Saturday, July 14, 2012


It was almost two weeks since I had heard from Lord Micah. Honestly though, I saw the news... so I knew something was happening at the Denver airport. The reporters were claiming that a horde of zombies crashed through the glass walls of the airport and attacked several people, and in turn devastating the entire South wing, meaning everyone there turned to zombies. I saw the footage on t.v. not knowing if Lord Micah and his daughter were mixed up in the bodies they drug out. There was video of the zombies they contained. Fenced in like animals the zombies clawed and shook the fence not knowing exactly what to do, other than to try to get to the living on the other side. The stations lined up to film the walking dead. Odd how interesting people think they are. And since most wealthy people haven't even been affected by the zombies, they have no clue as to what a threat they really are. I saw a person the other day get attacked while he was getting into his Maserati. He just stood there, like nothing was going to happen. Like he was dealing with something that had reason or remorse. When are these people going to get a clue? Almost silly isn't it? Watching the rich run from zombies is almost as entertaining as killing them.....the zombies I mean.

By the time Lord Micah called in, all hell had broken loose, and I was getting the aftermath of the story. I cant re-create every emotion he expressed when he called in, but I'll tell you what happened the best I can. And up front, I don't understand any better than you will.. so bare with me on it.

Summarized Phone call * 12:57 am Saturday morning July 10th 2012

There is more here than zombies. I cant explain what, because I don't know.. but I will. All in all we are safe, at least, the ones that chose to be are. The children of the Matagorda ZFC are safe as well, at least most of them are. When we passed back through the hole in the wall, that large animal that died due to my frequency blast... well, its body started to swell. We could barely get past the carcass fast enough before the beast exploded into a million pieces. Either the animal was designed with a self detonation device from within, or it was experiencing rabid growth, even in the decaying stages of true death. Crazy how I can't just say dead anymore.

Izzy was fine. Better than I expected. Since she's my daughter, I feel like I have to protect her, but standing back I see what she truly is. She has helped whats left of our team back to their feet physically and emotionally. Something I struggle to do. I have always seen things so black and white, but with Izzy, I'm able to see the grey in things, and how important it is... it that makes sense.

Further down the dark tunnel we went. There was nothing. It's what I imagine hell to feel like. The only comfort was that Izzy was there with me, and the flash lights we all had. Soon, we all started to notice the objects on the ground. After further investigation, we noticed that they were all animals of some sort. Or that's what they used to be. They were all modified some how. In different ways. Some had overgrown teeth. Some had eyes that were too high on their skull. Some had no skin at all. Some were just flat out unidentifiable. There were too many of them. We had to start stepping on their bodies to make our way further down the tunnel. The bones and dry flesh snapped beneath our feet. Izzy was irritated with me because I clung to her hand so tightly. Half way because I didn't want her to get lost in the dark, and the other half....well, I was simply horrified.

We stopped because someone up front called out, "HEY, I FOUND SOMETHING!! SOME KIND OF.... ROD!"

Izzy and I felt our way to the front of the line to find a divider in the tunnel. It was exactly what our volunteer called out. It was an iron rod, placed directly in the center of the tunnel. The rod was chained to another rod 10 or more feet ahead, which was attached to another, and another, and another. They seemed to go on for ever. It actually helped out tremendously to find our way down this dark, damp tomb of death. Then... through the dark, we heard conversation. The silence was ringing in my ears for so long, I wasn't sure if it was voices or not, but it was. They were coming from above. One of my men whispered back, "Do you hear that? Is it... laughing?"

The next thing that happened, none of us saw coming. A narrow bar of light came from above. There were people staring down at us. To far up for us to see any faces, but we could hear them talking through a gap in the turn style windows. A voice came. "ZFC, AS DELIGHTED WE ARE TO SEE YOU MADE IT THIS FAR, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. YOU HAVE ENTERED A RESTRICTED FEEDING AREA, AND WE ARE GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO LEAVE."

"SUCK IT!" Said one of them men holding tight to the rod.



The voice didn't explain the dead bodies of the modified animals all over the ground, and we didn't see any doors in the outlining walls either. Since we were holding to the chain, we weren't paying attention to the sides of the tomb. My men immediately started conversation. I heard everything from, "lets go" to "stick together" to "Ive got family at home"... everything was said, and everything was heard. My men's fears came out in that dark tunnel. The voice spoke again.

"YOUR TIME IS UP." The men speaking from the long narrow window above reached over and turned a knob, closing the window... the light went out.

