Sunday, May 27, 2012


Back home we try as hard as we can to keep in touch with our ZFC's both in Africa and in Colorado. The GYPSY GROUP has been contacting my wife lately and telling her that there is an attack coming. They don't know exactly when or where, but that Houston TX is the target. They are well versed in the art of telephone bugging. And I've come to trust what they deliver as far as reliable information goes. We'll see where that threat goes. For now, there's more to share about the ARC.

The plane our ZFC was in flew low most of the way to Ethiopia. Low enough for everyone to actually be able to appreciate how beautiful Africa was. The Mother Land. This is the place where life as we know it was supposed to begin. Hopefully not where life eventually teeters out and falls on its face in a bloody pile of zombie horror. There were elephants, gazelles, beautiful flocks of white birds teaming together in flight across the beautiful African sky. But as they neared Ethiopia, the long gazes of wonder turned to worry and fear. The wildlife began to thin. The ground exposed what true horror awaited them when they landed. The elephants and families of gazelle that blanketed the terrain were now frantic, not knowing where to go or what to do. Hordes of zombies plagued the floor. One down elephant only attracted a few dozen zombies. The zombies looked almost like they enjoyed terrifying the gazelle until they were just too tired to run. There was nowhere to run. There were too many zombies. This was the most horrifying thing any of our ZFC had ever seen. The animals that had been taken down and gnawed to death rose again as dead flesh. These out of control elephants and gazelles were mowing through everything in their path. Just taking enough time to stomp the living to death, then move on to the next mortal being. Another interesting thing we noticed were jeeps and hum-v's scattered about. There were scouts on top with heavy guns stopping any zombie animal that got too close. But the vehicles were attached to glass top trailers. And when the glare of the sun moved away, the true evil of this entire zombie apocalypse was revealed. 12 people sat on cushioned seats. They each had tea, or coffee their hand. Pointing and laughing at the mayhem ensuing around them. Each corner of the glass covered trailer was fixed with a familiar bull horn, HUM Blasting zombies and zombied animals that breached a 50 yard perimeter. A slight hum was heard from inside the loud plane, as they passed over head. The shrubbery swayed back and forth behind the wind of the HUM Blasts as unfortunate zombies were picked up and flung out of range. This was true horror. To know of the atrocities across the globe because of the zombies and the ASMZ, but even worse, to see the death and destruction of life as we know it as entertainment.

Unbelievable evil.

The plane descended. They started passing over row after row of fence line. Covered in barb wire and wooden posts, they seemed to keep out the dead, or keep in the devil... however you want to look at it. Joshua looked at his team. Everyone was seated together. the ZFC was scattered throughout either side of the plane. There was a walking path through the center that seemed to serve as entertainment for most of the flight. ASMZ officers would take turns dancing like Elvis and singing down the center walk way. Every once in a while, drinks were served and they even had music playing over head. Most of it was from the 50's. Almost like the ASMZ idolized an era in America. It was almost a relief. To see monsters out of their element almost seem..... human. Just then, the door to the cock pit bust open.

An ASMZ officer kicked the door open and started screaming. He randomly pointed his gun at different officers throughout the cabin of the plane. Each officer took turns by saying, "NOT ME! NOT ME!!" The frustrated ASMZ slid open the door and let the reality of the outside seep in quickly. Every ones eyes got bigger. He pounded his open palm on the wall to the pilot, motioning him to loop around.... over the hordes of zombies and dead animals attacking and eating everything in sight. We got nervous.

Our ZFC was scattered, and feared any one of them could be tossed out. At least that's what it looked like was about to happen. The plane arched up and started to around back over the layers of security fencing. The screaming officer stumbled, then pulled out a bottle and pointed at its level. He was drunk! A drunken ASMZ officer was about to throw members of his own team out because his liquor was almost gone. UNBELIEVABLE EVIL!!

STAR looked closer at what the officer stumbled on. Lokey was already fixed on the new crease in the floor. From behind the screaming man and in front of the doorway leading to the cock pit, rose X.

