Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It was like watching a feather drop in slow motion. The grenade wobbled from side to side as it fell from above the stage where we were. The men dressed in red, the women dressed in beige, the man in the gas mask and the monster were all about to meet a side of the ZFC they, until now, thought they were immune from.

The grenade fell at the feet of the beast sitting his chair. The people around him acted just as any human would, but the beast only looked up..... And through the dark pit of each eye, it looked directly us. And smiled. As if he knew we were here the whole time. The lines wrinkled around his mouth as he grinned eerily us. The carved symbols his face bunched up around his forehead. The man's body lunged foreword and he reached out his arms towards us, and grunted out a long, airy word none of us understood. Everyone scattered. The blast came...... BOOOOOOM!

Bodies flew everywhere. A few of the women survived the initial blast and started crawling off the stage toward the children where it was safe. They where'll screaming for the children to help them, but were intercepted by the man dressed in the green suit and gas mask. Still holding his symbolic Arabian sword, he raised it and ended the lives of the remaining women quickly. All the men dressed in red cloaks were dead, their bodies scattered about like paper from a turned over trash can.

Our men backed up in fright. My daughter, Izzy stayed by my side. The man in he green suit and mask stompped toward the children of the Matagorda ZFC. He ripped off his mask screaming. He was bald. And he too had deep carvings of odd objects all around his face and mouth. Eddie, these carvings are strikingly similar to the ones found at the College Station Compound before it was destroyed by, who we thought was Jig.

My men opened fire on the exposed head of the enemy. The bullets landed where they were intended, but the man continued to walk towards the children. He threw his sword and it stuck in the wall on his way down the 5 steps coming from the stage.

"HE'S NOT STOPPING!" My man yelled out. He not only wasn't stopping, he wasn't returning fire. Now off the stage, with back and head full of bullets, the man started to slow his pace. The children were inside their bull pin area, screaming. But at closer look, it wasn't in fear of loosing their life to a demon that liked to wear gas masks to a Population Control Ceremony. They were literally tearing down the walls that held them in, out of anger and rage.

The minion, full of bullets now, staggered to the nearest wall and raised his hand. By this time my men had stopped firing. The children of the Matagorda ZFC breached their confines and were storming toward the dying traitor to humanity. I looked closer...
Just before the children reached him, his raised hand dropped hard on the side of the wall. He wasn't going to the children at all. He was going to a button. Not just 'a' button. 'THE' button.

The ground shook once.... then again.. The children looked up at us and immediately changed their plan. Instead of ending the life of the monster that liked enslaved them, they must save their own. They pointed and screamed through the new noise of the environment, to go back the way we came. I heard them yelling too, but I couldnt make out what they were saying. My men, myself and Izzy began slowly moving backwards. The children all ran one direction and out of my view. Izzy was tugging me to move faster, but I heard a noise. A noise I hadn't heard since I was a child. A noise I have never told anyone about... until now. It was a screeching sound. It came and left as the rumbles did. There was a low hum that followed. The sounds bounced around the huge room that forever went up. This sound was frightening Eddie. As a scientist, I'm open to things I don't understand, but this was different. This was ZOMBIES... times 10.

The hums and screetches got louder and louder. We had a hard time reaching the narrow hallway we came from, and just as we did... the vibration of the rumbling in the room and the sound of the hums became too much for the walkway we were on. It came loose and fell, crashing to the ground a few hundred feet below.

"COME ON DAD!" Izzy pulled harder. A light came from below. It grew brighter and brighter. I couldn't leave, I had to see. I turned to Izzy and told her. "If you want to go, please meet me at the door leading to this hallway, but I must stay to see what this is." "I'M STAYING YOU IDIOT!" Izzy yelled back defensively.

The other men backed to the door, and disappeared into the dark tomb they came through, ready for sunlight and the measley task of killing a few zombies here and there. This operation was much more than any of them anticipated.


Izzy and Lord Micah got to their stomachs and peered over the ledge of what used to be a walkway. The light from below was warm, and grew brighter and brighter as they watched. The new light revealed the room they dropped a grenade into. It was a large, circular shaped area. The walls were beautifully constructed with ornate pillars that raised to the very top, too high to see.

The light was blinding. Izzy and Lord Mich looked on. 7 doors slid open, and from the shadows behind the perfectly rectangled door ways, flooded dozens of zombies.

They were clean. No blood on their faces or hands. No flesh rotting off their chest or backs. Just clean, fresh zombies. They looked brand new. Izzy and Mich looked at eachbither in total confusion. The rumbling continued, and the screeching and disorientating noise of the wobbling hum got to be too much. Micah pulled out his special ear plugs.

