Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Lord Micah and Izzy came back to the Houston ZFC. Some of the warriors he picked up along the way came with them. They wanted to see the 'HOLY LAND'. It was a tease for me when I heard that's what they called it, but when they came into our Head Quarters, they treated it just as that. They were so quiet and proper, almost like our home for fighting zombies was a temple. I was honored and creeped out at the same time.

We hadn't had an attack on the Houston ZFC in a while, and it made us happy. But inside, I felt something coming. Not sure what... but its that feeling... you know what I mean. When Joshua told me his brother Alec was coming, I was excited. Because we needed the help. Good thing too. He was there waiting for us when we got there. 

He warned of an attack on the Houston ZFC, but you never know what to believe any more right? He could have heard that from anywhere. And with the remainder of our team in AFRICA, and the Olympics going on, we cant take any chances on getting too comfortable.

But right now. Right this second. I am happy that the Matagorda ZFC made it back. Their stories are horrifying. I am so sorry they are so young, yet had to endure such fear. But here they are. Laughing, smiling, hugging Lord Micah and Izzy as they did so much for their retrieval. I'm happy.

There are items we have to tackle too though. When I get a moment from the celebration around me, I have to open up the ol' laptop and get my messages from our team in Africa. They are backed against the wall in Ethiopia. I don't know weather to tell them to go in to find the Arc of the Covenant, or to stay out of that hell hole. Ethiopia is filled to the brim with zombies. And to make things worse, they are inside a HIGH TISSUE REGENERATION AREA. Meaning: if one of them get bitten, they will turn zombie REALLY QUICKLY. As is what happened to MIKE T. RIP....

As for now, Joshuas brother arrived and has been helping out quite nicely. He is a Renaissance man if I've ever seen one. He has helped rebuild part of the backside of our building here, and tuned up some of our cars that we use to distribute water and food to areas the ASMZ has locked off from the rest of the world. Those bastards have become a nightmare. So many cover ups. So many secrets and projects geared toward mind and weather manipulation. Stories have been surfacing around here that they had something to do with the BATMAN MASSACRE in Colorado just a few days ago. I don't know though. Its all hard to swallow. But with what happened in Florida with that dude who blatantly chewed another mans face off, the Batman Massacre, and new stories are coming out daily of people just.......loosing it. Lord Micah might have been accurate. He said that frequency blasts are used to numb the mind. As proved in several American cities, and towns across the globe with the low, HUM sound grinding through the air. And no one can explain what it is... He said then, when the normal, human mind has adapted to the sound, the audio will go away, but the frequency is still there. The ASMZ has worked with secret government agencies since the late 70's to implement mind control through the masses. The only way we think that can happen is through frequency. Almost like hypnosis. So these people creating these mass murders and abominations, might not even know they are doing it.

All I know, is that the ASMZ is getting closer to their goal of creating a mindless society. Which also means they are getting closer to creating the perfect human, that is fabled to brush off the rest of us so they can have their precious utopia. 

We are almost there though. Hopefully our ZFC in AFRICA can get the ARC OF THE COVENANT back, then we'll have 2 of the 3 generators needed to harness the power needed to have perfect consciousness... THE EPHOD (breast plate of gold and gems used as a communication tool to a higher power, and a power generator) THE ARC OF THE COVENANT (used as a power generator with gold and the ultimate radiation protector) and....the third generator. That is the question. No one knows exactly what it will be. The planets haven't lined up for us yet on this one. And we're running out of time. If the ASMZ gets all 3 power generators together before we do...well. God help us. God help us all.

One thing that got my attention though is a few things our new friend ALEC said. He pulled me aside and told me of a ZOMBIE TRAINING FACILITY in SAN ANTONIO TX. They are an airsoft field that has secretly been training people on how to fight zombies... how to SHOOT zombies to be exact. The name is MISSION AIRSOFT. I'm sure they don't want the attention from the ASMZ, that is why they have been so hush hush until now. I'll see if they want to be a ZFC headquarters for us in SAN ANTONIO... fingers crossed. We need all the help we can get.

The other thing ALEC said to me is a little more daunting. He said he has been in contact with someone named ANONYMOUS. No.... its not the dude with the mask you see on YouTube, its another person. He has left comments here and there throughout the blog, but I haven't paid him enough attention.... apparently. I don't know if he's friend or foe, but he has left tid bits of information along the way for over a year now. 

ZFC across the globe, please report any messages this ANONYMOUS has, and we'll try to decipher his location and message. With that I'll leave you to your families. Fight zombies for our freedom. Our day will come.