Everyone noticed the young boy come up from a hole in the floor, but was too afraid to stop their lead officer from wailing his pistol around. X took the opportunity to play. He is our youth after all. X started mimicking the crazy antics of the officer. Copying his every move. The sitting officers didn't know what to do. They were mostly drunk too and were trained to fear their leaders.. The plane tilted a little more to the west. X lost his footing and stumbled into the screaming, gun flailing officer, pushing him out the plane. X looked at everyone. Everyone sat quiet in shock. X braced himself and took the two steps to the sliding door, and closed it.

The cabin sat quiet. Our ZFC quietly prepared for war inside the cabin of a plane. The pilot yelled from up front, "Is everything OK? I don't hear anything...." X slowly backed himself back down the hole, until just his face was exposed. Then, he disappeared.

Its amazing what people will do when somebody takes the lead. It seemed as if none of these hardened officers ever wanted the life they had. The money, the booze, the lifestyle... didn't seem to mean anything when they had an opportunity to be free.

The plane circled back around towards the airport again. The pilot never stopped yelling to the cabin, asking questions. When the airport came into view, officers were lined up and ready for anything. Just as they thought, the pilot called it in, that something was wrong. Exiting this plane was going to be harder than getting on. A lot harder!

Eddie Rotten

Grateful for our worries...

Lord Micah and Isabelle were damn near inseparable. Father and daughter once again. Lots of unexplained absences in their past, but they weren't focusing on that. Lord Micah started calling her Izzy, she didn't mind. Izzy talked about how she held off hordes of the undead while she and her sister were alone in Galveston. She shared her plans with him on how a new and improved ZFC would benefit everyone in the area back home. Her one and only fear was that she wouldn't be respected because of how young she was. Lord Micah agreed, but pointed out what X had achieved on his own.

Children are different these days. Some say they are more aggressive, I say they are more in tune with the environment around them. Media critiques the youth as being zombie like themselves. What if they are just listening to the vibration of life? Yesterday's human that was allowed to daydream, is given medicine today. I admire the young of today. They have proven to me what leadership and survival really are. At least some of them have. There are a few bad apples that I've run across since the outbreak. Just when you thought zombies were the biggest threat. The same children that lead huge clans of kids to safety could just as easily kill them all off, and blame it on someone else. I guess we taught them to act just like us.... didn't we?

The trip to Colorado was long. Several stops along the way to spread the message that children were being kept against their will inside a basement at the Denver Airport. Who would believe it right? Well, more than you would think. By the time they arrived, and after half a dozen zombie fights, Lord Micah, Izzy and Brandon had gathered a small army of Truthers. Brandon, a young boy, organized several hotels around the area. As the days passed, they would rotate rooms among each other to keep suspicion down, if there was any. Remember, Brandon came from Florida... by himself to help our zombie fight so Lord Micah thought it appropriate to give him some level of leadership position. The people Brandon was over listened and followed. Lord Micah reported some small arguments at first, but all in all everyone found a place to be and helped out accordingly.

Brandon and Izzy became close friends. Lots in common, lots of the same fears and regrets. But mostly, there was a sense of family. One that Izzy was becoming more comfortable with, and one that Brandon was beginning to embrace for the first time.

Lord Micah reported several hotel rooms that we now occupied, a clear plan to infiltrate the airport and retrieve the children. What we didn't know was what was really going on underground at the airport. We believe that there is testing of cryogenic technology there. And with what we now know about overseas companies putting burned, crushed baby flesh into make up and over the counter aphrodisiacs... well, we did the math and it doesn't look good any way we look at it. Hopefully there's time to get to them and save them from whatever might happen.

There was the thought of simply flying to Denver. But the TSA has beefed up their operation to a point to where they hold precedence over the law. Once you walk into an airport, you involuntarily sign over all your rights. But don't let me get started.

I'm proud that everyone made it to Denver in one piece. I'm thankful that our entire ZFC is alive and responsive to the duty around them. I'm grateful. Grateful for the sun coming up today. Grateful for the blood I scrub from my hands. Grateful for my wife and 2 sons for putting up with this life and not taking their own because of the darkness around them.

Thank you to the ZFC across the globe.

