three generators to find, and Lord Micah seems to have an inside to where the third power generator is, so I might be putting too much faith into us having all three gens... but I am. Im tired too. This year has beat me down. And there seems to be no end to the zombies.

We started out so strong, but our movement to change the world and help people wake up to whats coming seems to be futile. But we fight on.

The new intel we got from Etheopia is good. But not all of it. Here's Lokey and Stars account of what all happened.


This is STAR. I want you to know that I know this mission is for the best. I miss my baby girl more than you will ever imagine. I miss my home, my family, and most... my freedom. I know there are zombies back home too, but I want to be there more and more each day. I also want you to know that we are dangerously close to finding our target. The ARC is probably a days walk from where we are, and I intend on finding it, and bringing it back so we can protect ourselves from the future. The ASMZ has different factions placed around the globe. The survivors that we met here have knowledge of this. The one were currently dealing with is called HARP 15. It might be HARP 115, im not sure.. but its NOT GOOD Eddie. I saw that you posted what happened to one of the surv's. Its true. She just 'muttered' the name GRENDEL and she was vaporized to the grotesque zombie she became. They have a weapon Eddie. It exceeds what our HUM attack gun is. And whoever this Grendel is, has control over it.

Lord Micah will be pleased to know that it too is frequency based. But somehow, they have honed into sounds. We cant mention the word GRENDEL without an army of the undead oozing around us in minutes. The only thing we can figure is they either have spys all over the damn place, or the word itself causes the undead to notice something different in the air. The last time I've even heard of something that sensitive is with whales. Could they have figured out how to communicate in ways we haven't known of before. Either way Eddie. It sux.... BIG TIME.

Lokey has been a comfort to me. To everyone really. He is funny. He does things, then disappears for a while and comes back with food or water. Dont know how or where he's going, but he always returns. I dont know how to tell him about how things will go when we get home. Nobody, not even you knows whats really going on. My better half sent me an email. I thought he was dead over a year ago. His story is one he'll have to tell on his own. But I cant string anyone on. Im spacing myself from Lokey as the days go by. He understands I think. It makes me think he's got someone waiting for him too. We'll all get through this Eddie, but Im so ready for this to all be over.

Lord Micah said something about the third generator being some kind of crystal pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuta Triangle? Sound hoaky to me, but so did zombies chewing off my neighbors arm at 6 in the morning back in Canada. Anything goes now. ANYTHING.

I'll quit bitchin' now. Were close to the ARC.Were going through battle tactics and figuring the best way to beat a beast that we've never encountered. I wish this GRENDEL character was still just a human. Then we could kick his ass and be done with it. But these surv's here say he's much more than just a dead monster. He's got somekind of mind controlling power that we dont want any part of. The last thing we need is to send a search team out to find some aluminum foil to cover our heads with. Black ooze puking zombies that respond to their masters name is bad enough.

Keep in touch Eddie. We haven't heard from you in a while. We dont know if your alive or dead. Either way, we gotta find this damn generator before the ASMZ does. Wish us luck. And keep your right cheek handy for when we come home.. I owe you a punch in the face.


This message from STAR shook me. Im so sorry for not keeping in touch the way I should be. Things falling apart here at home fails to compare to the horrifying things that are happening right now in Etheopia. For that, I'll never seclude myself again... unless im in the bathroom. Thats my 'me time'.

Lokey was the next to report.

Eddie, Its Lokey

You got my extraction ready? Cause were about done here. We deciphered the coordinates that that dude ANONYMOUS left, and were getting closer. The ARC is as good as ours. The surv's in the area are telling us not to use all the fire arms we have. Yea, it'll put down zombs like nothing else, but we just simply dont have enough ammo to take out the number of zombs these guys are talking about. We are gonna pull a stealth mission. Get as close as we can to the small church where the ARC is, and start taking them out one by one quietly until we nab it. Our back up plan is a bit less clean. This frequency gun I borrowed from Lord Micah will come in handy if there are just too many to deal with. Either way,maybe its the excitement to come home, or the nervousness these surv's have given me about GRENDLE, Im ready for this all to be over.

Things are'nt completely wrapped up nice and tidy though Eddie. As I go out and get supplies, I see different groups of surv's hidden in small clusters around this burning city. You know who calls out GRENDELS name, and who does'nt. There are even groups who commit a mass suicide and stand out in the trash filled roads and call his name out together in unison. The death GRENDELS zombies bestow seems so much less painfull and bloody than to be eaten alive by hundreds of zombies at a time. It looks evil though Eddie.... if I may. Their faces turn a pale white, and black veins streak across their face. Their eyes and tongue seem to burn out instantly leaving black holes, then these..... new set of eyes appear. All black with white sphears in the center. I think these new set of eyes are what gives them the one up on us. Its like they can communicate with each other or something. Iv'e said it before, but it applys here as well. Almost like a flock of birds changing direction instantaneously. They just.... know. And when the word GRENDEL is spoken, they all know exactly where to go. No matter how good the person hides, they are marked with the originating vibration, or frequency that leads the zombs directly to them. Every time. I have to be careful not to mention the word even as I'm typing this. I try hard not to even put air behind my lips as I write.. Not easy, but necessary.

One last thing before I get off. Jig told me something that made me pretty concerned about him. He said that he SAW his brother Mike T. yesterday. Now you and I both know he was carted away with the ASMZ before we even got through the walls of ETHIOPEA. I dont like what happened to him any more than any one else does. But I saw STAR curb stomp him into the floor board of the jeep, then fall out befor he TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE! How could he be here Eddie? Jig has been pacing back and forth since he told us about the sighting... I gotta tell you man. Im a bit worried. Hallucination? X and Josh are taking the lead where Jig is spending more time tripping lately. I gotta watch Josh too man. He knows a lot more about military strategy and weaponry than he let up. He has been gathering things like McGyver for several days now. Not sure what he's making, but he's making something to help the cause.

Wait... there's a sound outside. It sounds, like grinding, no like thrashing wind. It's here Eddie. It's GRENDEL. Oh GOD. Were outnumbered.....

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  1. Eddie Rotten. Rotten Eddie.
    I must share with you something that I have clung into for the longest time and maybe you will come to understand for however way you choose to interpret it.
    "A monster lies in wait in me.
    A stew of wounds and misery,
    But fiercer still in life and limb,
    The me that lies in wait in him."

    This is me.

    And as for Grendel... You should know better.

    There's no stopping what can't be stopped.
    You can only hope to contain it.
    Don't attempt to revert Grendel back.
    You will fail miserably and take all of your precious ZFC with you. Focus on the Ark.
    Use not just the coordinates I gave but also the coded message. I speak in code because I must.
    This is survival, Eddie Rotten.
    Want some, get some.
    Bad enough? Take some.