Here is the latest message from ANONYMOUS: ////READ WITH CAUTION////

It's been a while, Eddie Rotten. I've hidden in seclusion. You may remember the last communication I sent. Yes. It is anonymous. The closer you get, the more difficult to close in. Remember this. All this talk of the end of the world, Biblical references,... some are true. some are false. The Mayan Calendar does not say the end of the world, it's the end of a period. They also did not account for the white man to change their calendar. Everyone takes Revelation so seriously. Read between the lines. The Bible is primarily a guidebook, with some encyclopedia built in. You don't know the time or the place. Of course. You never really know the time or day. It happens. With that... it does contain historical data. Some plain, some stretched, but they're there. The Ring of Solomon... it gave power over the winds. the animals. the spirits and demons. The undead. How did King Solomon raise his temple in a short amount of time? he commanded the spirits as he drew power on

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


It was like watching a feather drop in slow motion. The grenade wobbled from side to side as it fell from above the stage where we were. The men dressed in red, the women dressed in beige, the man in the gas mask and the monster were all about to meet a side of the ZFC they, until now, thought they were immune from.

The grenade fell at the feet of the beast sitting his chair. The people around him acted just as any human would, but the beast only looked up..... And through the dark pit of each eye, it looked directly us. And smiled. As if he knew we were here the whole time. The lines wrinkled around his mouth as he grinned eerily us. The carved symbols his face bunched up around his forehead. The man's body lunged foreword and he reached out his arms towards us, and grunted out a long, airy word none of us understood. Everyone scattered. The blast came...... BOOOOOOM!

Bodies flew everywhere. A few of the women survived the initial blast and started crawling off the stage toward the children where it was safe. They where'll screaming for the children to help them, but were intercepted by the man dressed in the green suit and gas mask. Still holding his symbolic Arabian sword, he raised it and ended the lives of the remaining women quickly. All the men dressed in red cloaks were dead, their bodies scattered about like paper from a turned over trash can.

Our men backed up in fright. My daughter, Izzy stayed by my side. The man in he green suit and mask stompped toward the children of the Matagorda ZFC. He ripped off his mask screaming. He was bald. And he too had deep carvings of odd objects all around his face and mouth. Eddie, these carvings are strikingly similar to the ones found at the College Station Compound before it was destroyed by, who we thought was Jig.

My men opened fire on the exposed head of the enemy. The bullets landed where they were intended, but the man continued to walk towards the children. He threw his sword and it stuck in the wall on his way down the 5 steps coming from the stage.

"HE'S NOT STOPPING!" My man yelled out. He not only wasn't stopping, he wasn't returning fire. Now off the stage, with back and head full of bullets, the man started to slow his pace. The children were inside their bull pin area, screaming. But at closer look, it wasn't in fear of loosing their life to a demon that liked to wear gas masks to a Population Control Ceremony. They were literally tearing down the walls that held them in, out of anger and rage.

The minion, full of bullets now, staggered to the nearest wall and raised his hand. By this time my men had stopped firing. The children of the Matagorda ZFC breached their confines and were storming toward the dying traitor to humanity. I looked closer...
Just before the children reached him, his raised hand dropped hard on the side of the wall. He wasn't going to the children at all. He was going to a button. Not just 'a' button. 'THE' button.

The ground shook once.... then again.. The children looked up at us and immediately changed their plan. Instead of ending the life of the monster that liked enslaved them, they must save their own. They pointed and screamed through the new noise of the environment, to go back the way we came. I heard them yelling too, but I couldnt make out what they were saying. My men, myself and Izzy began slowly moving backwards. The children all ran one direction and out of my view. Izzy was tugging me to move faster, but I heard a noise. A noise I hadn't heard since I was a child. A noise I have never told anyone about... until now. It was a screeching sound. It came and left as the rumbles did. There was a low hum that followed. The sounds bounced around the huge room that forever went up. This sound was frightening Eddie. As a scientist, I'm open to things I don't understand, but this was different. This was ZOMBIES... times 10.

The hums and screetches got louder and louder. We had a hard time reaching the narrow hallway we came from, and just as we did... the vibration of the rumbling in the room and the sound of the hums became too much for the walkway we were on. It came loose and fell, crashing to the ground a few hundred feet below.

"COME ON DAD!" Izzy pulled harder. A light came from below. It grew brighter and brighter. I couldn't leave, I had to see. I turned to Izzy and told her. "If you want to go, please meet me at the door leading to this hallway, but I must stay to see what this is." "I'M STAYING YOU IDIOT!" Izzy yelled back defensively.

The other men backed to the door, and disappeared into the dark tomb they came through, ready for sunlight and the measley task of killing a few zombies here and there. This operation was much more than any of them anticipated.


Izzy and Lord Micah got to their stomachs and peered over the ledge of what used to be a walkway. The light from below was warm, and grew brighter and brighter as they watched. The new light revealed the room they dropped a grenade into. It was a large, circular shaped area. The walls were beautifully constructed with ornate pillars that raised to the very top, too high to see.

The light was blinding. Izzy and Lord Mich looked on. 7 doors slid open, and from the shadows behind the perfectly rectangled door ways, flooded dozens of zombies.