Eddie Rotten


Dorothy was in good hands. She was alone inside, but with kind loving people. Each ZFC has a Den Mother. Ours here in Houston is one to the best, if not THE best. I'm not too worried about Dorothy. I cant speak for her older Brother and Sister, X and Isabelle. Before Isabelle left for Colorado, Lord Micah and Brandon both shared how torn Isabelle was about leaving her sister behind.

I suppress as much as I can to get through it all. But sometimes the sheer weight of our situation pulls me down. I am surrounded by strong survivors though. Everyone in Africa seems to be bullet proof. We've had our disagreements and arguments, yes. But over all, our mission to find the ARC of the COVENANT is coming to an end. When we have it, we will be able to secure positive power, keeping the ASMZ from completing their agenda. The AGENDA. Let me cover that briefly.

The ASMZ is working for the UN, who in turn runs all the governments and banks in the world. These few ELITE people control the economies of the world, along with the supply of food and energy. From the beginning, these monsters have been in pursuit of the perfect man. They believe the perfect man will be able to correct the bad decisions us normal humans have made over the last several hundred years... so they say. Since they could never find the perfect man, a perfect man was to be created. To do this, they need power. Lots and lots of power. Through the years, this power has been sought after by the Elites of the world. Before Hitler, up to the presidents of to day. The scientist of our forefathers seperated this POWER into three sections, calling them each GENERATORS. These three generators have been on the drawing boards of the worlds higher ups for ages, in pursuit of energy. Energy will power the machine used to create the perfect human. Along the way, these same scientist figured that the world doesn't need the population it has, and is in need of a purging. To explain the need for less population, they use modern day icons from Hollywood and Governmental figures. People that have proven to gain a following, no matter what the news. Through vaccines, medicine, food and water, the Elitists have been able to keep population to a number they feel is safe for 'their' planet. But people began waking up to the atrocities. Population fought back and over ran the ideas that the original AGENDA holders had. To the Elitists, the AGENDA was to be the destiny of the planet. So a horrific irony was created.

A healthy population was what the pure minded people of Earth wanted, so that's what the Elitists gave us. Science found a way to reanimate some of the dead and create even more un-dead to govern the remaining population of the world. Now, we fight to survive. Zombies are the majority, and gaining ground every day. But we're working together. Mass groups of people are taking a stand against the ASMZ. People like our ZFC in Africa... man... let me get back to that.


JIG, STAR, MIKE T, CAPTAIN LC, and X. True zombie slayers.

The white van that carried them to the airport was stock full of supplies. Not just their own, but two-way radio packs, batteries, duffel bags, water bottles, granola bars.. everything they need to survive a few more days. Now if they could only get on one of those planes to Ethiopia. The morning was setting in. The African heat made its way to everyone in the van during the short trip from the last safe house to the airport. X decided that a spare duffel bag, was how he would sneak onto the plane.

"Its the best bet guys." X said as he zipped the black duffel bag up to his neck. Joshua can carry me in as if I were supplies, everybody acts normal, and when we get there with out being noticed. "What about the trip X?" STAR interjected. "How are you going to breath? Its not exactly a five minute flight X." Joshua leaned over and popped the zipper at the bottom. "There, now you can kick the zipper open when its safe, and get out, or get air... what ever you need."

The van bumped hard to the right. Mike glanced back from the drivers seat and apologized for the rough ride as he turned the wipers on, smearing away the remains of a zombie. The ASMZ vans were cleverly equipped with heavy duty bumpers and lights. Each were outfitted for not only zombie stomping but crowd control.

The airport came into sight. "Ok guys." Joshua gave out orders. "When we drive up, remember that we are ASMZ members. We know how they act here, so be sure to joke about how many zombies you've killed. Bum cigarettes if you can and don't be loose. We're just getting on the plane going to Ethiopia so be cool. If anything should happen, I wouldn't have done this with any other group of people. This ZFC is the strongest I've seen and I'm proud to KILLEM'ALL with you guys." They all nodded in agreement, too nervous to add.

