Sunday, September 30, 2012



The rash of fear that ran through the street caught up all the weak minded. Servs were leaving everything behind to try to find safety. They all ran out into the street and away from the throne of GRENDEL. The ZFC just hid in the house we were in, waiting for more destruction.

With my eye half out, peeking through the tattered screen on the window, I saw even more incredible transformations from human to zombie. Like a tennis game, I glanced back and forth to watch people transforming, and to watch the throne of GRENDEL approach. The minions oozed out from every dark corner as the throne slowly crept up the street like a nightmare parade float. I stood up just a bit to see the entire seat of what GRENDEL sat on. It was a high chair of sorts. The throne sat firmly on a black rectangle that seemed to float in mid air only 5, maybe 7 feet off the ground. I still cant tell you how it was hovering... but it was.

There was ooze slowly dripping off the black rectangle, and GRENDEL slowly stood and raised his arms, as if to be hailed by the people that were violently trembling in the street as they turned to the dark eyed zombies. And for the first time... I could see where the HUM blasts were coming from that were changing people to zomb right in front of my eyes. It was GRENDELS voice Eddie.

GRENDEL stood, opened his mouth, and moaned out a low, empty, vomitous sound. It was as if two voices were braiding themselves into another. Everyone around me put their hands over their ears immediately. As his throne came closer and closer, the HUM blasts were more intense. Cars started sliding slowly forward and sideways. Trash and body parts from his own zombies flew through the air. The Servs that were trying to escape had no chance in the world. The Blast hit them just as GRENDEL stopped his voice. It pushed them all to the ground and into the walls of buildings. The transformation took place, they turned and looked in our direction quickly with their black eyes and ooze rolling out of their mouth. Then, with what looked like a true DESIRE, the zombs ran, crawled, stumbled, and drug their way toward the throne of GRENDEL. Just in time for him to take another breath and let out another blood curdling HUM. He looked as if he was just exhaling as he stood there. But the frequency could clearly be seen through the streets of Ethiopia. Like waves of sound rippling through the air.

There were chains attached behind his throne. Behind the parade of death, chained to the back of GRENDEL were 10 or 15 Servs. As the zombies led the way for GRENDELS death march, his back flesh pulled and stretched as the Servs tried to pull away from him. There were other zombies that crept around and behind them, but didn't attack or even take bites off them.

The Servs looked frightened. I would too if I was attached by chain to the back of the KING OF ALL ZOMBIES. They were calling out for friends and family members. Screaming for 'anyone' to help them. They were crying and moaning, gnashing their teeth and jerking their chains as hard as they could. All the while, GRENDEL stretched and belched another loud HUM blast through the streets, turning yet another group of unfortunate souls to zombies.

All of the sudden, a Serv appeared from a demolished house and ran toward the group of Servs chained to GRENDEL'S back. They were calling out to each other. I figure it was a husband and wife... maybe brother and sister. The woman was chained as she screamed out for him to hurry. The Surv bashed off zombies as he made his way to the group of chained prisoners, reaching out for the woman. I saw them touch hands, then he was tackled by one of those 'jumping' zombies that LOKEY mentioned a few weeks ago. He was ripped to shreds in the center of the street. There was NOTHING left Eddie... nothing.

Then, from the top floor of the ram shackled house I was hiding in, I heard JIG'S voice. "MIKE!!!" I looked out into the poor group of Servs being towed by the ripping back of GRENDEL, and witnessed what JIG did. It was JIG'S brother MIKE T. He was chained like the others, screaming for help. He stumbled over the dead bodies on the ground, tugging at his chains. STAR ran downstairs as if we weren't hiding at all and screamed "GET DOWN!!"

She put her hand over my head and pushed it hard to the floor.

Then... an explosion.

It was so loud and close, my ears were ringing. When STAR and I looked up, rubble was still falling to the ground. I looked out the window and saw body parts everywhere. JIG threw a BIG bomb from the upper window at the herd of zombies leading GRENDEL. There was smoke every where. I heard "GIMME COVER!!!" from JIG. He was the next one running down the stairs, and straight out the front door.