They were clean. No blood on their faces or hands. No flesh rotting off their chest or backs. Just clean, fresh zombies. They looked brand new. Izzy and Mich looked at eachbither in total confusion. The rumbling continued, and the screeching and disorientating noise of the wobbling hum got to be too much. Micah pulled out his special ear plugs.

The zombies varied in size, some big, some small. But even with the blinding white light, and the beautiful clean, temple like walls towering around them... these were still.... zombies. Hungry, growling, flesh eating beasts ready to rip any living soul around them to pieces.

The floor moved. Then it moved again. One time up slightly, and the next time rotating around about a foot or more. Very odd. Then.... it happened again. This time much more. The floor moved toward Izzy and Mich about 20 feet this time, And it rotated clockwise.

Izzy and Micah jumped to their feet in fear. Below, they could see level after level slowly disappear as the floor rose towards them. Each level had empty space, just like the space they were in. Several levels down, part of the ZFC CHILDREN bumbled into view. Crowding each other, but trying to stay close to the wall. They were getting dangerously close to the approaching platform, holding the squeaky clean zombies.

The children were trying to help Izzy and Micah escape, but entered the wrong level. As the platform rose, the doorways closed, sealing up any chance of escape. The level had come. The zombies were already reaching for the children. Then, more children came from the floors just below Izzy and Micah, followed by the door closing behind them. The children looked up at Izzy and Micah. The father and daughter didn't know if that was the last time anyone would ever see the children again. If the whole mission was going to end VERY badly, to the wildest circumstances of a rising floor of zombies inside a temple that seemed to have an elevator directed to the heavens. But the children of the Matagorda ZFC were unpredictable. As unpredictable as their Compound founder, X. A child survivor during the zombie apocalypse. The children clinched their fists, and jumped in the pit of teeth gnashing zombies.

Izzy and Micah couldn't believe the level of bravery. And as the platform rose, the fight was becoming more clear. The children of the Matagorda ZFC were not there to loose.

The blinding white reflection of the walls revealed the blood splats and headless bodies of zombies as the platform got close enough to see the full carnage of the children. Lord Micah and Izzy jumped in.

With several zombies left, and an exhausted ZFC, Micah yelled for everyone to get behind him, and cover their ears. Izzy covered the ears of a young girl with bloody fists. Micah pulled out his FULLY CHARGED frequency device, and aimed it at the approaching zombies.

WWWOOOOOOOMMMB!!! The hum blast shattered the first layer of zombies, and pushed the rest of them high against the moving wall behind them, dragging some of them into the narrow pockets that separated the wall from the rising platform. They all died.

Up they rose. The daylight was getting closer and closer. The ZFC held each other close. Micah and Izzy looked around in total astonishment. As the sunlight came closer, they noticed the speed of the platform picking up. Micah yelled for everyone to jump as soon as they saw solid ground, because it didn't look like the rising floor was going to slow down. He couldn't have been more right.

The platform shot out the top of the tube like a wine cork. Micah and Izzy, hand in hand used perfect timing and practically stepped off onto the ground. Others went so fortunate. Everyone was on the ground, some with broken legs and ankles, but alive. They all looked at the stage they were just standing on, shoot straight up about 5 stories... then vanish. What Micah thought was going to be a long cylinder like pillar, wasn't that at all. It was a flat disc shaped object, similar to a piano black oreo.

After returning home Micah explained that he thought the object was a defense mechanism, or a secret satellite launching device the government used for spying on people globally.... no one could explain how the platform disappeared like it did... or why.

Micah's remaining men met with him outside the fence line of the airport, just next to were the mysterious object vanished. News vans and military were still present because of the zombie attack on the far wing of the airport..., we still think it was done by the ASMZ, hoping to distract us from our mission.

Now home, Lord Micah and Izzy are reunited with Dorothy. They are hugging as I write this. Stories are pouring in about what the children of the Matagorda ZFC saw while thy were held captive underneath the Denver, Colorado airport. Some of them are almost..... silly. Too crazy to write about anyway.... kids and their imaginations.

I'm grateful for the safe return of every last child ZFC member. My heart goes out to the fallen soldiers and their families. You will be missed. Care packages by the GYPSY GROUP have been prepared and sent to their families, in hopes that their grieving process will be smoother. We love and miss you, the volunteer soldiers of the DENVER, COLORADO MISSION.

There is a darkness still open with the rest of our team though. Africa is still spilling with zombies. JIG, LOKEY, STAR & X, are about to enter the walls of the burning, zombie infested ETHIOPIA.

LOKEY & STAR made contact last night. In JIGs state, after loosing his brother, then watching him morph into a zombie right before his eyes.. well, he could be a liability. Gotta watch him for a while...

I need to rest now. But tomorrow I will be back to report their story. My wife and sons are getting over the latest wave of sickness. They need me, so bare with me...

