Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Lord Micah and Izzy came back to the Houston ZFC. Some of the warriors he picked up along the way came with them. They wanted to see the 'HOLY LAND'. It was a tease for me when I heard that's what they called it, but when they came into our Head Quarters, they treated it just as that. They were so quiet and proper, almost like our home for fighting zombies was a temple. I was honored and creeped out at the same time.

We hadn't had an attack on the Houston ZFC in a while, and it made us happy. But inside, I felt something coming. Not sure what... but its that feeling... you know what I mean. When Joshua told me his brother Alec was coming, I was excited. Because we needed the help. Good thing too. He was there waiting for us when we got there. 

He warned of an attack on the Houston ZFC, but you never know what to believe any more right? He could have heard that from anywhere. And with the remainder of our team in AFRICA, and the Olympics going on, we cant take any chances on getting too comfortable.

But right now. Right this second. I am happy that the Matagorda ZFC made it back. Their stories are horrifying. I am so sorry they are so young, yet had to endure such fear. But here they are. Laughing, smiling, hugging Lord Micah and Izzy as they did so much for their retrieval. I'm happy.

There are items we have to tackle too though. When I get a moment from the celebration around me, I have to open up the ol' laptop and get my messages from our team in Africa. They are backed against the wall in Ethiopia. I don't know weather to tell them to go in to find the Arc of the Covenant, or to stay out of that hell hole. Ethiopia is filled to the brim with zombies. And to make things worse, they are inside a HIGH TISSUE REGENERATION AREA. Meaning: if one of them get bitten, they will turn zombie REALLY QUICKLY. As is what happened to MIKE T. RIP....

As for now, Joshuas brother arrived and has been helping out quite nicely. He is a Renaissance man if I've ever seen one. He has helped rebuild part of the backside of our building here, and tuned up some of our cars that we use to distribute water and food to areas the ASMZ has locked off from the rest of the world. Those bastards have become a nightmare. So many cover ups. So many secrets and projects geared toward mind and weather manipulation. Stories have been surfacing around here that they had something to do with the BATMAN MASSACRE in Colorado just a few days ago. I don't know though. Its all hard to swallow. But with what happened in Florida with that dude who blatantly chewed another mans face off, the Batman Massacre, and new stories are coming out daily of people just.......loosing it. Lord Micah might have been accurate. He said that frequency blasts are used to numb the mind. As proved in several American cities, and towns across the globe with the low, HUM sound grinding through the air. And no one can explain what it is... He said then, when the normal, human mind has adapted to the sound, the audio will go away, but the frequency is still there. The ASMZ has worked with secret government agencies since the late 70's to implement mind control through the masses. The only way we think that can happen is through frequency. Almost like hypnosis. So these people creating these mass murders and abominations, might not even know they are doing it.

All I know, is that the ASMZ is getting closer to their goal of creating a mindless society. Which also means they are getting closer to creating the perfect human, that is fabled to brush off the rest of us so they can have their precious utopia. 

We are almost there though. Hopefully our ZFC in AFRICA can get the ARC OF THE COVENANT back, then we'll have 2 of the 3 generators needed to harness the power needed to have perfect consciousness... THE EPHOD (breast plate of gold and gems used as a communication tool to a higher power, and a power generator) THE ARC OF THE COVENANT (used as a power generator with gold and the ultimate radiation protector) and....the third generator. That is the question. No one knows exactly what it will be. The planets haven't lined up for us yet on this one. And we're running out of time. If the ASMZ gets all 3 power generators together before we do...well. God help us. God help us all.

One thing that got my attention though is a few things our new friend ALEC said. He pulled me aside and told me of a ZOMBIE TRAINING FACILITY in SAN ANTONIO TX. They are an airsoft field that has secretly been training people on how to fight zombies... how to SHOOT zombies to be exact. The name is MISSION AIRSOFT. I'm sure they don't want the attention from the ASMZ, that is why they have been so hush hush until now. I'll see if they want to be a ZFC headquarters for us in SAN ANTONIO... fingers crossed. We need all the help we can get.

