Saturday, June 2, 2012


I got up to a loud BING BING BING coming from my phone. I leaned over to grab it and knocked over a 2 day old glass of water off my night stand. I could tell, even before getting out of bed that this was going to be an eventful day. I looked at the message. It was Joshua. Their flight to Ethiopia was 'not boring' to put it lightly, and exiting the plane was even more eventful. I'll let you read in Josh's own words... here's his message:

Eddie, we have landed... but there is problem. Somehow they knew we were on that plane. As soon as we touched down we all knew something was not right. The pilot pulled the plane off the dirt runway and seemed to be waiting for what felt like hours as the ASMZ soldiers surrounded the plane. We couldn't see out very well because of the small windows, but we could hear trucks.. a lot of them, pulling up to the plane. I ordered all to be at the ready. X was in the cargo bay most of the ride.. accept for a brief.... odd moment. But he is here, and ordered to stay out of site. As the rear bay door opened, I told the team "TO THE DEATH" if we weren't taken they will show no mercy. Do not fire until the signal. JIG looked at Mike and said, "did he mention a signal?" I told them you'll know it when it comes. The door was half way down and we could hear what sounded like an army charging their weapons. Door was almost down, and we started to see the masks of the ASMZ soldiers. There had to be at least 30 or more of them with their weapons pointed at us. I gave the order to lower our weapons. I heard JIG say "So much for TO THE DEATH". An officer stepped forward. "Your... little group of misfits here have been causing us a lot of trouble." He turned and looked at his side officers. "TAKE THEM IN FOR THE PROGRAM." I yelled "Wait, I think I have some information you might like to know!" STAR screamed "JOSH HOW COULD YOU!!" Just then, two grenades flew over our heads from behind, into the crowd of the ASMZ. We, along with the other ASMZ on the plane took cover.


I opened fire and the team followed suit. All hell broke loose. We made it off the plane covering each other. This battle was EPIC. In the mix of gun fire and HUM attacks, we got separated. I think I saw X, STAR, and MIKE T go in one direction. Lokey and JIG in another. I got cut off from a grenade, and had to run where I could. I am now in a shack near a dirt farm, just half a mile from the ASMZ airport. I have no contact with the others. I don't know if they are alive or..well.. I need to find them. Hell, I'm not even sure if you'll receive this email... I am going to lay up here until the sun goes down and start making my way to the target. If yo make contact with any of my team please inform them to stay away from the next set safe house. I didn't trust the last one and I certainly don't trust this one.

I'm sending my brother Alec down to you. Seems like you can use the help. He's never been in the military, but I taught him everything he knows. He should be there in the next few days. You cant miss him. Long puffy hair and covered in tattoos. Watch out for his AK. He wont put it down for anyone.... Ever.. So don't ask.

If you get this message, please respond ASAP. Joshua.

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