I love you all. ZFCers across the globe, thank you for your service. You know who you are.

Eddie Rotten


Sunday, July 15, 2012


After the door stayed closed for at least 5 minutes, I felt safe enough to get up. And when I did, I shined my flashlight up the chain to see the others crawling out from their own heaps of dead camouflage. We all clung to the chain and proceeded forward. I checked my frequency device and noticed the green button. "Good" I thought to myself. I need to work on a quicker charge for this thing.
We pulled ourselves along the chain for as far as it would go. I was amazed at how far into the earth this tunnel led. I'd say a few miles at a very slight angle we walked. The dead animals on the floor thinned out in patches, then they were gone all together. Slowly, light seeped through into the large hallway. We weren't sure where it was coming from, but it was nice to be able to see each other again with out the flashlights. As much as we could figure, this long walkway was the home of a zombie, or multiple zombies. A place where forgotten experiments were left to die and rot away. The larger zombie had obviously been here long enough to create patterns for itself, so we really needed to keep an eye out for that one. Unpredictable. If the zombies here underneath the airport in Denver are actually starting to learn to think for themselves... we've got a HUGE problem on our hands.
The hallway ended. Two gigantic doors stood before us with light softly coming through each seem. Large iron hinges held the doors in place. The doors were so big, a smaller door was fixed on the left for moments just like this. We chose to walk through it. I was the last to go through. I looked back into the darkness we just came from. I'm so glad that iron rod and chain lead was there to guide us through the darkness. Despite the temptation to veer off the path, we did good to stay close to each other and not let go. I hoped that when we left that place, we wouldn't have to walk back through that darkness. If I could describe pure fear, it would be that dark hallway.
When the doors were closed, I could see the huge emblems of the Bilderberg group on each door, towering to the ceiling. I knew this was bad news. I kept it to my self. We followed the light, and the walk way we were in narrowed in size until we were each moving slowly and carefully, not to step on each other or make too much noise. The children of the Matagorda ZFC were in here, and we knew we were getting close.
We heard chanting. From ahead, we heard the voices of many men. Not sure what they were saying, but as we got closer, we could tell that they were chanting in unison. Our group stopped. I grabbed Izzy's hand and moved to the front of the line once more where one of my men pointed downward with two fingers. We were on what seemed to be a catwalk, high above what looked like a stage. There was a fire pit in the center, and the men surrounding it were all wearing red cloaks. Honestly, it was the craziest thing I had seen humans do in a long time. The men kept chanting and chanting. Every 5 or more seconds, the fire pit belched out a huge ball of fire, that rose past us, up and up. As the ball of fire rolled by, we could see just how big this cavern was. It was a vast, cave system underneath the Denver airport. Larger, much larger, than I had anticipated. The light revealed all the little holes and crevasses that the deep room had to offer.
The chanting continued. It was a ceremony of sorts. Almost like a roll play or theatre. A man walked out in a green suit and gas mask, and held an Arabian sword high in the air as he came closer to the pit of fire. Next, 12 women walked out with stockings over their faces, hiding their eyes and mouth. They wore beige robes that dragged on the floor behind them. They each held what looked like white doves in their hands. The men bent over and picked up long wooden staffs, and struck the ground. When they did, the pit of fire slid a few feet back, revealing an opening in the shape of the pit itself. It looked like an eclipse from where we sat, high on the cat walk.
The man with the sword then too struck the ground, and smoke or some sort of green gas came from the void that was left from the fire pit moving. The men chanted on, as the women threw the doves one by one into the green smoke. Then the chanting stopped. They all bent slowly to their knees, and a beam of light came from above. The roof top of this missile shaped room was opening slowly. And what filled the light, was something I'll never forget Eddie.
My men crouched as low as they could, finding any shadow to hide in. From the object that was coming down, black, shimmery ooze seeped past us, gently spilling itself onto the floor below. There was a noise. Like a whisper. Almost like a t.v. sounds when you find an off channel. There were noises inside the whisper too though. Very hard to explain. Almost like a radio frequency, made of water.
The object came near, as I could see the under side of it getting closer. It was black and wet. The watery black ooze continued to spill over the sides as it got closer and closer. The men on the floor were slowly starting to back away, giving the moving object room. The fire slowly died down to just hot coals. A woman screamed from below. Not sure why, but another woman quickly put a hand over her mouth.
The whispers came again in the dark. The object was descending so slowly, I could see every detail. There were strange markings and drawings that circled the underside of it. As it lowered, I saw a rotating chair. The object seemed to be a housing of some sort, holding a chair with a very tall back. The chair spun slowly away from me, but I KNOW I saw a hand on the right arm rest.
Izzy put her hand over her mouth and nose. There was a putrid smell coming from this thing. Like rotten flesh and sulfur. The chair slowly spun around, and I saw it.