X and LOKEY opened fire from above. I saw glowing red streaks of light zip through the smoke and debris that was kicked up by the explosion. JIG ran towards his screaming brother with his bare hands open and ready for the assault he was about to bring.

The first to attack JIG was a jumper. The zombie leaped from the far side of GRENDELS throne. JIG caught the zombie by the throat and gave it a quick but violent shake. The zombies head snapped off.

STAR and I looked at each other and stood to our feet.. feeling a bit more confident.

JIG continued as zombies dropped around him thanks to X and LOKEY. The shells were chiming on the ground like rain on the opposite side of the wall we stood behind. STAR tugged at my collar. "C'MON! LETS LAUNCH!!" We ran through the halls of the decrepit house toward the giant sling shot I constructed. There were Servs hiding all over the place. Cramped down the hallways left and right. The contraption was on the second floor, but up a second set of steps from the back. The whole time I had JIG in my mind.

We opened the door and STAR got into place. I ran to the edge of where the wall was 'supposed' to be and looked down at the mayhem that ensued. LOKEY and X were still showering the zombs on the ground. GRENDEL was exploding HUM blasts from his voice in every direction. Slowly and methodically. Servs were stumbling out of the destroyed buildings in the tens. Black eyes, black mouths and tongues. The amount of zombies GRENDEL was able to employ was staggering. JIG was destroying zombies one by one as they jumped toward him. JIG's brother MIKE was reaching out with his palms up screaming for him to hurry. They were ALL screaming for him to hurry. I thought for a second that they thought JIG was going to be able to save them all. By the way JIG was dismantling zombies, there was a small chance that he just might have been able to. GRENDEL never left focus of changing every human in the area to zombie. I think moving to high ground is the only thing that saved us. I felt another tug from STAR on my collar. "C'MON HELP ME PUSH THIS THING!"

We got behind the large sling shot and pushed it to the edge of the second floor. STAR said quickly, "MIKE WAS A ZOMBIE JOSH!! I STOMPED HIS ASS INTO THE FLOOR OF THE JEEP AND KICKED HIM OUT MYSELF! WHATS GOING ON?!"

I didn't have an answer.

We both ran back to the front so we could roll the contraption in place and aim it at GRENDEL. Loaded in the chamber, was the engine of an old chevy S10 we found. The Servs in the area helped me load it several days before, just in case. I could hear LOKEY and X's voice in the commotion. They were running out of ammunition fast. We didn't have long before GRENDEL'S wrath took charge. There were black eyed zombies clawing at the base of the building, and the remaining Servs downstairs were screaming, and trying to hold the door closed as the zombies pushed their way inside.

I glanced back over to JIG's advancement, and he hadn't slowed... even a bit. I saw him make it to MIKE, covered in zombie blood, dirt, and ash from the bomb he exploded. JIG is a warrior Eddie. He literally mowed through 2 or more dozen zombies to get to his brother. It's amazing what RAGE will do for you. STAR met me at the edge of the second floor as we looked down on JIG. X and LOKEY were popping rounds off with pistols at this point, yelling "WERE RUNNING OUT JIG! HURRY, HURRY!!"

JIG reached out for his brother.

They latched hands.

MIKE'S eyes turned black and he pulled JIG in, and bit a chunk of flesh out of JIG's shoulder. It was a trap Eddie. All the Servs chained to GRENDEL'S back were used as bait.

JIG turned and looked at us...

Then over to X and LOKEY.

Then fell to the ground.

MIKE twisted his neck quickly up at us and hissed as JIG's flesh bled from his mouth. Then, he looked down at JIG who was holding his shoulder, and looking up at us. The air was still filled with debris and the distinct smell of burning flesh and zombie.

GRENDEL stopped his HUM attacks and sat down. STAR and I ran to either side of the giant sling shot yelling "NOOOOO!!" We pulled our triggers, launching the engine out the side of the building towards GRENDEL. The engine flew with force, but struck the building to the far side of the street, caving in the whole side of the wall it hit. Our aim was off because we didn't take time to shoot it. Its my fault Eddie. I'll never forgive myself.

