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Back home, Isabelle, her sister Dorothy and Brandon decided to wait for Lord Micah. He wanted to be close to his daughters and maybe even take young Brandon under his wing so back from Dallas he came. He's made more trips back and forth from Dallas in the last few months than any businessman I've ever seen. The trips aren't easy either. Zombies have taken over large portions of the freeway between here and there. His stories are bloody, some not even fit for this blog (if you can believe that). I don't believe in full censorship, but I know that there are limits... and he's pretty... descriptive.

Over the last few weeks, lots has happened. After a heart felt conversation between Lord Micah and X via Skype, X decided to continue in Africa until the Arc of the Covenant was located. And in his own words, "If we don't attain the 2nd generator before the ASMZ does, every achievement since the beginning of civilization will be lost to the elitists and eugenicists of the world. I'll stay until all the missing parts are put together.. Then I'll reunite with my family."

Big words from such a young boy. He said it while wiping blood off his shoes... and it wasn't his own. X has proven to be an ultimate soldier in the fight against the ASMZ and the zombies. Joshua and JIG agree that it would be better if someone like X stayed to finish the mission. X did request however that Lord Micah, Isabelle and Brandon go look for the rest of the children that were kidnapped and taken to the underbelly of the Denver Airport. They would have to leave behind Isabelle's sister for safety reasons... and that could pose as a problem. Especially since they just reunited with each other. It'll take time. But every second that goes by, those poor kids from the Matagorda ZFC could be in peril. We don't put anything past the ASMZ as far as testing on humans go.

Joshua called in too and mentioned how anxious everyone was to get back home. The mission to get the kids from Denver might even get pushed back until Lokey returns to the states. He seems to be the only one with the resources and the skill to pull off a job like that. "Plus," Joshua went on "Lokey and STAR are sharing something more than the ability to really kick some zombie ass. There might be a little something going there."

I'll let Lokey tell me if something is going on between him and STAR if he chooses. It's really none of my business, but why not you know? Even in a zombie apocalypse, people find a way to.... you know....

Moving on.

Joshua also told me he has struck a good friendship with JIG's brother Mike T. Mike T was a true scout. He would go out and find intel when everyone was asleep. Aside from being sadistic in his revenge on the zombies, he actually had really good, endearing qualities to offer as a solder to our hodge-podge ZFC. Joshua explained to me Mike's findings.

I realize that our team is over half way to Ethiopia. By stolen bus, jeep... even by foot, they have made their way without being caught or killed. I am so proud of our people out there. The other morning though, a huge breakthrough led to finding the Arc. And it was Joshua and Mike T that led the way. Mike entered the safe house quietly in the early morning of May 16th, 2012. He went straight to Joshua. Joshua was the most decorated and experience person of Military background so Mike T naturally sought him out for leadership and strategy conversation. Joshua rolled over with his gun in hand and rubbed his eyes. "What.. what do you want? What time is it?" The sun wasn't coming up for another hour or so, so Mike T thought no better time than the present to show off his new find. Joshua got dressed in his 'now trademark' black outfit. Black everything. The black cap hides his face behind the shadow it casts, but he still chose to wear it in the dark morning. Just outside the door, two zombies were quickly snubbed out as they walked toward the Jeep Mike T stole from a neighboring village the week prior. "Get in.. I'll show you" Mike said quietly to Joshua.

With everyone still asleep, Mike and Joshua drove to the edge of town, taking just the extra two to five seconds it takes to veer off the pavement to strike a stumbling zombie along the way. Every one counts.The doors to the Jeep were off and the wind from the early morning air was nice and cool. Joshua started to realize why Mike liked to look around at this time. "Its up here" Mike said, and slowly pulled over to a house.

A tin roof and shambles for walls. Joshua didn't know what to expect so he drew his silenced side arm. Mike nodded his head and disagreed. "Not here" he said. Mike pulled out two old fashioned Louisville Sluggers from the back of the Jeep. A bat makes alot less noise and where they were going, they didn't need the extra attention.

There were three zombs waiting to be dropped on their way to the far side of the house. One of them put up a good fight, but training and skill set in when Joshua finished the job. "That was a big bastard" Joshua said under his voice to Mike. Mike made his way to position while Joshua wiped the blood off his bat in the dirt. "Here... Look" Mike whispered. They crouched down at the corner of the house, and through the dark they looked across a fenced field of dirt. Beyond the field was a make shift airport with small planes and helicopters scattered about. And on the side, they all read ASMZ TRANSPORT.

Joshua shrugged his shoulders. "So, you led me to a hornets nest.. tell me there's more." Joshua pulled out some binoculars and pointed to a wooden control tower. "Look at the bottom, behind the wing of that Cessna." Joshua focused the binoculars and looked where he was told. Across the base of the tower were locations, places they were either dropping off or loading freight/zombies. Out loud, Joshua read off what he saw. "Yemen, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Somalia...... Ethiopia. There's transport to Ethiopia!" Joshua looked over to Mike. "Looks like we found our ride." Mike said "Yes, but we don't have much time. This.... make shift airport wasn't here 10 hours ago, and there's no telling when they are going to pack up and leave. Moving their operation from place to place is genius. Not even the African Government could know where they will set up next. We have to hurry."

Back in the Jeep, they knew the crunch in time but still taking the extra moment to run over zombies back toward the safe house. I love zombie killers.


Eddie Rotten

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