The other thing ALEC said to me is a little more daunting. He said he has been in contact with someone named ANONYMOUS. No.... its not the dude with the mask you see on YouTube, its another person. He has left comments here and there throughout the blog, but I haven't paid him enough attention.... apparently. I don't know if he's friend or foe, but he has left tid bits of information along the way for over a year now. 

ZFC across the globe, please report any messages this ANONYMOUS has, and we'll try to decipher his location and message. With that I'll leave you to your families. Fight zombies for our freedom. Our day will come.

Here is the latest message from ANONYMOUS: ////READ WITH CAUTION////

It's been a while, Eddie Rotten. I've hidden in seclusion. You may remember the last communication I sent. Yes. It is anonymous. The closer you get, the more difficult to close in. Remember this. All this talk of the end of the world, Biblical references,... some are true. some are false. The Mayan Calendar does not say the end of the world, it's the end of a period. They also did not account for the white man to change their calendar. Everyone takes Revelation so seriously. Read between the lines. The Bible is primarily a guidebook, with some encyclopedia built in. You don't know the time or the place. Of course. You never really know the time or day. It happens. With that... it does contain historical data. Some plain, some stretched, but they're there. The Ring of Solomon... it gave power over the winds. the animals. the spirits and demons. The undead. How did King Solomon raise his temple in a short amount of time? he commanded the spirits as he drew power on

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  1. nuɟoɹʇnuɐʇǝlʎ' ɟoɹ ʎon' ɐlǝɔ poǝs uoʇ ʞuoʍ ɐuʎʇɥıuƃ ɐqonʇ ɯǝ˙ ɟɹıǝup oɹ ɟoǝ' ǝppıǝ ɹoʇʇǝu˙ ɥoʍ ıs ɥɐʇǝ ʇɥɐʇ ɯnɔɥ pıɟɟǝɹǝuʇ ɟɹoɯ loʌǝ¿ ʍɥɐʇ ıs ƃoop ʍıʇɥonʇ ǝʌıl¿ ʇɥıs ʌǝɹʎ ɯǝssɐƃǝ sdǝɐʞs oɟ ʇɥɐʇ pnɐlıʇʎ˙ ʍɥɐʇ ɥɐddǝus ıɟ ʎonɹ dɹǝɔıons zɟɔ ƃǝʇs ʇɥǝ ʇɥıɹp ǝdɥop¿ ʍɥo ıs ʇo sɐʎ ʇɥǝ ɥnɯɐu uɐʇnɹǝ oɟ ɔɥoıɔǝ ʍıll uoʇ nsǝ ʇɥǝ doʍǝɹs ɔoɯqıuǝp ʇo po ʇɥǝ ʌǝɹʎ ʇɥıuƃ ʎon ɥodǝ ʇo dɹǝʌǝuʇ¿
    ɟoɹ oɹ ɟɹıǝup' ǝppıǝ ɹoʇʇǝu¿ ɥoʍ ıs loʌǝ ʇɥɐʇ ɯnɔɥ pıɟɟǝɹǝuʇ ɟɹoɯ ɥɐʇǝ¿ ʍɥɐʇ ıs ǝʌıl ʍıʇɥonʇ ƃoop¿ pnɐlıʇʎ˙ ʇɥǝɹǝ ıs uo snɔɥ ʇɥıuƃ ɐs ouǝ˙ ıʇ ıs ɥnɯɐu uɐʇnɹǝ ʇo ɥɐʌǝ pnɐlıʇʎ˙ lıɟǝ˙ pǝɐʇɥ˙ pɐɹʞ˙ lıƃɥʇ˙ qǝƃıuuıuƃ˙ ǝup˙
    ʍɥɐʇ ıs ɐ pǝɯoɔɹɐʇ ʍıʇɥonʇ ɐ ɹǝdnqlıɔɐu¿ ʇɥǝʎ ʇɥɹıʌǝ ou ʇɥǝ ǝxısʇǝuɔǝ oɟ ʇɥǝ oʇɥǝɹ˙ ʍɥɐʇ ıs ɟɐıʇɥ ıɟ ıu ɟǝɐɹ¿

    ʌıunɯ ɔouʇɐƃıouǝ˙
    pou,ʇ looʞ ʇoo ɟɐɹ˙ ʇɥǝ snu sǝʇs soou˙