I looked over at STAR. She was holding both hands over her mouth, and tears were streaming down her face. I looked back out and saw the black rectangle platform that was holding GRENDEL off the ground slowly start to shimmer and pivot upwards. The throne GRENDEL sat on adjusted parallel so he was able to sit on his chair upright. The floating black rectangle, in front of my eyes Eddie, grew walls around it. In no time at all, it was a black cube. Like a giant black box floating in the center of the street.

The zombies stopped pushing the doors in, and all went quiet. It must have been the dust in the air, but it looked like the zombies were just.......walking into the walls of the floating black cube. I cant explain it any better than that Eddie.

The cube turned slowly as if it were on a Lazy Suzann. As it turned, I saw the zombie form of MIKE T drag his brother JIG into the cube. JIGS lifeless body was hard for me to see Eddie....... Very hard. It was harder to see someone as strong as STAR freeze like she did.

LOKEY and X rushed in the door with their eyes wide open. LOKEY put his arms around STAR and she let her cries be heard. X wiped his eyes, walked up to the edge of the floor, unzipped his pants, and started peeing in the direction of the slowly spinning cube. The cube vanished like a mirage in the desert.... right in front of us all.

It was quiet.

With a half cry in his voice, X yelled out, "WERE COMING FOR YOU GRENDEL!! WERE COMING FOR YOU!!" The sound of his voice echoed through the empty, quiet streets of Ethiopia.

I cant report anymore right now Eddie. We are all still shaken, nervous, confused.

JIG is gone. Taken by his own brother. We need time to decide if its all worth it, or if its Gods plan for the world to be over run by these......things. I'll get back to you soon. Please contact JIG'S family for us and tell them.... hell I don't know, Eddie.

I just...

Give me time brother. We will contact you soon.






The fight never stopped in Ethiopia.

The message I received stopped abruptly as I said before. The email I received today was mind shattering. It was Joshua:

Eddie Rotten,

I hope you get this message. We've heard less and less from you over the past month, and in small discussion we try to decide if your still there or not. We did however see you last post, and it was a relief to know your still killing zombies with us. A lot has happened though. Some of it.... not so good.

STAR and LOKEY have been working together, but not 'together' if that makes any sense. STAR says there was someone waiting for her back home or something.. I didn't know if you know, and I don't want to get in any ones business, but were a small team now, and everything must be transparent. They are getting along just fine. As fine as they can.. considering.

X is young. So I can't expect too much from him. But to be honest, he's been crying since.. well. I'll get to that.

I picked up the laptop we use to send you messages and noticed the last update you got. Its true. GRENDEL came. And with him came an army of the undead. Someone hidden around us must have muttered his name out loud, and it sent the frequency out. GRENDEL is not a zombie Eddie. He is some kind of dead, hybrid.... beast of some sort. His eyes are pits of black darkness. And much like the beast you spoke of in Colorado, he sits on a throne. The stench that comes off his army of horrible.

We didn't have a chance to prepare for him to come since we didn't hear anyone mention his name. It was his zombies that came first. They aren't really like the ones back home. They are obviously Ethiopia's undead. Dead men, women, and children all slithered in to the neighborhood from every nook and cranny. Almost like they were always there. Waiting.

We heard screaming coming from a block or two away. Everyone ducked down and peered through the windows at the death that was coming. A few Servs ran out into the street screaming, but didn't make it too far. A loud HUM blast echoed through the narrow street. It blew some of the Servs clean off their feet and slammed them into the half burned buildings. The blast was so heavy that it rocked the remaining street signs and cars that stood as grey monuments to the apocalypse. The Servs that were in the blast range stood up, went through a quick fit of rage. Black veins ran through their body and consumed their eyes. Their tongues and mouth all turned black. Then, a loud scream came in unison from all the new zombies. They convolted violently in the streets. Twisting and throwing their arms out of socket, punching and kicking at nothing. Some of the Servs didn't even survive the transformation. The children all survived though.

