Sunday, July 1, 2012


The jeep ran well. The entire ZFC compiled of people from all over the world sat wordless while the noise of the outside air blew through the windowless vehicle. Everyone had something else on their mind. And at the same time, on the same goal. THE ARK OF THE COVENANT.

The driver never gave his name. The two GYPSY GROUP members that parachuted down asked to get out several miles back. They walked into the desert with out a word. They GYPSY GROUP are a strange and mysterious group. The seat placement in the jeep rotated a few times as they stopped for pee breaks along the way. In the end, STAR and LOKEY were cuddled in the back next to X, Jig sat up front with the quiet hairy driver, and Joshua and Mike T were crowded in the far back keeping watch on the rear. Everyone was either asleep or getting there.

Then Jig woke everyone up. "Guys... hey wake up!" Everyone sat up quickly. The anxiety of this ZOMBIE LIFE stays in your sub conscious, keeping you from ever really sleeping soundly again. Jig pointed at a large sign that approached on the road.


X leaned forward. "Look, a forest... out there.. look its trees! Millions of trees!" The driver yelled over the wind. "Those aren't tress. Those are ZOMBIES!!" Through the haze that rose off the dry terrain, there was a gray matter in the distance. Like a mirage in the dessert, they could see the huge mass of zombies. More than they'd ever seen before. They were too far away to cause a threat, but for someone... it was the end of the world.

As they drove, animals started becoming visible. Their skin was rotted off and hanging while they ran beside the jeep trying to keep up. A zebra ran directly towards the vehicle, screaming and stomping in delusion until STAR stood up in the jeep, took aim and fired. The zebra crashed on its neck instantly and slid to a stop, immediately surrounded by other unfortunate animals, just looking for flesh to rip.

The smell of burning rubber and buildings was noticed before even seeing the smoke. They found a safe area, and stopped the jeep. They all climbed out and looked in disbelief.

ETHIOPIA. The place they traveled so far to get to, was on fire. All of it. The black smoke bellowed to the heavens. In the distance there were explosions. To the far right of them were the approaching army of zombies, and where they stood, was fear. Nothing but pure, dark, fear. The kind you try to say you never had. From the dark in your room when you were young. The fear of being grabbed by your feet if you step off the bed. The fear of something following you in the night when you walk. The fear in the air stunk almost as bad as the smoke racing off the building tops of the old ETHIOPIA.

Jig leaned on the rear view window of the drivers side of the jeep. "HEY!" He noticed approaching vans in the reflection. Then POW!! The rear view shattered underneath his arm. A huge hole appeared when he blinked. Then followed another shot. CRACK!! Everyone turned around and drew their weapons. "GET IN THE JEEP!" Lokey screamed out. The driver turned on the jeep and hurried everyone to get in. "GO GO GO GO!!" They all shouted in unison. The gunfire never stopped.

From the back yelled Joshua. "HEY. HEY HEY HEY!!!!" Lokey turned around while loading a new cartridge in his pistol to notice blood spewing out the neck of MIKE T. "OH SHIT!! MIKES HIT MIKES HIT!!" STAR leaned back and put her hand over the gaping hole in his neck. JOSHUA, JIG and X returned fire on the approaching ASMZ. "MY BAG MY BAG!" yelled Lokey. JIG reached down and unzipped Lokeys secretive duffel back and pulled out 3 odd shaped grenades. "PUSH THE GREEN BUTTON!!" Lokey yelled. JIG pushed the green button on all three devices and threw them as far back as he could. He promptly picked up his gun and resumed shooting.

MIKE T's neck was gushing blood at this point. His mouth was beginning to show pink around the teeth too. STAR had one hand on his neck and the other was blasting fire at the ASMZ. "SWITCH!" Joshua yelled. He had what some would argue as the best shot, so he needed to get better positioning. As the jeep jumped over small dunes of the desert, Joshua and STAR switched places. STAR was small enough to lay down in the back with MIKE T, protecting him from any other gun fire. Then....... KAAABOOOOOOOMM!!!

