Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Truth About Zombies!!

After reading Joshua's message, I couldn't pour the coffee fast enough. I needed to find the rest of the team in Ethiopia. I don't know what they're up against in this last stretch of their hunt for the ARC. I waited for an hour before calling to see how Lord Micah was doing in Colorado. His fight was just beginning too. Being a frequency scientist, I forget that he too has had to survive the zombie apocalypse. The phone call to him was reassuring. Him and his daughter are enjoying their time together, with or without a zombie apocalypse. His second daughter Dorothy is an enlightening addition to the Houston ZFC. She is so inspiring with her attitude towards survival. Music seems to be her outlet. Singing and humming her way through as our soldiers come in day in and day out, covered in blood, hanging on to their wounds. I sit back and look at this ZFC and I'm very proud to be a part of it. I feel sad for those still out there, without a clue as to what is coming, or what's already here.

The ASMZ and the media seem to work together to drag as many good minds down as they can, so the HUM attacks work. I fully believe in transformation process now. At first I only had a hunch that the ASMZ were numbing the minds of people through advertisements on TV and radio. With poor food and water. With porn and suggestive music. But now I know its a fact. When these unfortunate minds are dulled down to the right brain wave, the ASMZ moves in with a HUM attack. Not a large one like we've heard of in Africa or Canada, but small, low frequency blasts that can be projected from a special gun. Much like Lord Micah has created, or the ones that the Russians have demonstrated haveing possesion of. This combination of low brain wave, added by a HUM attack on the body can change a man.. change a woman.. A child, an animal... anything with a soul.

Everyone laughed at me coming on two years ago when I started warning people about it. But the proof is here. There have been two reports just recently. One in Florida, where a guy attacked another man, ripping his face off trying to eat through to his brain And after being shot over and over, the man just kept eating, growling, ripping. The second man was in a stand off with the cops. He stabbed his own neck, legs and chest, repeatedly. Then tore out his entrails, and threw them at the officers. I've watched the footage just like you have. Both cases clearly show a white vehicle pausing just 20 feet away from the 'crazies' before they completely loose it. From inside the windows you can see a flash. That's the HUM blast. A frequency used by the ASMZ, altering the mind from its already dilapidated state, to that of a zombie.

Keep your mind clean people. They are attacking the weak. Its a tactic used by the animal kingdom. It works no matter who tries it. Media is blaming both cases on something called Bath Salt. A new hyper drug that people are using to hallucinate. But there is no 'ACTUAL PROOF' that either person used it before becoming zombies. They just say "We believe they used the new drug called Bath Salt."

Listen to me, I'm rambling again. I do that when my passion takes ahold of me. Watch out there kids. Its more than just zombies were contending against.

Where was I... oh yea. Lord Micah in Colorado

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