The new zombies turned and ran toward the throne of GRENDEL and clawed to get to him. Almost like they were crazed Elvis fans.. before he got fat and drug infested. We all ducked even lower. The thought of any one of us getting seen scared the crap out of us.

I had been working on a machine here that would distract GRENDEL if he ever came for us, so I decided to use it. STAR and LOKEY quietly went around the back of the house of rubble we were camping in to get into position. JIG and X started loading up on ammo and loading their guns. My machine was basically a big.... sling shot.

STAR and LOKEY were in charge of loading the device, and I was in charge of releasing it. JIG and X were going to add to the fire power after we launch by shooting into the crowd of zombies. Our plan was to demolish this GRENDEL without him ever even getting to fight us. I wish our plan worked out that way. We were wrong... very wrong.


The message that I was receiving stopped abruptly. Its been nearly two weeks and I can say that on this end here, things have accelerated. The ASMZ infiltrated the city infrastructure and controls nearly everything from the power companies to the local media and police department. Our signal has been picked up and as a result, they cut off our power. It was 3 days until we had running lights. Thank the good lord for solar panels. The ASMZ (or government) doesn't own the sun...yet.

Lord Micah says he has a location on the third generator. That is HUGE in our fight to win this war. He says that the Bermuda Triangle is the place. No matter how wild it sounds, he showed me the video of the scientist divers that found it sitting there. There is a frequency that is emitting from the cap that seems to be getting bigger and bigger each year. Micah says that this year, the frequency will match what the earth emits. Hard to understand, I know. But essentially what it means is that the frequencies are lining up. The stars are getting in order. And we must be prepared for what might happen.

Some people around here are saying its the Mayan Calender deciding the fate of the world. I don't know though. Its all really difficult for me to take in and understand. Lord Micah has a great way of explaining it to me. The problem is now, is that when we send our team of divers to the Pyramid laid at the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle, we don't know what kind of generator we can take. It might be a small piece, it might be the whole thing.. we just don't know. This worries us. The third generator is key factor in who rules this planet.

The first being the EPHOD, the second is the Arc of the Covenant (which we still haven't attained, but were close), and the third being the PYRAMID OF BERMUDA. All three power generators should create enough energy to activate the first generator. The EPHOD is not only a Biblical golden breast plate made of gold and gems, but fabled to be a way to open a line of communication to the Gods. That's what were hoping for. Its not that we will finally be able to speak to the Gods of the universe, but that we will have and be able to protect the 3 GENS. If the wrong hands get all 3 GENS, the world will change for ever.

The ASMZ has openly sided with the Globalists and Elitists of this planet and made clear what their plans are. Under the noses of most of the world, they plan on the extinction of 80% or more of the population. They plan on creating better humans. To do this, they need power... lots of it.

To get rid of 80% of humans would take hundreds of years doing it by way of virus or by poisoning our water system. People still have people. Procreating is what we do. Its what our bodies are ultimately made for. So that idea hasn't worked so far. Lord Micah says that is precisely why they need all 3 GENS. The power that all 3 GENS would give, allows the ASMZ to create the ultimate FREQUENCY WEAPON. A weapon that would drop humans where they stand. And that's not all. It would be able to pin point what humans to drop. Leaving the Globalist, Elitists, Illuminati, Bilderberg, ASMZ, and other 'chosen' populous to stand.

So we MUST get the 3rd GEN before the ASMZ does. Zombies are everywhere. Another terrorist tactic the Government and the ASMZ has used to reduce the population in small sizes. But it seems to be working. People are giving up here. Not everyone, but enough to see a difference. My ZFC alone has reduced at least 50% over the last year. These are numbers I didn't really want to report. But they are just too dramatic to ignore anymore. The ASMZ is offering family benefits, and money. Things we just cant here at the Houston ZFC.

The ASMZ is requiring something new though. Just over the last few months I've heard of new ASMZ members being required to wear a small silver bracelet at all times. If they aren't into the forced fashion statement, they can get whats being called RECEPTION.

