Sunday, September 30, 2012


The fight never stopped in Ethiopia.

The message I received stopped abruptly as I said before. The email I received today was mind shattering. It was Joshua:

Eddie Rotten,

I hope you get this message. We've heard less and less from you over the past month, and in small discussion we try to decide if your still there or not. We did however see you last post, and it was a relief to know your still killing zombies with us. A lot has happened though. Some of it.... not so good.

STAR and LOKEY have been working together, but not 'together' if that makes any sense. STAR says there was someone waiting for her back home or something.. I didn't know if you know, and I don't want to get in any ones business, but were a small team now, and everything must be transparent. They are getting along just fine. As fine as they can.. considering.

X is young. So I can't expect too much from him. But to be honest, he's been crying since.. well. I'll get to that.

I picked up the laptop we use to send you messages and noticed the last update you got. Its true. GRENDEL came. And with him came an army of the undead. Someone hidden around us must have muttered his name out loud, and it sent the frequency out. GRENDEL is not a zombie Eddie. He is some kind of dead, hybrid.... beast of some sort. His eyes are pits of black darkness. And much like the beast you spoke of in Colorado, he sits on a throne. The stench that comes off his army of horrible.

We didn't have a chance to prepare for him to come since we didn't hear anyone mention his name. It was his zombies that came first. They aren't really like the ones back home. They are obviously Ethiopia's undead. Dead men, women, and children all slithered in to the neighborhood from every nook and cranny. Almost like they were always there. Waiting.

We heard screaming coming from a block or two away. Everyone ducked down and peered through the windows at the death that was coming. A few Servs ran out into the street screaming, but didn't make it too far. A loud HUM blast echoed through the narrow street. It blew some of the Servs clean off their feet and slammed them into the half burned buildings. The blast was so heavy that it rocked the remaining street signs and cars that stood as grey monuments to the apocalypse. The Servs that were in the blast range stood up, went through a quick fit of rage. Black veins ran through their body and consumed their eyes. Their tongues and mouth all turned black. Then, a loud scream came in unison from all the new zombies. They convolted violently in the streets. Twisting and throwing their arms out of socket, punching and kicking at nothing. Some of the Servs didn't even survive the transformation. The children all survived though.

The new zombies turned and ran toward the throne of GRENDEL and clawed to get to him. Almost like they were crazed Elvis fans.. before he got fat and drug infested. We all ducked even lower. The thought of any one of us getting seen scared the crap out of us.

I had been working on a machine here that would distract GRENDEL if he ever came for us, so I decided to use it. STAR and LOKEY quietly went around the back of the house of rubble we were camping in to get into position. JIG and X started loading up on ammo and loading their guns. My machine was basically a big.... sling shot.

STAR and LOKEY were in charge of loading the device, and I was in charge of releasing it. JIG and X were going to add to the fire power after we launch by shooting into the crowd of zombies. Our plan was to demolish this GRENDEL without him ever even getting to fight us. I wish our plan worked out that way. We were wrong... very wrong.

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