Saturday, June 2, 2012


Lord Micah said that there were people staying in hotel rooms, circling the Denver Airport. He and Isabelle drove through the pick up line dozens of times, taking pictures, counting armed guards, looking for cameras and TSA affiliates. Each time was the same. Back at the hotel room they devised a plan for the outside.. How to get in, and who to get past. But the second part of the job was more challenging.

Where exactly IS the entrance to the basement of the most heavily guarded airport in America? How would they get through that entrance? And how would they get all the children of the Matagorda ZFC out without being caught? If our informant was correct, Barry Soeterror, Commander of the ASMZ had these children in preparation of experiments. Lord Micah and some other smart heads are assuming they're freezing the children to run test. Another theory is that they are picking the best out of the group to be altered, or transformed into a perfect human. Either way, it looks like a grueling task to rescue them.

The public library had the layout of the airport, and by not checking out books, there was no paper trail back to the ZFC. Micah gathered a small research group out of what he had, and they pulled up some back information on the airport. Turns out, there was construction planned and followed through several years back by a contractor to extend the size of the airport. Everyone questioned why they would extend the airport DOWN but it never got enough attention to raise eyebrows. After the job was complete, another contractor came in and said that they were hired by the State to build over what was completed... that it wasn't sound, or sturdy enough to meet the needs of the airport. The original contractors argument was that the prints they were handed to build came from the U.S. government. None of them could understand the 12 foot thick walls down into the earth. Or the small perforated conduit piping that hugged the upper corners of the ceiling eerily like the ones used in NAZI concentration camps. The deep narrow hallways leading like a knotted ball of thread through the underbelly of the airport were all unexplained, confusing parts of the original blue prints. If you take the word 'TERMINAL' out of it, what was built was a small city underneath the ground. The new contractors argued back that their plans were ALSO given to them by the U.S. government, and that they were to build over the unsound project that was just completed.

Contractors threw their arms up for years as the construction, and reconstruction of the Denver airport continued. Finally, at the end of it, one of the most beautiful airports was constructed. And underneath, a dark, mysterious world of tunnels, rooms and labs that nobody knows about... or everybody hides. You've seen the murals inside the Denver, Colorado airport. Depicting a soldier dressed in green. With his gas mask on and his sword raised, and children lying dead in a trench with crying mothers on either side. We can only assume this is the reason for the ASMZ to have taken so many children. Testing for the future of America, for the world.

The plan was to enter the airport at night. There were 6 teams of ZFC that Lord Micah, Isabelle and Brandon picked up along the way, and from the size of the patrol at the airport, they were ALL needed. This mission was set, and there was no stopping it. We are waiting on word from Lord Micah, then we will give him the OK to proceed.

Our hearts are in our throats over this. Please pray for us. Pray for us all.



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