RECEPTION is a shot that the Government or ASMZ administers. It is a small film of metal that gives the ASMZ the right to grant you access to everything this life has to offer. Pay your bills, grocery shopping, doctors appointments, flights, buying clothes... hell even access to the local drag strip. If you get RECEPTION you qualify for free vaccinations and medicine is covered up to 300 dollars per quarter.

I would definitely benefit from moving over to ASMZ's RECEPTION program... But I'm awake.. Are you?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playing catch up with the SERVES.

The obvious lack of posting on this blog has started some kind of.... uprising. Lord Micah and his daughters have been doing quite well back here at the Houston ZFC. There were plans on starting a GALVESTON ZFC, but that all went to crap. Our new friend Brandon decided to take a few members out and see if there was anything left of Galveston to set up a home for people that needed help. The short answere was no. Brandon was young, but very experienced. We dont know much about his family, or what happened to his home town in Florida. But we can deffinetly use him. We could use a few more of him actually. His spunk is needed around here. Him and Emily seem to keep peoples spirits up.

Brandon reported that there were zombies wandering all the way to our side of the bridge connecting us to the island. There was a HUGE ASMZ presence there, and he didnt want to get close enough to cause a stink. White tents with gunmen, taking turns shooting down zombies as they crossed the bridge line. "There were so many." He said. Almost as if they were breeding in that remote beach town. How could there possibly be so many people left after so many mandatory evacuations? None of us could answere these questions. All we knew, was that the ASMZ didnt hesitate between shooting at zombs and shooting at survivors. Were not all cut from the same cloth... anymore.

There was in fact, a small zombie attack on us here at home, just like ANONYMOUS reported. We still dont know who that dude is.. It its even a dude. Lord Micah and some others helped each other in deciphering the numbers in one of his last posts. They turned out to be coordinates to where the ARC OF THE COVENANT is supposed to be... we'll see. Which brings us to our team in AFRICA. They are tired and ready to come home. The ARC is the second of three generators to find, and Lord Micah seems to have an inside to where the third power generator is, so I might be putting too much faith into us having all three gens... but I am. Im tired too. This year has beat me down. And there seems to be no end to the zombies.

We started out so strong, but our movement to change the world and help people wake up to whats coming seems to be futile. But we fight on.

The new intel we got from Etheopia is good. But not all of it. Here's Lokey and Stars account of what all happened.


This is STAR. I want you to know that I know this mission is for the best. I miss my baby girl more than you will ever imagine. I miss my home, my family, and most... my freedom. I know there are zombies back home too, but I want to be there more and more each day. I also want you to know that we are dangerously close to finding our target. The ARC is probably a days walk from where we are, and I intend on finding it, and bringing it back so we can protect ourselves from the future. The ASMZ has different factions placed around the globe. The survivors that we met here have knowledge of this. The one were currently dealing with is called HARP 15. It might be HARP 115, im not sure.. but its NOT GOOD Eddie. I saw that you posted what happened to one of the surv's. Its true. She just 'muttered' the name GRENDEL and she was vaporized to the grotesque zombie she became. They have a weapon Eddie. It exceeds what our HUM attack gun is. And whoever this Grendel is, has control over it.

Lord Micah will be pleased to know that it too is frequency based. But somehow, they have honed into sounds. We cant mention the word GRENDEL without an army of the undead oozing around us in minutes. The only thing we can figure is they either have spys all over the damn place, or the word itself causes the undead to notice something different in the air. The last time I've even heard of something that sensitive is with whales. Could they have figured out how to communicate in ways we haven't known of before. Either way Eddie. It sux.... BIG TIME.

Lokey has been a comfort to me. To everyone really. He is funny. He does things, then disappears for a while and comes back with food or water. Dont know how or where he's going, but he always returns. I dont know how to tell him about how things will go when we get home. Nobody, not even you knows whats really going on. My better half sent me an email. I thought he was dead over a year ago. His story is one he'll have to tell on his own. But I cant string anyone on. Im spacing myself from Lokey as the days go by. He understands I think. It makes me think he's got someone waiting for him too. We'll all get through this Eddie, but Im so ready for this to all be over.

