Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The emerging story of John Mitchell

ZFC'S OF THE WORLD: There is so much going on right now, I don't know where to start. First I'll get to the immediate, then I'll report the story as it continues for us in Ethiopia. Our team is getting closer to the location of the Arc of the Covenant, but doing it with the help of a new friend or foe... we don't know. Anonymous has left a new message for us to read, and this time... to decipher. Please note what I highlighted so your discovery was as great as mine when I realized just what was going on... 

EddIE rOttEn. rOttEn EddIE. You were shared John Mitchell's accounting. You chose to ignore or rather failed to realize the most important message. 14° It truly is difficult sometimes to be the blind man sitting in the dark room looking for the black cat that is not there. 7' If we wanted your attention, you would know it. We would have had it already. Not all anonymous, are. We serve many purposes. One is to test you for what you are. The ZFC may succeed. The ZFC may fail. Duality, EddIE rOttEn, rOttEn EddIE. We are Anonymous as others are Legion. Mark 5:1-16, EddIE rOttEn, rOttEn EddIE. - N What makes the body do what it is told? What controls those? Root cause, EddIE rOttEn. What do major cities have that 3rd world, rural beaten path countries do not, rOttEn EddIE? The best amount is a free man. Just the right amount and the man is not a man but... not his own. A man not his own has no self, EddIE rOttEn. He is possessed. And he who possesses, controls.

I looked up the reference to JOHN MITCHELL as our Anonymous spoke of and came across a post found here on this very blog. 

"What do you see?" "I see lines. Your point?" "What do you see?" "I already told you what you already know. And from the looks of it, don't know." "What do you see?" "Enough of this, take this blindfold off me! I'm John Mitchell, contractor for the United States Government. That is all I can say, all I know." "The Chinese and Indians. Vast populations. Most in the world, some would say off the cuff." "yea? and?" "they hate each other. That region. Pakistanis. Indians. Chinese. Now the Indian Prime Minister is set to visit South Korea on what its says is national security. If South Korea is attacked by North Korea, China falls suit, all bets are off, and will have the world distracted, that it begins its attacks. We have bases in Japan and South Korea, Mr. Mitchell. Their existence is based on our readiness levels to react. So truly, who do you have your loyalty to, Mr. Mitchell? Life is not a pie to be cut up and shared, Mir. Mitchell. It is high-stakes gambling and you either sit and watch as decisions are made or go all in." "...India has 17.5% of the world's population, and China alone has almost 1.4 billion.... 20%... combined they have a big piece of the pie. But like I said, life is not about sharing pies.... zombies, Mr. Mitchell. You and I damn well know they exist. You sent memos to your management. There's a lot of zombies to be had in that region... Now, back to the lines... latitude 40.458148, longitude 93.39.145... where in DC are they looking...?" It's sometimes difficult, though not impossible... to be the blind man sitting in the dark room looking for the black cat that isn't there... and still finds it.. staring back.

The later coordinate falls somewhere in a remote part of China... really odd too if you look it up on Google maps. The first is a coordinate that I have yet to decipher. But my friend here in NASA says that it leads to a place in ETHIOPIA. Not just any place, but THE place. My team in Ethiopia have contacted me after seeing the coordinate themselves and say, that indeed, it is something of importance. Star is the one who emailed in this time... I'll let you read in her words....


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  1. RoTTeN eDDie, do you lose focus of the tree for the forest?
    eDDie RoTTeN, do you lose focus of the forest for the tree?
    John Mitchell is a parable, parabolic, comparable to nothing, but it's a nice brain exercise, isn't it?

    nemo me impune lacessit. Your sticks and stones may break zombie bones, but your names to me make me laugh and dance a Jig.

    The part of the Scarecrow will be played by a zombie. A little levity once in a while.

    Duality is getting old, but how else can a single child have a twin?
    Ask David Faiman. It's not smoke. But like John Mitchell has focus of a parabol...ah....Do you understand? Remember what we said that the Bible is a guidebook? This is not Hollywood. But it does guide. Your ephod search needs to be focused.

    Don't strain over this. Your networks all over the world are not safe from the Plague from Egypt. That which does not kill does not necessarily make you stronger. AMTP. Spray it, don't say it, RoTTeN eDDie. Shock and Awe, aw shucks. The government is here to help, and itself it does. How do you first control? Fear. How do you then control? Gain trust. West Nile, eDDie RoTTeN. Lower your serotonin, it does slowly add up while taking away at you.

    Makes you mad like a cow doesn't it, RoTTeN eDDie? A cat and mouse game leads to game over. You see in yosemite, Tom eats Jerry and gains a parasite cherry, and when you take the resident evil and make it evel knieval around, you have happy little Toxoplasma gondii which makes you gondii with the wind beneath my wings of an airplane over troubled water that you drink. Voila, eDDie RoTTeN. Spread the disease with ease, and you have more zombies. Hollywood isn't just trying to sell movie tickets. They know better. And so should you. eDDie RoTTeN. RoTTeN eDDie.

    מִדְרֶשֶׁת בֶּן גּוּרְיוֹן

    האפוד לא צריך לזלזל. למרות שהטיל אור או כך, זה לא יכול להיות קל. ולמרות שזה עלול להטיל אור, רשאי מעונן חושך. לכבד את האפוד.