Sunday, May 27, 2012

Grateful for our worries...

Lord Micah and Isabelle were damn near inseparable. Father and daughter once again. Lots of unexplained absences in their past, but they weren't focusing on that. Lord Micah started calling her Izzy, she didn't mind. Izzy talked about how she held off hordes of the undead while she and her sister were alone in Galveston. She shared her plans with him on how a new and improved ZFC would benefit everyone in the area back home. Her one and only fear was that she wouldn't be respected because of how young she was. Lord Micah agreed, but pointed out what X had achieved on his own.

Children are different these days. Some say they are more aggressive, I say they are more in tune with the environment around them. Media critiques the youth as being zombie like themselves. What if they are just listening to the vibration of life? Yesterday's human that was allowed to daydream, is given medicine today. I admire the young of today. They have proven to me what leadership and survival really are. At least some of them have. There are a few bad apples that I've run across since the outbreak. Just when you thought zombies were the biggest threat. The same children that lead huge clans of kids to safety could just as easily kill them all off, and blame it on someone else. I guess we taught them to act just like us.... didn't we?

The trip to Colorado was long. Several stops along the way to spread the message that children were being kept against their will inside a basement at the Denver Airport. Who would believe it right? Well, more than you would think. By the time they arrived, and after half a dozen zombie fights, Lord Micah, Izzy and Brandon had gathered a small army of Truthers. Brandon, a young boy, organized several hotels around the area. As the days passed, they would rotate rooms among each other to keep suspicion down, if there was any. Remember, Brandon came from Florida... by himself to help our zombie fight so Lord Micah thought it appropriate to give him some level of leadership position. The people Brandon was over listened and followed. Lord Micah reported some small arguments at first, but all in all everyone found a place to be and helped out accordingly.

Brandon and Izzy became close friends. Lots in common, lots of the same fears and regrets. But mostly, there was a sense of family. One that Izzy was becoming more comfortable with, and one that Brandon was beginning to embrace for the first time.

Lord Micah reported several hotel rooms that we now occupied, a clear plan to infiltrate the airport and retrieve the children. What we didn't know was what was really going on underground at the airport. We believe that there is testing of cryogenic technology there. And with what we now know about overseas companies putting burned, crushed baby flesh into make up and over the counter aphrodisiacs... well, we did the math and it doesn't look good any way we look at it. Hopefully there's time to get to them and save them from whatever might happen.

There was the thought of simply flying to Denver. But the TSA has beefed up their operation to a point to where they hold precedence over the law. Once you walk into an airport, you involuntarily sign over all your rights. But don't let me get started.

I'm proud that everyone made it to Denver in one piece. I'm thankful that our entire ZFC is alive and responsive to the duty around them. I'm grateful. Grateful for the sun coming up today. Grateful for the blood I scrub from my hands. Grateful for my wife and 2 sons for putting up with this life and not taking their own because of the darkness around them.

Thank you to the ZFC across the globe.

Eddie Rotten

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