LOKEY's devices detonated, exploding into the tanned earth. White vans easily tumbled over on their side and slid to a stop, exploding themselves. The three grenades took out all but one van. Still shooting rapidly at the speeding jeep, the ASMZ gained ground.

STAR started screaming uncontrollably. She stood up in the middle of the raging bullet battle, kicking and punching toward the floor board of the jeep. JIG was standing on the front seat, blasting his gun when he noticed the flailing blood covered arms emerge from the floorboard. It was his brother MIKE T. The gunshot to the neck drained him of life. STARS desperate efforts to keep alive failed and now, MIKE T, was a zombie. The RAPID TISSUE REGENERATION AREA chipped away at MIKE T until he was consumed with a new life. A new desire. A new brain frequency. A new hunger.

MIKE T reached forward and hopped to his feet faster than he had ever done before. STAR opened a barrage of hand to hand combat. LOKEY took notice and leaned leaned further away. Even one strike from her trained hands would cause damage. JOSHUA could hear MIKE T's bones snap at every one of STARS brutal connections. JIG was speechless. Burning tears rose to his eyes, as he watched the second death of his brother. MIKE T. lunged forward, mouth gaping open, snarling and spitting black ooze. STAR grabbed him by the shirt and pulled herself toward him, head butting him. MIKE T's body shot backward. STAR lost grip of his bloody shirt and he fell out the back of the jeep. They all clung to their seats. The gun fire kept coming from the remaining ASMZ van, but the ZFC stopped shooting. They watched MIKE T's body roll violently on the ground. Arms wrapping themselves around his body backwards, and his legs bending and breaking in every different direction, the zombie of MIKE T finally stopped. Returned to its feet. Reached out towards the jeep, and screamed a terrible, hollow, dark and empty scream.

One last shot came from the van of the ASMZ. The driver of the jeep immediately lunged forward, pressing the horn. He had been shot directly in the back of the head. The jeep started to slow, but veered to the left and right with out any control. JIG reached down from his position and tried to grab the wheel, but the jeep hit a random brick, throwing the vehicle completely out of control. Everyone held on tight as the jeep trampled over new bricks, burning wood, and tangled barbwire.

SMASH! They crashed sideways into a wall. As dizzy as she was, STAR hopped out of the back and ran to the driver side of the jeep, pulled out the driver to the ground, and stomped on his neck until a low SNAP was heard. "Cant take any chances." She said.

Climbing out of the mangled jeep, they were sore, but quickly took cover anticipating more gunfire from the ASMZ. And from the objects they hid behind, they looked toward the zombie of MIKE T. The ASMZ van didn't fire their guns any more, just one, gut pulling low hum of a frequency weapon. The ZFC put their hands over their ears and continued to watch. The zombie of MIKE T dropped to its knees as a reaction to the HUM ATTACK. Two ASMZ officers got out with guns drawn. Another came and restrained the zombie and threw it into the back of the van. Then it looked like they were conversing.... They were pointing toward the burning rubble of ETHIOPIA, and shaking their heads back and forth. They got back in the van, sat there a minute and turned around. Disappearing in to the haze of the African heat.

X turned around and put his back on the small barricade he was hiding behind. Catching his breath, he looked to the left. Then the right. Everyone noticed what he did. A giant, 12 foot wall surrounding ETHIOPIA. War torn and partially burning, this wall looked like it was supposed to keep people inside Ethiopia.. or worse, keep people, or zombies out.

After discussing their situation, they decided to stay put and see what the night brought before proceeding into the streets of Ethiopia. The ASMZ didn't turn around out of cowardess. They knew what was behind these tattered walls and didn't want any part of it.

JIG sat alone, shuffling dirt.

JIG. I know you wont get this message for a while, but when you do, remember that I, WE are here for you. Everything MIKE T did was in honor of the human race. I know he wouldn't want you to be upset and to carry on the fight. MIKE T will always be with us, and we WILL win this fight! We mourn with you and we love you brother.



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