It was NOT a man. not sure WHAT it was. But the designs carved into the chair and under carriage, were carved deep into his flesh, all the way up to his neck and head. He was a slender person. Very tall, with no expression. His face was very long. No hair anywhere on his body. It looked like he had a slimy film all over him, like a thin layer of clear jelly. Disgusting.
The chair continued to turn slowly, and I got a good look at his face. His eyes were completely black on the outside, and a milky white on the inside. Almost like reverse eyeball. He never blinked. Only looked around at the approaching floor below him. He made odd noises. All in whisper. Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh Eh followed by Kh Kh Kh Kh Kkhhhhhuuuuuuuhh. I've never heard anything like it in my life. This thing was horrifying. The chair turned and past us, and I could see him from above. This person had no anatomy. The light from above gleamed across his whole body and I can tell you this Eddie, THIS THING HAD NO ANATOMY! His fingers were at least twice as long as ours and they clung to the arms of the chair as it slowly spiraled down and then... landed firmly on top of the pit that was just burning. The Green smoke continued to rise up, and engulfed the odd creature.
With his hands held tight to the chair, he leaned far out and around to breath in the green smoke. Everyone moved a little further away. He turned to the man in the green suit and gas mask. A series of  Eh Eh Eh Eh and Kh Kh Kh Kh Kkhhhhhuuuuuuuhh were released from the monsters mouth. Green suit turned out toward the darkness, over and beyond the men dressed in red, and the women dressed in beige, and spoke loudly in to the darkness.
 "TODAY, HE IS APOPHIS! HE IS TO BE KNOWN AS APOPHIS ON THIS DAY!" Then, the man pulled out a knife and handed it to a women in beige. She stood and approached the beast, and carved a symbol into his side. The monster moaned loudly in laughter as his side bled onto the floor.
This was a bad place Eddie. My men were pulling me to leave, but I needed to see the rest of the ceremony.
The lady then went back and kneeled with her peers.
Again the monster leaned to the translator and hissed into his ear. The green smoke rose up around them both as he spoke for the flesh carved man sitting next to him. "YOU OUT THERE!" The lights in the distance came on, and the 200 children of the Matagorda ZFC were held in an area surrounded by stadium seats. This WAS a meeting room. This WAS a ceremony to end all ceremonies. Something very big was happening here Eddie, and we stumbled in at the wrong... or the right time. The man continued..


I leaned closer to the railing, careful not to fall in. The rest of my crew were slowly creeping back the way we came... quietly. There was Izzy and one other that stayed. I could actually SEE the Matagorda ZFC. The children's faces were dirty and angry. The light that shined down on them was more of a laser, that pin pointed groups of them at the same time.. 

The man ended his speech with a twist I didn't see coming...


I looked out to the children of the Matagorda ZFC. Over half of them all at once, Raised their middle finger.

I guess my guy took that as his Que. He opened his hand to me, where I noticed a hand grenade nestled comfortably in his palm. He smiled, pulled the pin, and dropped it.


Saturday, July 14, 2012


It was almost two weeks since I had heard from Lord Micah. Honestly though, I saw the news... so I knew something was happening at the Denver airport. The reporters were claiming that a horde of zombies crashed through the glass walls of the airport and attacked several people, and in turn devastating the entire South wing, meaning everyone there turned to zombies. I saw the footage on t.v. not knowing if Lord Micah and his daughter were mixed up in the bodies they drug out. There was video of the zombies they contained. Fenced in like animals the zombies clawed and shook the fence not knowing exactly what to do, other than to try to get to the living on the other side. The stations lined up to film the walking dead. Odd how interesting people think they are. And since most wealthy people haven't even been affected by the zombies, they have no clue as to what a threat they really are. I saw a person the other day get attacked while he was getting into his Maserati. He just stood there, like nothing was going to happen. Like he was dealing with something that had reason or remorse. When are these people going to get a clue? Almost silly isn't it? Watching the rich run from zombies is almost as entertaining as killing them.....the zombies I mean.

By the time Lord Micah called in, all hell had broken loose, and I was getting the aftermath of the story. I cant re-create every emotion he expressed when he called in, but I'll tell you what happened the best I can. And up front, I don't understand any better than you will.. so bare with me on it.

Summarized Phone call * 12:57 am Saturday morning July 10th 2012

There is more here than zombies. I cant explain what, because I don't know.. but I will. All in all we are safe, at least, the ones that chose to be are. The children of the Matagorda ZFC are safe as well, at least most of them are. When we passed back through the hole in the wall, that large animal that died due to my frequency blast... well, its body started to swell. We could barely get past the carcass fast enough before the beast exploded into a million pieces. Either the animal was designed with a self detonation device from within, or it was experiencing rabid growth, even in the decaying stages of true death. Crazy how I can't just say dead anymore.

Izzy was fine. Better than I expected. Since she's my daughter, I feel like I have to protect her, but standing back I see what she truly is. She has helped whats left of our team back to their feet physically and emotionally. Something I struggle to do. I have always seen things so black and white, but with Izzy, I'm able to see the grey in things, and how important it is... it that makes sense.

