Sunday, May 27, 2012


Dorothy was in good hands. She was alone inside, but with kind loving people. Each ZFC has a Den Mother. Ours here in Houston is one to the best, if not THE best. I'm not too worried about Dorothy. I cant speak for her older Brother and Sister, X and Isabelle. Before Isabelle left for Colorado, Lord Micah and Brandon both shared how torn Isabelle was about leaving her sister behind.

I suppress as much as I can to get through it all. But sometimes the sheer weight of our situation pulls me down. I am surrounded by strong survivors though. Everyone in Africa seems to be bullet proof. We've had our disagreements and arguments, yes. But over all, our mission to find the ARC of the COVENANT is coming to an end. When we have it, we will be able to secure positive power, keeping the ASMZ from completing their agenda. The AGENDA. Let me cover that briefly.

The ASMZ is working for the UN, who in turn runs all the governments and banks in the world. These few ELITE people control the economies of the world, along with the supply of food and energy. From the beginning, these monsters have been in pursuit of the perfect man. They believe the perfect man will be able to correct the bad decisions us normal humans have made over the last several hundred years... so they say. Since they could never find the perfect man, a perfect man was to be created. To do this, they need power. Lots and lots of power. Through the years, this power has been sought after by the Elites of the world. Before Hitler, up to the presidents of to day. The scientist of our forefathers seperated this POWER into three sections, calling them each GENERATORS. These three generators have been on the drawing boards of the worlds higher ups for ages, in pursuit of energy. Energy will power the machine used to create the perfect human. Along the way, these same scientist figured that the world doesn't need the population it has, and is in need of a purging. To explain the need for less population, they use modern day icons from Hollywood and Governmental figures. People that have proven to gain a following, no matter what the news. Through vaccines, medicine, food and water, the Elitists have been able to keep population to a number they feel is safe for 'their' planet. But people began waking up to the atrocities. Population fought back and over ran the ideas that the original AGENDA holders had. To the Elitists, the AGENDA was to be the destiny of the planet. So a horrific irony was created.

A healthy population was what the pure minded people of Earth wanted, so that's what the Elitists gave us. Science found a way to reanimate some of the dead and create even more un-dead to govern the remaining population of the world. Now, we fight to survive. Zombies are the majority, and gaining ground every day. But we're working together. Mass groups of people are taking a stand against the ASMZ. People like our ZFC in Africa... man... let me get back to that.


JIG, STAR, MIKE T, CAPTAIN LC, and X. True zombie slayers.

The white van that carried them to the airport was stock full of supplies. Not just their own, but two-way radio packs, batteries, duffel bags, water bottles, granola bars.. everything they need to survive a few more days. Now if they could only get on one of those planes to Ethiopia. The morning was setting in. The African heat made its way to everyone in the van during the short trip from the last safe house to the airport. X decided that a spare duffel bag, was how he would sneak onto the plane.

"Its the best bet guys." X said as he zipped the black duffel bag up to his neck. Joshua can carry me in as if I were supplies, everybody acts normal, and when we get there with out being noticed. "What about the trip X?" STAR interjected. "How are you going to breath? Its not exactly a five minute flight X." Joshua leaned over and popped the zipper at the bottom. "There, now you can kick the zipper open when its safe, and get out, or get air... what ever you need."

The van bumped hard to the right. Mike glanced back from the drivers seat and apologized for the rough ride as he turned the wipers on, smearing away the remains of a zombie. The ASMZ vans were cleverly equipped with heavy duty bumpers and lights. Each were outfitted for not only zombie stomping but crowd control.

The airport came into sight. "Ok guys." Joshua gave out orders. "When we drive up, remember that we are ASMZ members. We know how they act here, so be sure to joke about how many zombies you've killed. Bum cigarettes if you can and don't be loose. We're just getting on the plane going to Ethiopia so be cool. If anything should happen, I wouldn't have done this with any other group of people. This ZFC is the strongest I've seen and I'm proud to KILLEM'ALL with you guys." They all nodded in agreement, too nervous to add.

X zipped the bag up over his face. The van stopped. Everyone took a deep breath. The small cargo plane parked in front of the sign that read ETHIOPIA was only 200 yards away. Without hesitation, they all started walking towards it. The duffel bag Joshua held over his shoulder was heavy and it showed. STAR walked ahead of the group and adjusted her bra, attracting the attention of other ASMZ members, creating a virtual brick wall so the ZFC could pass through the crowd of officers. The air was thick and dry. The sun was shining so brightly that it was hard to see past the blinding reflection off the plane they were to board.

They reached the plane. STAR noticed their position and zipped her uniform up, ending the peepshow for some of the officers. An ASMZ member immediately approached Joshua. "Lets have the bag." A conveyor cart wheeled up to Joshua and he threw the bag on top of some other bags, then asked for a cigarette to drew attention away from the event. He was not only handed a cigarette, but a drink. Everyone was. They boarded the plane in their white suits just like the 14 other members of the ASMZ they followed. Seated, STAR looked out the window and saw the conveyor cart attach to the planes conveyor. The duffel bag with X inside caught its turn and was pulled up into the belly of the transport plane.

As the plane left the dirt landing strip, they could clearly see the perimeter of the airport. Hundreds of zombies were making their way to the barbwire fence surrounding the area. Some ASMZ were tearing down the fence, others were popping off the zombies their leaders created. They were tearing it down. The ASMZ was ending this airport and I think our ZFC was the last flight out. They were moving on. Reminded me of Lokey's GYPSY GROUP back home. It seems like a lot of work, but its under the radar. I almost have to be impressed.

The ARC of the COVENANT was getting closer. I have set up contacts for our guys (and lady) when they land. Hopefully all will go well. Because of the research, resources and technology, Lokey and Lord Micah believe to have pin pointed the exact location of the ARC.

We have it all set up to move in and move out. Fingers crossed.

Pray for us.



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