Sunday, May 27, 2012


Back home we try as hard as we can to keep in touch with our ZFC's both in Africa and in Colorado. The GYPSY GROUP has been contacting my wife lately and telling her that there is an attack coming. They don't know exactly when or where, but that Houston TX is the target. They are well versed in the art of telephone bugging. And I've come to trust what they deliver as far as reliable information goes. We'll see where that threat goes. For now, there's more to share about the ARC.

The plane our ZFC was in flew low most of the way to Ethiopia. Low enough for everyone to actually be able to appreciate how beautiful Africa was. The Mother Land. This is the place where life as we know it was supposed to begin. Hopefully not where life eventually teeters out and falls on its face in a bloody pile of zombie horror. There were elephants, gazelles, beautiful flocks of white birds teaming together in flight across the beautiful African sky. But as they neared Ethiopia, the long gazes of wonder turned to worry and fear. The wildlife began to thin. The ground exposed what true horror awaited them when they landed. The elephants and families of gazelle that blanketed the terrain were now frantic, not knowing where to go or what to do. Hordes of zombies plagued the floor. One down elephant only attracted a few dozen zombies. The zombies looked almost like they enjoyed terrifying the gazelle until they were just too tired to run. There was nowhere to run. There were too many zombies. This was the most horrifying thing any of our ZFC had ever seen. The animals that had been taken down and gnawed to death rose again as dead flesh. These out of control elephants and gazelles were mowing through everything in their path. Just taking enough time to stomp the living to death, then move on to the next mortal being. Another interesting thing we noticed were jeeps and hum-v's scattered about. There were scouts on top with heavy guns stopping any zombie animal that got too close. But the vehicles were attached to glass top trailers. And when the glare of the sun moved away, the true evil of this entire zombie apocalypse was revealed. 12 people sat on cushioned seats. They each had tea, or coffee their hand. Pointing and laughing at the mayhem ensuing around them. Each corner of the glass covered trailer was fixed with a familiar bull horn, HUM Blasting zombies and zombied animals that breached a 50 yard perimeter. A slight hum was heard from inside the loud plane, as they passed over head. The shrubbery swayed back and forth behind the wind of the HUM Blasts as unfortunate zombies were picked up and flung out of range. This was true horror. To know of the atrocities across the globe because of the zombies and the ASMZ, but even worse, to see the death and destruction of life as we know it as entertainment.

Unbelievable evil.

The plane descended. They started passing over row after row of fence line. Covered in barb wire and wooden posts, they seemed to keep out the dead, or keep in the devil... however you want to look at it. Joshua looked at his team. Everyone was seated together. the ZFC was scattered throughout either side of the plane. There was a walking path through the center that seemed to serve as entertainment for most of the flight. ASMZ officers would take turns dancing like Elvis and singing down the center walk way. Every once in a while, drinks were served and they even had music playing over head. Most of it was from the 50's. Almost like the ASMZ idolized an era in America. It was almost a relief. To see monsters out of their element almost seem..... human. Just then, the door to the cock pit bust open.

An ASMZ officer kicked the door open and started screaming. He randomly pointed his gun at different officers throughout the cabin of the plane. Each officer took turns by saying, "NOT ME! NOT ME!!" The frustrated ASMZ slid open the door and let the reality of the outside seep in quickly. Every ones eyes got bigger. He pounded his open palm on the wall to the pilot, motioning him to loop around.... over the hordes of zombies and dead animals attacking and eating everything in sight. We got nervous.

Our ZFC was scattered, and feared any one of them could be tossed out. At least that's what it looked like was about to happen. The plane arched up and started to around back over the layers of security fencing. The screaming officer stumbled, then pulled out a bottle and pointed at its level. He was drunk! A drunken ASMZ officer was about to throw members of his own team out because his liquor was almost gone. UNBELIEVABLE EVIL!!

STAR looked closer at what the officer stumbled on. Lokey was already fixed on the new crease in the floor. From behind the screaming man and in front of the doorway leading to the cock pit, rose X.

Everyone noticed the young boy come up from a hole in the floor, but was too afraid to stop their lead officer from wailing his pistol around. X took the opportunity to play. He is our youth after all. X started mimicking the crazy antics of the officer. Copying his every move. The sitting officers didn't know what to do. They were mostly drunk too and were trained to fear their leaders.. The plane tilted a little more to the west. X lost his footing and stumbled into the screaming, gun flailing officer, pushing him out the plane. X looked at everyone. Everyone sat quiet in shock. X braced himself and took the two steps to the sliding door, and closed it.

The cabin sat quiet. Our ZFC quietly prepared for war inside the cabin of a plane. The pilot yelled from up front, "Is everything OK? I don't hear anything...." X slowly backed himself back down the hole, until just his face was exposed. Then, he disappeared.

Its amazing what people will do when somebody takes the lead. It seemed as if none of these hardened officers ever wanted the life they had. The money, the booze, the lifestyle... didn't seem to mean anything when they had an opportunity to be free.

The plane circled back around towards the airport again. The pilot never stopped yelling to the cabin, asking questions. When the airport came into view, officers were lined up and ready for anything. Just as they thought, the pilot called it in, that something was wrong. Exiting this plane was going to be harder than getting on. A lot harder!

Eddie Rotten

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