X zipped the bag up over his face. The van stopped. Everyone took a deep breath. The small cargo plane parked in front of the sign that read ETHIOPIA was only 200 yards away. Without hesitation, they all started walking towards it. The duffel bag Joshua held over his shoulder was heavy and it showed. STAR walked ahead of the group and adjusted her bra, attracting the attention of other ASMZ members, creating a virtual brick wall so the ZFC could pass through the crowd of officers. The air was thick and dry. The sun was shining so brightly that it was hard to see past the blinding reflection off the plane they were to board.

They reached the plane. STAR noticed their position and zipped her uniform up, ending the peepshow for some of the officers. An ASMZ member immediately approached Joshua. "Lets have the bag." A conveyor cart wheeled up to Joshua and he threw the bag on top of some other bags, then asked for a cigarette to drew attention away from the event. He was not only handed a cigarette, but a drink. Everyone was. They boarded the plane in their white suits just like the 14 other members of the ASMZ they followed. Seated, STAR looked out the window and saw the conveyor cart attach to the planes conveyor. The duffel bag with X inside caught its turn and was pulled up into the belly of the transport plane.

As the plane left the dirt landing strip, they could clearly see the perimeter of the airport. Hundreds of zombies were making their way to the barbwire fence surrounding the area. Some ASMZ were tearing down the fence, others were popping off the zombies their leaders created. They were tearing it down. The ASMZ was ending this airport and I think our ZFC was the last flight out. They were moving on. Reminded me of Lokey's GYPSY GROUP back home. It seems like a lot of work, but its under the radar. I almost have to be impressed.

The ARC of the COVENANT was getting closer. I have set up contacts for our guys (and lady) when they land. Hopefully all will go well. Because of the research, resources and technology, Lokey and Lord Micah believe to have pin pointed the exact location of the ARC.

We have it all set up to move in and move out. Fingers crossed.

Pray for us.



Saturday, May 19, 2012


When Joshua and Mike returned to their neighborhood, they heard soft HUM blasts, and saw white vans lined down the road leading to their safe house. "This doesn't look good" Joshua mumbled. He reached down to the floor board of the Jeep and grabbed a slightly bigger gun than the pistol he had. Mike parked the Jeep a full two blocks away. The ASMZ didn't know how many were with the ZFC, so they didn't know how many to look for. Just that they had finally found their location.

Joshua and Mike rounded the side of a nearby house, closing in on a safe sitting point near their ZFC. As the sun came up, so did the rotten flesh clan of zombies. The ASMZ never comes alone anymore. They leave a heavy dose of zombies to cause a distraction every where they go. Otherwise, people would have known what they were up to from the start. Because of the slight increase of zombies, they used their Rambo Knives. Mike T even tied a rag around his forehead. "What" Mike said. "It makes me feel like a bad ass." The strong UK accent made Joshua smile. They found an old burned car with the passenger door left opened. Joshua pulled the dead carcass out and quietly laid it on the ground behind the car. Mike handed Joshua the binoculars to get a better look.

The ASMZ flooded the front yard. The front door was open and officers were walking out with papers, boxes of food, and fire arms. Soon to follow were JIG, Lokey, STAR, and X. Their hands were bound above their head. X's feet were shackled together and he was scooting along behind the others. They were all chained together. When the ASMZ shifted positions on the front lawn, Joshua saw more. In the front lawn there were officers holding shovels. There were four holes dug in the ground. Joshua and Mike knew why. The ASMZ was getting their revenge. From the back yard, half eaten bodies were pulled up front. Joshua and Mike had seen enough. Time for action.

Joshua readied his rifle. "I only have one shot Mike, when the bullhorn drops, open fire." The bullhorn was the only thing keeping the surrounding zombies off everyone. That's where the HUM blasts were coming from, keeping distance between them and the flesh eaters. Joshua and Mike took position, hiding behind the car.

The sun was now a threat. The stench of the neighborhood seeped into their noses as Joshua took aim. Everything that could reflect, did. The officer holding the bullhorn raised it again to HUM off some zombs that were getting too close. Other ASMZ officers lowered our ZFC into their holes in preparation for death. STAR stood out especially because she was wearing.... boxers. Joshua commented, "Cant say I didn't see that one coming." Then, behind the rukus that was happening in front of the safe house... POW!!