The EXIT signs started to disappear randomly. Some went out far down each side of the tunnel, then a minute would pass, and another would go out right next to us. As the signs went out, a couple of men would let go and reach toward the nearest exit, then grab the chain again. But worse, down the tunnel behind us, we could see THEM. Dragging themselves across the floor, over the bodies of the dead animals, a new horde of zombie came. With only the light of the existing exit signs illuminating them, we could see the contorted bodies of the walking dead. These zombies were beyond any deformity we had ever seen. Some had a lower jaw dragging below their necks. Arms grabbing out from their backs. Long, extended fingers with bones ripping out the tips, and eyes blinking and glaring from different parts of their bodies. Grinding teeth howling out from mouths attached to the chest and necks of these beasts from hell.

The two men gave up. They pulled away from the chain and begged us to follow them. "Look at whats coming! DON'T BE FOOLS!! WE CAN FIGHT THE ZOMBIES FROM HOME! COME ON! COME ON!!!" The men ran toward the exit signs closest to them. The first man pushed hard against the door, screaming. The door flung open, and from where I stood all I saw was an arm covered in blood and missing flesh come down on the mans head like a guillotine, crushing him down to his rib cage. Everyone open fired at the doorway, lighting up the rotten cave in loud, bright bursts. Then... the door closed, leaving the lifeless body of my soldier on the floor. The other man couldn't get back to the chain fast enough yelling "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!" We all kept an eye on the slowly approaching zombies from the rear, but pressed forward into the dark.

A light flickered on from above again. It was the men from before. "GET THEM!!" A voice shouted. They assumed we would all take the exits, but they were wrong. Before we knew it, we could hear gunshots from behind. They were killing off the nightmare zombies that were slowly making their way towards us. A small hum blast echoed through the tunnel, and I knew we were in trouble. My frequency device can only deliver once every few hours. And it wasn't ready. We were trapped. I ordered my men to shut off their flash lights and dig themselves underneath the rotting bodies of the animals we were walking over. It was our only chance of survival. When the men from upstairs pass us, we'll attack.

We dug ourselves underneath the putrid smelling carcases of the animals that laid at the floor of this tunnel for who knows how long... and I could vaguely make out the massacre that was coming our way. Through the dark, I could see the gun shots coming. With each blast, I saw another deformity fall to the ground. Then, they were at our feet. 3 men with white jackets on. "WE KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!..... JUST COME OUT NOW AND WE'LL LET YOU GO!!!" They snickered between each other, mocking our fate.

Then.... a loud thud came from the side of the tunnel. I looked in the direction of the sound as well as I could with out moving my head. A door crashed open in a million pieces, and out came what had to have crushed my soldiers head into his stomach. A VERY LARGE ZOMBIE, lunged forward. Twisted and contorted its arms flung around like a carnival ride smashing everything in its path. The 3 men didn't stand a chance. They were piles of mush with in the blink of an eye. I think only one person even got in a squeak before he was ripped in half. The half with the squeak was thrown down into the darkness of the large hallway. The large beast snorted and grunted much like a wild bore. He grabbed some of the remains of his new kills and drug them back into the wall from where he came. After a minute of laying there, a green light blinked for a second, and the door closed.

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  1. It's been a while, Eddie Rotten. I've hidden in seclusion. You may remember the last communication I sent. Yes. It is anonymous. The closer you get, the more difficult to close in. Remember this.

    All this talk of the end of the world, Biblical references,... some are true. some are false. The Mayan Calendar does not say the end of the world, it's the end of a period. They also did not account for the white man to change their calendar. Everyone takes Revelation so seriously. Read between the lines. The Bible is primarily a guidebook, with some encyclopedia built in. You don't know the time or the place. Of course. You never really know the time or day. It happens. With that... it does contain historical data. Some plain, some stretched, but they're there.

    The Ring of Solomon... it gave power over the winds. the animals. the spirits and demons. The undead. How did King Solomon raise his temple in a short amount of time? he commanded the spirits as he drew power over them.

    Apparently it had been replicated, this power, as many have sought to be level with the former wise king. we live in a time of mass production and hyper-advanced research and development. Hitler believed in the Occult, and there were stories he wanted the Spear of Destiny used by Longinus. How far fetched would it be to use some other talisman to control people for your bidding? an Army? a Patsy? Emperor Palpatine said 'Unlimited Power'. Star Wars had a theme of Jedi Mind Control over the weak minded.

    The brain's primary function is not to think, but to restrict. Why else do most adults behave differently than infants and toddlers? The older you get, the more you restrict the carnal basic necessities and functions your body really does. It's the brain that restricts wild movement into precision and fine motor skills. If a guy, you see a hot woman, you don't just jump her or start jacking off. Your brain keeps you in check. But you override that, and you are no longer in control of yourself. That is a line that separates the man from the beast. the zombie, if you will. That which magic tricks and Solomon had control over. Maybe you need to send a search team of yours to find that ring.

    Your very own Zombie Lantern Corps.