Lord Micah said something about the third generator being some kind of crystal pyramid at the bottom of the Bermuta Triangle? Sound hoaky to me, but so did zombies chewing off my neighbors arm at 6 in the morning back in Canada. Anything goes now. ANYTHING.

I'll quit bitchin' now. Were close to the ARC.Were going through battle tactics and figuring the best way to beat a beast that we've never encountered. I wish this GRENDEL character was still just a human. Then we could kick his ass and be done with it. But these surv's here say he's much more than just a dead monster. He's got somekind of mind controlling power that we dont want any part of. The last thing we need is to send a search team out to find some aluminum foil to cover our heads with. Black ooze puking zombies that respond to their masters name is bad enough.

Keep in touch Eddie. We haven't heard from you in a while. We dont know if your alive or dead. Either way, we gotta find this damn generator before the ASMZ does. Wish us luck. And keep your right cheek handy for when we come home.. I owe you a punch in the face.


This message from STAR shook me. Im so sorry for not keeping in touch the way I should be. Things falling apart here at home fails to compare to the horrifying things that are happening right now in Etheopia. For that, I'll never seclude myself again... unless im in the bathroom. Thats my 'me time'.

Lokey was the next to report.

Eddie, Its Lokey

You got my extraction ready? Cause were about done here. We deciphered the coordinates that that dude ANONYMOUS left, and were getting closer. The ARC is as good as ours. The surv's in the area are telling us not to use all the fire arms we have. Yea, it'll put down zombs like nothing else, but we just simply dont have enough ammo to take out the number of zombs these guys are talking about. We are gonna pull a stealth mission. Get as close as we can to the small church where the ARC is, and start taking them out one by one quietly until we nab it. Our back up plan is a bit less clean. This frequency gun I borrowed from Lord Micah will come in handy if there are just too many to deal with. Either way,maybe its the excitement to come home, or the nervousness these surv's have given me about GRENDLE, Im ready for this all to be over.

Things are'nt completely wrapped up nice and tidy though Eddie. As I go out and get supplies, I see different groups of surv's hidden in small clusters around this burning city. You know who calls out GRENDELS name, and who does'nt. There are even groups who commit a mass suicide and stand out in the trash filled roads and call his name out together in unison. The death GRENDELS zombies bestow seems so much less painfull and bloody than to be eaten alive by hundreds of zombies at a time. It looks evil though Eddie.... if I may. Their faces turn a pale white, and black veins streak across their face. Their eyes and tongue seem to burn out instantly leaving black holes, then these..... new set of eyes appear. All black with white sphears in the center. I think these new set of eyes are what gives them the one up on us. Its like they can communicate with each other or something. Iv'e said it before, but it applys here as well. Almost like a flock of birds changing direction instantaneously. They just.... know. And when the word GRENDEL is spoken, they all know exactly where to go. No matter how good the person hides, they are marked with the originating vibration, or frequency that leads the zombs directly to them. Every time. I have to be careful not to mention the word even as I'm typing this. I try hard not to even put air behind my lips as I write.. Not easy, but necessary.

One last thing before I get off. Jig told me something that made me pretty concerned about him. He said that he SAW his brother Mike T. yesterday. Now you and I both know he was carted away with the ASMZ before we even got through the walls of ETHIOPEA. I dont like what happened to him any more than any one else does. But I saw STAR curb stomp him into the floor board of the jeep, then fall out befor he TURNED INTO A ZOMBIE! How could he be here Eddie? Jig has been pacing back and forth since he told us about the sighting... I gotta tell you man. Im a bit worried. Hallucination? X and Josh are taking the lead where Jig is spending more time tripping lately. I gotta watch Josh too man. He knows a lot more about military strategy and weaponry than he let up. He has been gathering things like McGyver for several days now. Not sure what he's making, but he's making something to help the cause.

Wait... there's a sound outside. It sounds, like grinding, no like thrashing wind. It's here Eddie. It's GRENDEL. Oh GOD. Were outnumbered.....