Saturday, June 16, 2012


"First off" STAR said, "You're not even spelling it right! It's ARK... with a K. And if you really wanted help then you'd keep up with your own blog!" Star wasn't happy with me and my lack of attention with the blog. She was just venting. Who could blame her? There hasn't been a lot of communication from the Houston ZFC in a while, but the letter that preceded this post got out. And it said there was an attack planned for the Houston ZFC, so you can imagine what kind of hysteria it's caused. Every Den Mother for miles is frantically preparing food and making sure all safe houses are secure. We are loosing people more and more men due to a new outbreak. Its not quite zombie like symptoms, but enough to make even the local police scratch their heads. You know about the BATH SALT violence that's occurring, but this new thing seems to be more like people are just... cracking. Giving up. Almost like they would rather give in to total animalistic tendencies, than to continue being human. Random violence against each other is whats sweeping Houston, and other cities across the world. Zombies may have met their match. When people are consciously, and willfully committing the same acts as your common zombie.... you've got real problems. Over the last month, there have been several thousands of zombie killings in Houston alone, and the number of random, human killing human are on the rise. We have to be careful out there. REMEMBER WHO THE ENEMY IS.

By the time Josh got his message through to me, I was neck deep in a zombie attack. My neighborhood was over run with the creepers. I don't know if they were wandering hordes of zombies, or if the ASMZ had dropped them off to finish off the humans in the area. Bastards wont give us a break! Not only are there government generated zombies openly used to deplete our population, but now we have to deal with drones, water poisoning, chem-trails... among a crap ton of other things used to just simply get rid of us. Are we really that bad a species? Are we really seen as a CANCER on the face of the earth? I never thought so. At least not all of us. I cant say much for the ASMZ. Karma's a bitch though... right?

Things are tough all over. Africa seems to be serving up its portion of hurdles for our ZFC as well. I'll just dive right in.

The battle at the airport forced the ZFC apart from each other. The way it looks, is that X, STAR, and MIKE T. ran off in one direction, while Lokey and Jig headed in another. Josh took shelter in a shack half a mile from the airport. I think Josh's advice to stay away from the safe houses was a good one. Being spread out isn't the best thing that could have happened right now, but they are all alive.

Josh said that there are a few zombies roaming around the dirt grounds of the farm he's on, but not enough to worry about. Josh noticed an explosion about a mile from his location. He looked out the tin door of the shack he took shelter in and saw the black plume of smoke mushroom out towards the sky. "What ever just blew up, there had to be casualties." Josh said to himself. He wasn't the only one who noticed the explosion.

X, STAR, and MIKE T were hiding behind a bus inside a lot full of 100 or more. They were making their way toward a barb wired fence that separated them and the airfield. From the fence they would be able to see out. They could see which direction they needed to go. Compasses were great and all, but they don't show ASMZ or ZOMBIE activity. Only direction. Now, one bus behind the fence line, they saw the huge explosion rise to the clouds. X commented that it was the biggest explosion he had ever seen, outside the one he saw in BATTLEFIELD. Him and Mike argued back and forth on weather or not it was even relevant considering BATTELFIELD was a video game. STAR rolled her eyes.

Then, down the tarmac, through the shimmering haze of heat coming off the concrete, they saw two people...... running towards them on the other side of the fence. To far away to make out who it was, they squatted down behind the bus and started planning strategy. If the ASMZ saw them, it would be a fight to the death. But how? With so much destruction, how could anyone know where they were? X peeked around the rusty bumper of the bus, then quickly moved back. Wide eyed, and with a small grin.... X said. "It's them..." STAR shoved X aside and looked around just in time to see LOKEY and JIG running past them... laughing.

X, STAR, and MIKE grabbed their gear and started running in their direction as fast as they could. Poor X was just a young boy so he fell behind... it was always a hindrance, but no one seemed to matter. A jeep pulled up 100 yards from where JIG and LOKEY were and waited. A man stood up from inside and yelled, "MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!!" STAR turned around to notice several white vans and military vehicles approaching from the opposite side of the air field. JIG and LOKEY made it to the jeep. JIG jumped in and handed LOKEY a chain from the back seat. LOKEY tossed the chain around the top of the fence post and and the other end to the back of the jeep, then motioned for them to pull. The jeep lunged forward and bent the10 foot barb wired fence down enough for the 3 ZFC to climb out quickly and safe. They all hopped in the jeep and sped off.

It was loud. The wind and the engine of the jeep were unforgiving and it was hard to hear anything. JIG was laughing so hard his eyes were watering up. LOKEY had a smile on his face but was talking to the driver. The driver, was a dirty man. Large. Sunglasses. Bearded. Intimidating. "WERE NEVER GOING TO MAKE IT!" X screamed from the back seat. Then, the driver yelled back from behind the wheel. "YES WE WILL YOUNG MAN!" Lokey turned around to the crammed crew in the back seat. "NEVER UNDERESTIMATE A GYPSY!" Then he pointed up. A HUGE jet liner was flying dangerously close to the ground. From the jeep, they could actually see the doors and panels holding the beast together. Big letters reading A.S.M.Z. ZOMBIE TRANSPORT were clearly read on the belly of the jet. And ahead, falling from the sky were two parachuters. X smiled and put his hands over his ears. "THAT'S NOT A BAD IDEA!!" JIG screamed. They all turned around and witnessed the jet fly nose first into the oncoming ASMZ killers.

The impact of the jet landing on the ground was large enough. The explosion it caused rocked the road they drove on. The jeep swerved back and forth on the cracked road as they sped faster and faster to safety. In the explosion, they could see hundreds of zombies ignite and fly to the outer reaches of the airport. Body parts landed around them as the driver dodged to the left and right constantly, trying to keep the integrity of the jeep. The only thing that could quickly take them out of this nightmare.

JIG was still laughing. "LOKEY had a friggin bomb inside his duffel bag!! DID YOU SEE THAT?!? WHAT ELSE DO YOU HAVE IN THERE MAN?!?" JIG leaned forward in good spirits to rifle through LOKEYS bag, but his hand was quickly met with a SLAP on the wrist by LOKEY. JIG leaned back in the seat with a half smile... "AWKWARD ONE ISN'T HE?" JIG said loudly so his back-seaters could hear him. The diversion explosion JIG and LOKEY set off was just enough to get them to a place where LOKEY could call in help from his GYPSY friends. Those guys are everywhere. I'm glad LOKEY decided to take off to Africa like he did. His friends hijacked a ZOMBIE TRANSPORT jet from the next airport just over 50 miles away. The timing was perfect.

Because of the blog, LOKEY's friends knew where to pick up Joshua. So, the two GYPSY GROUP members that hijacked the jet, parachuted to Josh's location. It made it easier to pick them all up.

Now, super crowded in the jeep, they raced over the dry African desert towards the outskirts of Ethiopia. The journey had taken them all the way across the beautiful landscape of Africa. Their encounters with zombies and ASMZ along the way will be in their personal journals for ever. I hope that the next time they report, they can tell me if they attained the ARK (with a K.... that's for you STAR). Avoiding the safe houses is a smart move, but rough. That's the only place I know of that supplies are plenty. But with the contacts that LOKEY knows, I'm feeling more confident every day.




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