Thursday, May 10, 2012


I sat alone in the office of my den, clenching my fists until my palms bled. Reading the news outrages me and I ended up taking it out on some innocent zombies a few minutes ago. My palms are the newest to suffer my anger. News that Fox or MSNBC publishes, but then moves on casually to the weather or traffic. The latest to hit me hard is the use of aborted babies, dried and crushed and put into pills for horny men and women. The direction the world government is selling is a dark one and I'm starting to realize no one really cares. The convenience of life has won the battle between the reality of whats right and wrong.

My sons are now understanding the darkness of their future. My wife has prepared the best she can for her family while I'm out with the different ZFC'S in the area, and I can tell her energy is starting to hit invisible walls. All is not lost though. While I sit here with new bandages wrapped around my hands, our ZFC'S in Africa are surviving and accomplishing their tasks. They are getting closer and closer to the location of the ARC OF THE COVENANT, and winning the fight between us and the ASMZ. The zombies are getting harder to kill. Not because they are getting stronger or smarter, just that the emotional ties that lay heavy on us at the end of the day are becoming harder to deal with. People are dying, then being reanimated as zombies. Some don't even get the luxury of reanimation, they are just test tube zombs. So, we don't know the difference any more. We have to assume that every face we blow off, used to have a family, friends... loved ones. Since most zombs we encounter now are viciously decomposed, the ASMZ doesnt have to try too hard to make them look 'too' human. Walking, decomposed carcases, that eat flesh with an endless appetite for destruction.

Speaking of Africa....

I got word in from JIG and JOSHUA.

Before STAR and Lokey made it back to their location, JIG and Joshua filled me in on the happenings. Their next safe house was as it should be.. safe. The zombies were far enough away that they weren't a huge issue. Still, X chose to take first watch to make sure they could reload supplies and ammo before hitting the road again. Their first question to me was a reminder to why in the hell they were placed so far away from Ethiopia, where the ARC was fabled to be. Safety was first. Where they landed was safer to enter then to be dropped off 10 minutes away from their goal. And as their travels continued, they started to understand my concerns. So far, their battle has increasingly gotten more difficult, rather than to start balls to the wall, and possibly failing the mission.

One day before STAR and Lokey united with them this was their story.

Eddie, it's Joshua.. I woke up this morning forgetting where I was. JIG and X were outside the safe house talking about who knows what. Probably World of Warcraft or something.... JIG's brother was sitting in the corner, humming to himself. I gotta tell you, I'm more comfortable with STAR here. Even more so with someone like Captain LC, who I admit I don't know, but he has proven himself as a leader of a HUGE successful group. JIG and X just make me... uncomfortable. But there is a positive side to them both. Let me elaborate.

