Saturday, May 19, 2012


When Joshua and Mike returned to their neighborhood, they heard soft HUM blasts, and saw white vans lined down the road leading to their safe house. "This doesn't look good" Joshua mumbled. He reached down to the floor board of the Jeep and grabbed a slightly bigger gun than the pistol he had. Mike parked the Jeep a full two blocks away. The ASMZ didn't know how many were with the ZFC, so they didn't know how many to look for. Just that they had finally found their location.

Joshua and Mike rounded the side of a nearby house, closing in on a safe sitting point near their ZFC. As the sun came up, so did the rotten flesh clan of zombies. The ASMZ never comes alone anymore. They leave a heavy dose of zombies to cause a distraction every where they go. Otherwise, people would have known what they were up to from the start. Because of the slight increase of zombies, they used their Rambo Knives. Mike T even tied a rag around his forehead. "What" Mike said. "It makes me feel like a bad ass." The strong UK accent made Joshua smile. They found an old burned car with the passenger door left opened. Joshua pulled the dead carcass out and quietly laid it on the ground behind the car. Mike handed Joshua the binoculars to get a better look.

The ASMZ flooded the front yard. The front door was open and officers were walking out with papers, boxes of food, and fire arms. Soon to follow were JIG, Lokey, STAR, and X. Their hands were bound above their head. X's feet were shackled together and he was scooting along behind the others. They were all chained together. When the ASMZ shifted positions on the front lawn, Joshua saw more. In the front lawn there were officers holding shovels. There were four holes dug in the ground. Joshua and Mike knew why. The ASMZ was getting their revenge. From the back yard, half eaten bodies were pulled up front. Joshua and Mike had seen enough. Time for action.

Joshua readied his rifle. "I only have one shot Mike, when the bullhorn drops, open fire." The bullhorn was the only thing keeping the surrounding zombies off everyone. That's where the HUM blasts were coming from, keeping distance between them and the flesh eaters. Joshua and Mike took position, hiding behind the car.

The sun was now a threat. The stench of the neighborhood seeped into their noses as Joshua took aim. Everything that could reflect, did. The officer holding the bullhorn raised it again to HUM off some zombs that were getting too close. Other ASMZ officers lowered our ZFC into their holes in preparation for death. STAR stood out especially because she was wearing.... boxers. Joshua commented, "Cant say I didn't see that one coming." Then, behind the rukus that was happening in front of the safe house... POW!!

One single shot from Joshua and the bullhorn shattered into a million pieces, along with the hand and upper arm of the ZFC officer. "GEEZ" said Mike T. The immediate silence was deafening. The HUM was gone, and so was the trance the zombies were in. The ASMZ officers looked at each other, but that's all they had time to do. Mike followed the shot with a barrage of gun fire. One by one the ASMZ fell lifeless to the ground and were devoured by the hungry zombies. The ZFC were stuck in the holes dug for them so Joshua ran to their aid. Joshua grabbed the keys from the remains of the officer and freed the ZFC one by one. And as each were loose, more zombies and ASMZ went down. Mike T was seen dragging officer bodies into the safe house, then throwing their bodies out the door to the teaming members of zombies.

As soon as all the ASMZ were dead, they all re-entered the safe house, grabbed what they could. Mike T threw each of them an ASMZ outfit. "No Blood... nice touch." X said as he put on his uniform. Joshua and Mike explained their find earlier that morning, and told them of the plan to board a plane headed for Ethiopia. Lokey and STAR glanced at each other occasionally as they put their uniforms on. Lokey wearing white boxers, and STAR wearing an identical pair. Everyone had a quick giggle.

They exited the safe house and hopped in the van that carried their supplies. Hearts were beating faster than the van escaped the scene. All alive. All ready for death. But not today.. Not this morning anyway....

To be continued



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