Saturday, June 16, 2012



This is Alec, I'm near Houston. I'm in a place called Kingwood, but there is a problem. This place is crawling with ASMZ and Creeps...Too many to fight through, my best bet is to lay low and move by night. I am in need of assistance, I could use some back-up. That's the good news, the bad is I overheard what I think was an ASMZ officer talking about an upcoming attack on the Houston ZFC. I wish I had some more info for you, but they were walking away and I was not about to follow and blow my cover. My brother seemed to think you could use the extra hand right now so I'm yours until further notice from him. While on the subject I have had no contact, the last I heard he was on a plane. That is when he told me to come here...have you had any contact with him? I wanted to report that a contact back in Pittsburgh informed me that a man in a grey suit is asking around about him and You. I have given the order to capture this man if any of our ZFC back home run into him. Anyway....really could use that help.


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