Further down the dark tunnel we went. There was nothing. It's what I imagine hell to feel like. The only comfort was that Izzy was there with me, and the flash lights we all had. Soon, we all started to notice the objects on the ground. After further investigation, we noticed that they were all animals of some sort. Or that's what they used to be. They were all modified some how. In different ways. Some had overgrown teeth. Some had eyes that were too high on their skull. Some had no skin at all. Some were just flat out unidentifiable. There were too many of them. We had to start stepping on their bodies to make our way further down the tunnel. The bones and dry flesh snapped beneath our feet. Izzy was irritated with me because I clung to her hand so tightly. Half way because I didn't want her to get lost in the dark, and the other half....well, I was simply horrified.

We stopped because someone up front called out, "HEY, I FOUND SOMETHING!! SOME KIND OF.... ROD!"

Izzy and I felt our way to the front of the line to find a divider in the tunnel. It was exactly what our volunteer called out. It was an iron rod, placed directly in the center of the tunnel. The rod was chained to another rod 10 or more feet ahead, which was attached to another, and another, and another. They seemed to go on for ever. It actually helped out tremendously to find our way down this dark, damp tomb of death. Then... through the dark, we heard conversation. The silence was ringing in my ears for so long, I wasn't sure if it was voices or not, but it was. They were coming from above. One of my men whispered back, "Do you hear that? Is it... laughing?"

The next thing that happened, none of us saw coming. A narrow bar of light came from above. There were people staring down at us. To far up for us to see any faces, but we could hear them talking through a gap in the turn style windows. A voice came. "ZFC, AS DELIGHTED WE ARE TO SEE YOU MADE IT THIS FAR, YOU ARE NOT WELCOME. YOU HAVE ENTERED A RESTRICTED FEEDING AREA, AND WE ARE GIVING YOU A CHANCE TO LEAVE."

"SUCK IT!" Said one of them men holding tight to the rod.



The voice didn't explain the dead bodies of the modified animals all over the ground, and we didn't see any doors in the outlining walls either. Since we were holding to the chain, we weren't paying attention to the sides of the tomb. My men immediately started conversation. I heard everything from, "lets go" to "stick together" to "Ive got family at home"... everything was said, and everything was heard. My men's fears came out in that dark tunnel. The voice spoke again.

"YOUR TIME IS UP." The men speaking from the long narrow window above reached over and turned a knob, closing the window... the light went out.

The EXIT signs started to disappear randomly. Some went out far down each side of the tunnel, then a minute would pass, and another would go out right next to us. As the signs went out, a couple of men would let go and reach toward the nearest exit, then grab the chain again. But worse, down the tunnel behind us, we could see THEM. Dragging themselves across the floor, over the bodies of the dead animals, a new horde of zombie came. With only the light of the existing exit signs illuminating them, we could see the contorted bodies of the walking dead. These zombies were beyond any deformity we had ever seen. Some had a lower jaw dragging below their necks. Arms grabbing out from their backs. Long, extended fingers with bones ripping out the tips, and eyes blinking and glaring from different parts of their bodies. Grinding teeth howling out from mouths attached to the chest and necks of these beasts from hell.

The two men gave up. They pulled away from the chain and begged us to follow them. "Look at whats coming! DON'T BE FOOLS!! WE CAN FIGHT THE ZOMBIES FROM HOME! COME ON! COME ON!!!" The men ran toward the exit signs closest to them. The first man pushed hard against the door, screaming. The door flung open, and from where I stood all I saw was an arm covered in blood and missing flesh come down on the mans head like a guillotine, crushing him down to his rib cage. Everyone open fired at the doorway, lighting up the rotten cave in loud, bright bursts. Then... the door closed, leaving the lifeless body of my soldier on the floor. The other man couldn't get back to the chain fast enough yelling "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE!!!" We all kept an eye on the slowly approaching zombies from the rear, but pressed forward into the dark.

A light flickered on from above again. It was the men from before. "GET THEM!!" A voice shouted. They assumed we would all take the exits, but they were wrong. Before we knew it, we could hear gunshots from behind. They were killing off the nightmare zombies that were slowly making their way towards us. A small hum blast echoed through the tunnel, and I knew we were in trouble. My frequency device can only deliver once every few hours. And it wasn't ready. We were trapped. I ordered my men to shut off their flash lights and dig themselves underneath the rotting bodies of the animals we were walking over. It was our only chance of survival. When the men from upstairs pass us, we'll attack.

We dug ourselves underneath the putrid smelling carcases of the animals that laid at the floor of this tunnel for who knows how long... and I could vaguely make out the massacre that was coming our way. Through the dark, I could see the gun shots coming. With each blast, I saw another deformity fall to the ground. Then, they were at our feet. 3 men with white jackets on. "WE KNOW YOUR OUT THERE!..... JUST COME OUT NOW AND WE'LL LET YOU GO!!!" They snickered between each other, mocking our fate.