We got word the other day that STAR and Lokey were headed this way in a stolen ASMZ bus. They conveyed that they knew how risky their drive was, and that they could only get so far before road blocks were set up. My cell connection with them was interrupted by screams coming from outside. Before we were totally set up in this new safe house, we had to fight for everything we had, and what we have left. JIG was the first to the door. X was already outside and we weren't sure if the screams came from him, or an undead version of him. I followed behind JIG to the door and took low aim with my M16. JIG looked down and waved me to go forward. He would rather follow me because of the military training, so I proceeded. The screams were coming from behind the safe house so with my back close to the wall, I crept closer and closer to the sounds that rang in all our ears. JIG's brother MIKE T stayed inside the safe house to guard our supplies. He is a quiet, but good soldier as far as it seems. I crouched low and eased the nose of my gun out towards the sounds from behind our building. We didn't anticipate what we saw. The neighborhood we were in was crowded with people and cars, so the fact that we were using one of the buildings as a safe house, was totally hidden and un-noticed by the ASMZ. JIG and I peeked around the edge of the house and saw 6 men, buried to the neck in the ground. They were all screaming for mercy. In front of them, the ASMZ were yelling and holding up a map, pointing at it over and over. They were looking for some one. We could only figure it was STAR and Lokey. JIG tapped my shoulder and pointed over further to the right. There was a white van backed up with the door open. In front of the door stood the biggest zombie I had seen since I watched Resident Evil... the 2nd one I believe. Just.... HUGE! The zomb was chained to the back of the van, but reaching hungrily to the heads sticking out of the ground. The ASMZ officer holding the paper was yelling, then pointing at the zombie, then at the poor saps in the ground. It was obvious, if they didn't cough up some intel soon, their brains were to be eaten by this large mass of snarling dead flesh. JIG tapped my shoulder again and pointed across behind our position. Hidden behind tin sheets and wooden pallets leaned up against another shack of a home, was X. Blinking a flashlight, letting only us know his location. When I saw him.... he pointed at the ASMZ, then flipped me off. ?? I didn't understand his sign language at all, but JIG nodded and seemed to understand the unsaid plan. JIG politely shushed me, picked up a sizable rock, and backed away from the side of the house. Still hidden from the ASMZ, he fell back and launched the stone far over our safe house, and far beyond the van on the far side of the yard. The stone hit a tin wall, holding up a flimsy roof that came crashing down. You can imagine the noise it made. The ASMZ noticed. Half the men split off and ran to the front side of the van toting their guns, yelling profanities to "COME OUT, COME OUT!"

I saw the zombie spitting black ooze from its mouth. Its blood shot eyes were bulging out as it swayed back and forth attached to the chain, paying attention to both the action in front of the van and the 6 course meal buried in front of it, screaming for their lives. Just then, JIG darted out from behind me and ran right towards the three ASMZ officers still facing our corner of the house. He had a pistol in both hands, raised his arm mid sprint and dropped one... two ASMZ officers to the left. The last officer took aim and JIG dropped to his side quickly. BAM! A huge blast came from across the yard, and a tin roof came down on top of X. The last ASMZ officer dropped to his knees with a gaping hole in his gut. JIG didn't stop. He ran directly towards the giant zombie who was now pulling the chain violently, trying to free himself. JIG ran, then rolled to the hungry flesh eater, ending at its feet but just out of its reach. With momentum, JIG popped up and pistol whipped the zombie directly in the face. Clinging to its upper body, JIG buried both gun into the zombies neck and brain and unloaded his clips. The zombie dropped to its knees and fell forward as JIG took cover behind the van. I ran around to the other side of the house to get a jump on the remaining ASMZ, but when I got there, JIG's brother MIKE T was already there. Baseball bat in hand, and a large pistol sticking out the back of his pants... these UK boys mean business when there's work to be done Eddie. I hadn't seen this side of them before and I must say. Respect is due next time were around a camp fire. But don't tell them I said that. I heard JIG yell "GO GO GO GO!" from behind the van, and with his word, MIKE T pulled the gun from his back pants and shot the fragile tin building wall that the ASMZ were standing under, toppling it on their heads. He calmly placed the gun on the ground and turned to me. "Will you watch that for me?" He then picked the bat back up and walked over to the pile of tin and injured ASMZ members. JIG managed around my side of the van and motioned for me to check on X, who was buried in a pile of tin roofing himself. As I walked past the van, I stepped over the larger than life zombie that JIG easily crippled to nothing. It was a good 8 feet to give a conservative guess. Black puddles of blood ran from its body, and the stench was horrendous. I walked passed the 6 crying men that were neck deep in dirt and fear. When I reached the pile of tin where X was, I heard him laughing. I pulled the tin away and saw the shotgun that was obviously too big for his little frame. As soon as I pulled the tin off X I heard the TINK TINK TINK TINK of MIKE T's baseball bat, whacking the ASMZ that almost killed 6 innocent men. I pulled X from the metal and wood. He had scratches and some good sized cuts on his arm, but with out a word, he marched over to the men who were crying in fear and agony. I helped him dig them all out. MIKE T and JIG drug the bodies of the ASMZ over and them in 3 of the now vacant holes. I thought MIKE T killed them with his bat, but he didn't. He told me that would be 'inhumane'. So I didn't question. JIG and MIKE T left in the ASMZ van for about half an hour, and when they returned, they backed the van into the back yard and opened the rear doors. Out staggered one of the scrawniest zombies I had ever seen. Too thin to chase any one of us down, but hungry enough to feast on the living that were now buried in our back yard.