The zombies varied in size, some big, some small. But even with the blinding white light, and the beautiful clean, temple like walls towering around them... these were still.... zombies. Hungry, growling, flesh eating beasts ready to rip any living soul around them to pieces.

The floor moved. Then it moved again. One time up slightly, and the next time rotating around about a foot or more. Very odd. Then.... it happened again. This time much more. The floor moved toward Izzy and Mich about 20 feet this time, And it rotated clockwise.

Izzy and Micah jumped to their feet in fear. Below, they could see level after level slowly disappear as the floor rose towards them. Each level had empty space, just like the space they were in. Several levels down, part of the ZFC CHILDREN bumbled into view. Crowding each other, but trying to stay close to the wall. They were getting dangerously close to the approaching platform, holding the squeaky clean zombies.

The children were trying to help Izzy and Micah escape, but entered the wrong level. As the platform rose, the doorways closed, sealing up any chance of escape. The level had come. The zombies were already reaching for the children. Then, more children came from the floors just below Izzy and Micah, followed by the door closing behind them. The children looked up at Izzy and Micah. The father and daughter didn't know if that was the last time anyone would ever see the children again. If the whole mission was going to end VERY badly, to the wildest circumstances of a rising floor of zombies inside a temple that seemed to have an elevator directed to the heavens. But the children of the Matagorda ZFC were unpredictable. As unpredictable as their Compound founder, X. A child survivor during the zombie apocalypse. The children clinched their fists, and jumped in the pit of teeth gnashing zombies.

Izzy and Micah couldn't believe the level of bravery. And as the platform rose, the fight was becoming more clear. The children of the Matagorda ZFC were not there to loose.

The blinding white reflection of the walls revealed the blood splats and headless bodies of zombies as the platform got close enough to see the full carnage of the children. Lord Micah and Izzy jumped in.

With several zombies left, and an exhausted ZFC, Micah yelled for everyone to get behind him, and cover their ears. Izzy covered the ears of a young girl with bloody fists. Micah pulled out his FULLY CHARGED frequency device, and aimed it at the approaching zombies.

WWWOOOOOOOMMMB!!! The hum blast shattered the first layer of zombies, and pushed the rest of them high against the moving wall behind them, dragging some of them into the narrow pockets that separated the wall from the rising platform. They all died.

Up they rose. The daylight was getting closer and closer. The ZFC held each other close. Micah and Izzy looked around in total astonishment. As the sunlight came closer, they noticed the speed of the platform picking up. Micah yelled for everyone to jump as soon as they saw solid ground, because it didn't look like the rising floor was going to slow down. He couldn't have been more right.

The platform shot out the top of the tube like a wine cork. Micah and Izzy, hand in hand used perfect timing and practically stepped off onto the ground. Others went so fortunate. Everyone was on the ground, some with broken legs and ankles, but alive. They all looked at the stage they were just standing on, shoot straight up about 5 stories... then vanish. What Micah thought was going to be a long cylinder like pillar, wasn't that at all. It was a flat disc shaped object, similar to a piano black oreo.

After returning home Micah explained that he thought the object was a defense mechanism, or a secret satellite launching device the government used for spying on people globally.... no one could explain how the platform disappeared like it did... or why.

Micah's remaining men met with him outside the fence line of the airport, just next to were the mysterious object vanished. News vans and military were still present because of the zombie attack on the far wing of the airport..., we still think it was done by the ASMZ, hoping to distract us from our mission.

Now home, Lord Micah and Izzy are reunited with Dorothy. They are hugging as I write this. Stories are pouring in about what the children of the Matagorda ZFC saw while thy were held captive underneath the Denver, Colorado airport. Some of them are almost..... silly. Too crazy to write about anyway.... kids and their imaginations.

I'm grateful for the safe return of every last child ZFC member. My heart goes out to the fallen soldiers and their families. You will be missed. Care packages by the GYPSY GROUP have been prepared and sent to their families, in hopes that their grieving process will be smoother. We love and miss you, the volunteer soldiers of the DENVER, COLORADO MISSION.

There is a darkness still open with the rest of our team though. Africa is still spilling with zombies. JIG, LOKEY, STAR & X, are about to enter the walls of the burning, zombie infested ETHIOPIA.

LOKEY & STAR made contact last night. In JIGs state, after loosing his brother, then watching him morph into a zombie right before his eyes.. well, he could be a liability. Gotta watch him for a while...

I need to rest now. But tomorrow I will be back to report their story. My wife and sons are getting over the latest wave of sickness. They need me, so bare with me...

I love you all. ZFCers across the globe, thank you for your service. You know who you are.

Eddie Rotten


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