Then.... a loud thud came from the side of the tunnel. I looked in the direction of the sound as well as I could with out moving my head. A door crashed open in a million pieces, and out came what had to have crushed my soldiers head into his stomach. A VERY LARGE ZOMBIE, lunged forward. Twisted and contorted its arms flung around like a carnival ride smashing everything in its path. The 3 men didn't stand a chance. They were piles of mush with in the blink of an eye. I think only one person even got in a squeak before he was ripped in half. The half with the squeak was thrown down into the darkness of the large hallway. The large beast snorted and grunted much like a wild bore. He grabbed some of the remains of his new kills and drug them back into the wall from where he came. After a minute of laying there, a green light blinked for a second, and the door closed.


I got an email from Jig. He's gonna pull through, but he's going through it right now. The loss of his brother is taking it's toll.


Things have gone from bad to one million times worse. It's been real tough any way not seeing my family and loving girlfriend for such a long time. But to all of a sudden, loose a family member like that was completely unbearable. The worst thing is... I don't think I can go on. All I want to do is sit next to the body of my brother and stay there just praying he wakes from this deep sleep he's in. I can't even do that. The ASMZ took him, or what used to be him. But every time I start to think about things, I always get reassurance from STAR. If it wasn't for her I don't think I could go on. But she always makes me aware of the situation. Find the ARK of the COVENANT. That's the mission. If we find it then maybe we can get home to our loved ones. How am I going to tell my family I will never know. JIG

Hang in there JIG. I cant bring your brother back, but I can tell you that what he's done brings us one step closer to saving this burning planet. We love you man

Eddie Rotten

Sunday, July 1, 2012


The jeep ran well. The entire ZFC compiled of people from all over the world sat wordless while the noise of the outside air blew through the windowless vehicle. Everyone had something else on their mind. And at the same time, on the same goal. THE ARK OF THE COVENANT.

The driver never gave his name. The two GYPSY GROUP members that parachuted down asked to get out several miles back. They walked into the desert with out a word. They GYPSY GROUP are a strange and mysterious group. The seat placement in the jeep rotated a few times as they stopped for pee breaks along the way. In the end, STAR and LOKEY were cuddled in the back next to X, Jig sat up front with the quiet hairy driver, and Joshua and Mike T were crowded in the far back keeping watch on the rear. Everyone was either asleep or getting there.

Then Jig woke everyone up. "Guys... hey wake up!" Everyone sat up quickly. The anxiety of this ZOMBIE LIFE stays in your sub conscious, keeping you from ever really sleeping soundly again. Jig pointed at a large sign that approached on the road.


X leaned forward. "Look, a forest... out there.. look its trees! Millions of trees!" The driver yelled over the wind. "Those aren't tress. Those are ZOMBIES!!" Through the haze that rose off the dry terrain, there was a gray matter in the distance. Like a mirage in the dessert, they could see the huge mass of zombies. More than they'd ever seen before. They were too far away to cause a threat, but for someone... it was the end of the world.

As they drove, animals started becoming visible. Their skin was rotted off and hanging while they ran beside the jeep trying to keep up. A zebra ran directly towards the vehicle, screaming and stomping in delusion until STAR stood up in the jeep, took aim and fired. The zebra crashed on its neck instantly and slid to a stop, immediately surrounded by other unfortunate animals, just looking for flesh to rip.

The smell of burning rubber and buildings was noticed before even seeing the smoke. They found a safe area, and stopped the jeep. They all climbed out and looked in disbelief.

ETHIOPIA. The place they traveled so far to get to, was on fire. All of it. The black smoke bellowed to the heavens. In the distance there were explosions. To the far right of them were the approaching army of zombies, and where they stood, was fear. Nothing but pure, dark, fear. The kind you try to say you never had. From the dark in your room when you were young. The fear of being grabbed by your feet if you step off the bed. The fear of something following you in the night when you walk. The fear in the air stunk almost as bad as the smoke racing off the building tops of the old ETHIOPIA.

Jig leaned on the rear view window of the drivers side of the jeep. "HEY!" He noticed approaching vans in the reflection. Then POW!! The rear view shattered underneath his arm. A huge hole appeared when he blinked. Then followed another shot. CRACK!! Everyone turned around and drew their weapons. "GET IN THE JEEP!" Lokey screamed out. The driver turned on the jeep and hurried everyone to get in. "GO GO GO GO!!" They all shouted in unison. The gunfire never stopped.

