Saturday, May 19, 2012


Isabelle and her sister Dorothy were troopers. They knew what had to be done, but bringing themselves to doing it was a different story. Inside our Houston ZFC we had a discussion on 'why's and why not's' as far as going to Denver. Zombies were the top priority on safety. Isabelle's argument was that they had lived in Galveston alone long enough to know how to hold off a hand full of zombies. And if they had help, they would be able to double or triple their chances of survival agianst the walking dead. Lord Micah wanted Dorothy to go along too, but the risk was so great, even he had to double think their strategy. None of them knew what they would be up against. Lord Micah had the original prototype of the frequency weapon needed to fight of huge hordes of zombs, but it wasn't complete. At least not as complete as the one Lokey stole before he headed out to Africa. Their numbers seemed too thin to even stand against the unknown, with or without having a young child tag along. Brandon just stood there, twiddling his thumbs at the table during the discussion. "You know.." Brandon butted in. "I try to think about what X would do in this situation. These kids that were supposed to go... rescue were personal friends of his. Family. I don't think he would be sitting here... wondering anything. These kids are my age. YOUR age Isabelle. Frightened, Scared to death at what may happen to them. And who knows whats already happened." He looked over at Isabelle's sister Dorothy and squatted down. "Dorothy, I promise to bring Isabelle back safe, will you let her help us find our friends?" Dorothy held her teddy bear and looked over at her sister Isabelle, who had been her friend, her partner, her MOTHER through this world of the infected. Her eyes teared up, but no tears fell. She nodded yes. Brandon stood up, "Problem solved. Now lets plan our departure and get those kids."

Lord Micah was speechless through most of the conversations leading up to them leaving the Houston ZFC. He had so much to deal with. His family just reunited, and now they're splitting up again. He was sure they didn't have enough people to go and was worried about loosing both his daughters due to poor planning. His frequency device wasn't finished and he worried about failure when they most needed it. I found him in the bathroom 20 minutes before they left for the airport. He was sitting on the closed toilet, biting his nails. He'll be fine. His son X is a legend already and Lord Micah had a lot to live up to. Before leaving the bathroom, Lord Micah talked to me. "Eddie, you must understand. If I don't return, chances are Isabelle and Brandon wont either. I want you to consider that strong possibility. Please take my daughter Dorothy as your own when I get on that plane. I don't want anything to get to me when were in Denver, so I need to know she's safe." I nodded yes and gave him an old ring off my pinkie. "Give it back when you return.... seriously.... its worth money and I can barter for it." Lord Micah smiled and left the room to say goodbye to Dorothy. I let him go.

The moment they left the door to our ZFC, I had an uneasy wave come over me. I had Dorothy on my hip, something I hadn't done since my youngest son was that small. The ZFC mother came and took her from me so I could think about our next step.

I saw a few zombs on the road they were leaving on. Not too much debris on the ground. The sky was just a bit red. And somebody needs to clean these dead zombies off the lawn. A ZFC is supposed to represent order through freedom. We don't exactly shout order with zombs all over the damn place....

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