Saturday, July 14, 2012


I got an email from Jig. He's gonna pull through, but he's going through it right now. The loss of his brother is taking it's toll.


Things have gone from bad to one million times worse. It's been real tough any way not seeing my family and loving girlfriend for such a long time. But to all of a sudden, loose a family member like that was completely unbearable. The worst thing is... I don't think I can go on. All I want to do is sit next to the body of my brother and stay there just praying he wakes from this deep sleep he's in. I can't even do that. The ASMZ took him, or what used to be him. But every time I start to think about things, I always get reassurance from STAR. If it wasn't for her I don't think I could go on. But she always makes me aware of the situation. Find the ARK of the COVENANT. That's the mission. If we find it then maybe we can get home to our loved ones. How am I going to tell my family I will never know. JIG

Hang in there JIG. I cant bring your brother back, but I can tell you that what he's done brings us one step closer to saving this burning planet. We love you man

Eddie Rotten

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