MIKE T stood by the back wall of the house, chain smoked, and waited for the zombie to finish before snapping its neck and curb stomping his head from behind. I went inside to check our supplies, and to ask JIG if his brother was always so...... cold to the living. "No" JIG said. I guess everyone here has a reason to dislike the ASMZ. I have mine for sure.. but my humanity is still intact... for now.

Later that night we heard an explosion about 4 miles away, then half an hour later, STAR and Lokey arrived at our safe house. We ate together as a new family would. Almost with out a word. We counted our supplies together as a family. Checked our ammo together as a family. We saw each other as soldiers, but even more as family. Our crew is tight Eddie. It reminded me about my home, my family.. before.. well. I'll have to give you some incite to my background as the others have soon. But for now I'll finish with this.

Before bed, Lokey told us how him and STAR won a battle using a device that he stole from Lord Micah. STAR had her headphones on the whole time asking MIKE T and JIG if they were into SKRILLX or PINK FLOYD. Lokey pulled the device out and showed it to us. It was very similar to the device that JIG demonstrated to us in the US before going to Africa. His was not anywhere near as powerful as what Lord Micah had constructed. Then Lokey said, "And that's not even the good stuff, X... I've got something you might want to see."

X came closer and peered into Lokeys bag of mysteries. (Every GYPSY has one) "You might want to sit down for this one X." Lokey said. X wrinkled his lips and held out his hand. "What is it? A Mexican jumping bean? A Jack in the Box? A pacifier?" X was so tired of every one seeing his as a child, he had his arsenal of smart as come backs rehearsed. Lokey continued. "When I stole this frequency device from Lord Micah in his research lab in Dallas, I mistakenly took papers in my hast to get out. In the papers I found a picture. Tell me what you think."

Lokey placed the photograph on X's hand and stepped back. X gazed at the picture. His eyes started to water up. "This is a picture of Lord Micah holding me as a baby..... who's the chick? What's this supposed to mean? Where'd you get this? WHERE'D YOU GET THIS!!"

X took the picture and held it close to his face as he sobbed and touched it every other second. "The girl, who's the girl!" X said in total confusion. Lokey went on to explain. "X, this is a picture of Lord Micah holding you as a baby. The girls' name is Isabelle. She is your sister X. Lord Micah is your father." X held the picture, wiped his eyes with his free hand and started to laugh. "You mean to tell me, that MY father, is the famous LORD MICAH?! The Frequency Scientist from Dallas? And that I have a sister named... what was it... Isabelle? MY FATHER IS IN THE MILITARY! MY FATHER TOLD ME HE WOULD COME BACK FOR ME WHEN IT WAS SAFE!! DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT MY FATHER AGAIN!" X continued to sob.

We gave him time to calm down, eventually he came to terms with the idea that all the puzzle pieces fit. It was a surprise to Lord Micah too. We told X that he had not one, but two sisters back home. We explained that his ZFC in Matagorda was breached by the ASMZ, and that everyone in the US ZFC's were looking for his family of brothers and sisters now missing, and thought to be hidden under the airport in Denver Colorado.

Its been a rough day for us all. And if I must say... It looks like STAR and Lokey are getting along quite well. Maybe fighting zombies together for several days on end will do that. I'll get back with you about what my life was like during the merge of the past life with this Zombie Life. I cant promise it'll be interesting, but I know your trying to log every ones past. A journal of the life before, during, and after is important.

Until then, update us with our next safe house. We think the ASMZ will be hunting around here more that some of their soldiers are missing.

From all of us here in Africa. We fight as one, until all are gone.



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