From the back yelled Joshua. "HEY. HEY HEY HEY!!!!" Lokey turned around while loading a new cartridge in his pistol to notice blood spewing out the neck of MIKE T. "OH SHIT!! MIKES HIT MIKES HIT!!" STAR leaned back and put her hand over the gaping hole in his neck. JOSHUA, JIG and X returned fire on the approaching ASMZ. "MY BAG MY BAG!" yelled Lokey. JIG reached down and unzipped Lokeys secretive duffel back and pulled out 3 odd shaped grenades. "PUSH THE GREEN BUTTON!!" Lokey yelled. JIG pushed the green button on all three devices and threw them as far back as he could. He promptly picked up his gun and resumed shooting.

MIKE T's neck was gushing blood at this point. His mouth was beginning to show pink around the teeth too. STAR had one hand on his neck and the other was blasting fire at the ASMZ. "SWITCH!" Joshua yelled. He had what some would argue as the best shot, so he needed to get better positioning. As the jeep jumped over small dunes of the desert, Joshua and STAR switched places. STAR was small enough to lay down in the back with MIKE T, protecting him from any other gun fire. Then....... KAAABOOOOOOOMM!!!

LOKEY's devices detonated, exploding into the tanned earth. White vans easily tumbled over on their side and slid to a stop, exploding themselves. The three grenades took out all but one van. Still shooting rapidly at the speeding jeep, the ASMZ gained ground.

STAR started screaming uncontrollably. She stood up in the middle of the raging bullet battle, kicking and punching toward the floor board of the jeep. JIG was standing on the front seat, blasting his gun when he noticed the flailing blood covered arms emerge from the floorboard. It was his brother MIKE T. The gunshot to the neck drained him of life. STARS desperate efforts to keep alive failed and now, MIKE T, was a zombie. The RAPID TISSUE REGENERATION AREA chipped away at MIKE T until he was consumed with a new life. A new desire. A new brain frequency. A new hunger.

MIKE T reached forward and hopped to his feet faster than he had ever done before. STAR opened a barrage of hand to hand combat. LOKEY took notice and leaned leaned further away. Even one strike from her trained hands would cause damage. JOSHUA could hear MIKE T's bones snap at every one of STARS brutal connections. JIG was speechless. Burning tears rose to his eyes, as he watched the second death of his brother. MIKE T. lunged forward, mouth gaping open, snarling and spitting black ooze. STAR grabbed him by the shirt and pulled herself toward him, head butting him. MIKE T's body shot backward. STAR lost grip of his bloody shirt and he fell out the back of the jeep. They all clung to their seats. The gun fire kept coming from the remaining ASMZ van, but the ZFC stopped shooting. They watched MIKE T's body roll violently on the ground. Arms wrapping themselves around his body backwards, and his legs bending and breaking in every different direction, the zombie of MIKE T finally stopped. Returned to its feet. Reached out towards the jeep, and screamed a terrible, hollow, dark and empty scream.

One last shot came from the van of the ASMZ. The driver of the jeep immediately lunged forward, pressing the horn. He had been shot directly in the back of the head. The jeep started to slow, but veered to the left and right with out any control. JIG reached down from his position and tried to grab the wheel, but the jeep hit a random brick, throwing the vehicle completely out of control. Everyone held on tight as the jeep trampled over new bricks, burning wood, and tangled barbwire.

SMASH! They crashed sideways into a wall. As dizzy as she was, STAR hopped out of the back and ran to the driver side of the jeep, pulled out the driver to the ground, and stomped on his neck until a low SNAP was heard. "Cant take any chances." She said.

Climbing out of the mangled jeep, they were sore, but quickly took cover anticipating more gunfire from the ASMZ. And from the objects they hid behind, they looked toward the zombie of MIKE T. The ASMZ van didn't fire their guns any more, just one, gut pulling low hum of a frequency weapon. The ZFC put their hands over their ears and continued to watch. The zombie of MIKE T dropped to its knees as a reaction to the HUM ATTACK. Two ASMZ officers got out with guns drawn. Another came and restrained the zombie and threw it into the back of the van. Then it looked like they were conversing.... They were pointing toward the burning rubble of ETHIOPIA, and shaking their heads back and forth. They got back in the van, sat there a minute and turned around. Disappearing in to the haze of the African heat.

X turned around and put his back on the small barricade he was hiding behind. Catching his breath, he looked to the left. Then the right. Everyone noticed what he did. A giant, 12 foot wall surrounding ETHIOPIA. War torn and partially burning, this wall looked like it was supposed to keep people inside Ethiopia.. or worse, keep people, or zombies out.

After discussing their situation, they decided to stay put and see what the night brought before proceeding into the streets of Ethiopia. The ASMZ didn't turn around out of cowardess. They knew what was behind these tattered walls and didn't want any part of it.

JIG sat alone, shuffling dirt.

JIG. I know you wont get this message for a while, but when you do, remember that I, WE are here for you. Everything MIKE T did was in honor of the human race. I know he wouldn't want you to be upset and to carry on the fight. MIKE T will always be with us, and we WILL win this fight! We mourn with you and we love you brother.