One single shot from Joshua and the bullhorn shattered into a million pieces, along with the hand and upper arm of the ZFC officer. "GEEZ" said Mike T. The immediate silence was deafening. The HUM was gone, and so was the trance the zombies were in. The ASMZ officers looked at each other, but that's all they had time to do. Mike followed the shot with a barrage of gun fire. One by one the ASMZ fell lifeless to the ground and were devoured by the hungry zombies. The ZFC were stuck in the holes dug for them so Joshua ran to their aid. Joshua grabbed the keys from the remains of the officer and freed the ZFC one by one. And as each were loose, more zombies and ASMZ went down. Mike T was seen dragging officer bodies into the safe house, then throwing their bodies out the door to the teaming members of zombies.

As soon as all the ASMZ were dead, they all re-entered the safe house, grabbed what they could. Mike T threw each of them an ASMZ outfit. "No Blood... nice touch." X said as he put on his uniform. Joshua and Mike explained their find earlier that morning, and told them of the plan to board a plane headed for Ethiopia. Lokey and STAR glanced at each other occasionally as they put their uniforms on. Lokey wearing white boxers, and STAR wearing an identical pair. Everyone had a quick giggle.

They exited the safe house and hopped in the van that carried their supplies. Hearts were beating faster than the van escaped the scene. All alive. All ready for death. But not today.. Not this morning anyway....

To be continued




Isabelle and her sister Dorothy were troopers. They knew what had to be done, but bringing themselves to doing it was a different story. Inside our Houston ZFC we had a discussion on 'why's and why not's' as far as going to Denver. Zombies were the top priority on safety. Isabelle's argument was that they had lived in Galveston alone long enough to know how to hold off a hand full of zombies. And if they had help, they would be able to double or triple their chances of survival agianst the walking dead. Lord Micah wanted Dorothy to go along too, but the risk was so great, even he had to double think their strategy. None of them knew what they would be up against. Lord Micah had the original prototype of the frequency weapon needed to fight of huge hordes of zombs, but it wasn't complete. At least not as complete as the one Lokey stole before he headed out to Africa. Their numbers seemed too thin to even stand against the unknown, with or without having a young child tag along. Brandon just stood there, twiddling his thumbs at the table during the discussion. "You know.." Brandon butted in. "I try to think about what X would do in this situation. These kids that were supposed to go... rescue were personal friends of his. Family. I don't think he would be sitting here... wondering anything. These kids are my age. YOUR age Isabelle. Frightened, Scared to death at what may happen to them. And who knows whats already happened." He looked over at Isabelle's sister Dorothy and squatted down. "Dorothy, I promise to bring Isabelle back safe, will you let her help us find our friends?" Dorothy held her teddy bear and looked over at her sister Isabelle, who had been her friend, her partner, her MOTHER through this world of the infected. Her eyes teared up, but no tears fell. She nodded yes. Brandon stood up, "Problem solved. Now lets plan our departure and get those kids."

Lord Micah was speechless through most of the conversations leading up to them leaving the Houston ZFC. He had so much to deal with. His family just reunited, and now they're splitting up again. He was sure they didn't have enough people to go and was worried about loosing both his daughters due to poor planning. His frequency device wasn't finished and he worried about failure when they most needed it. I found him in the bathroom 20 minutes before they left for the airport. He was sitting on the closed toilet, biting his nails. He'll be fine. His son X is a legend already and Lord Micah had a lot to live up to. Before leaving the bathroom, Lord Micah talked to me. "Eddie, you must understand. If I don't return, chances are Isabelle and Brandon wont either. I want you to consider that strong possibility. Please take my daughter Dorothy as your own when I get on that plane. I don't want anything to get to me when were in Denver, so I need to know she's safe." I nodded yes and gave him an old ring off my pinkie. "Give it back when you return.... seriously.... its worth money and I can barter for it." Lord Micah smiled and left the room to say goodbye to Dorothy. I let him go.

The moment they left the door to our ZFC, I had an uneasy wave come over me. I had Dorothy on my hip, something I hadn't done since my youngest son was that small. The ZFC mother came and took her from me so I could think about our next step.

I saw a few zombs on the road they were leaving on. Not too much debris on the ground. The sky was just a bit red. And somebody needs to clean these dead zombies off the lawn. A ZFC is supposed to represent order through freedom. We don't exactly shout order with zombs all over the damn place....


Back home, Isabelle, her sister Dorothy and Brandon decided to wait for Lord Micah. He wanted to be close to his daughters and maybe even take young Brandon under his wing so back from Dallas he came. He's made more trips back and forth from Dallas in the last few months than any businessman I've ever seen. The trips aren't easy either. Zombies have taken over large portions of the freeway between here and there. His stories are bloody, some not even fit for this blog (if you can believe that). I don't believe in full censorship, but I know that there are limits... and he's pretty... descriptive.

Over the last few weeks, lots has happened. After a heart felt conversation between Lord Micah and X via Skype, X decided to continue in Africa until the Arc of the Covenant was located. And in his own words, "If we don't attain the 2nd generator before the ASMZ does, every achievement since the beginning of civilization will be lost to the elitists and eugenicists of the world. I'll stay until all the missing parts are put together.. Then I'll reunite with my family."

Big words from such a young boy. He said it while wiping blood off his shoes... and it wasn't his own. X has proven to be an ultimate soldier in the fight against the ASMZ and the zombies. Joshua and JIG agree that it would be better if someone like X stayed to finish the mission. X did request however that Lord Micah, Isabelle and Brandon go look for the rest of the children that were kidnapped and taken to the underbelly of the Denver Airport. They would have to leave behind Isabelle's sister for safety reasons... and that could pose as a problem. Especially since they just reunited with each other. It'll take time. But every second that goes by, those poor kids from the Matagorda ZFC could be in peril. We don't put anything past the ASMZ as far as testing on humans go.

Joshua called in too and mentioned how anxious everyone was to get back home. The mission to get the kids from Denver might even get pushed back until Lokey returns to the states. He seems to be the only one with the resources and the skill to pull off a job like that. "Plus," Joshua went on "Lokey and STAR are sharing something more than the ability to really kick some zombie ass. There might be a little something going there."

I'll let Lokey tell me if something is going on between him and STAR if he chooses. It's really none of my business, but why not you know? Even in a zombie apocalypse, people find a way to.... you know....

Moving on.

Joshua also told me he has struck a good friendship with JIG's brother Mike T. Mike T was a true scout. He would go out and find intel when everyone was asleep. Aside from being sadistic in his revenge on the zombies, he actually had really good, endearing qualities to offer as a solder to our hodge-podge ZFC. Joshua explained to me Mike's findings.

I realize that our team is over half way to Ethiopia. By stolen bus, jeep... even by foot, they have made their way without being caught or killed. I am so proud of our people out there. The other morning though, a huge breakthrough led to finding the Arc. And it was Joshua and Mike T that led the way. Mike entered the safe house quietly in the early morning of May 16th, 2012. He went straight to Joshua. Joshua was the most decorated and experience person of Military background so Mike T naturally sought him out for leadership and strategy conversation. Joshua rolled over with his gun in hand and rubbed his eyes. "What.. what do you want? What time is it?" The sun wasn't coming up for another hour or so, so Mike T thought no better time than the present to show off his new find. Joshua got dressed in his 'now trademark' black outfit. Black everything. The black cap hides his face behind the shadow it casts, but he still chose to wear it in the dark morning. Just outside the door, two zombies were quickly snubbed out as they walked toward the Jeep Mike T stole from a neighboring village the week prior. "Get in.. I'll show you" Mike said quietly to Joshua.

With everyone still asleep, Mike and Joshua drove to the edge of town, taking just the extra two to five seconds it takes to veer off the pavement to strike a stumbling zombie along the way. Every one counts.The doors to the Jeep were off and the wind from the early morning air was nice and cool. Joshua started to realize why Mike liked to look around at this time. "Its up here" Mike said, and slowly pulled over to a house.

A tin roof and shambles for walls. Joshua didn't know what to expect so he drew his silenced side arm. Mike nodded his head and disagreed. "Not here" he said. Mike pulled out two old fashioned Louisville Sluggers from the back of the Jeep. A bat makes alot less noise and where they were going, they didn't need the extra attention.

There were three zombs waiting to be dropped on their way to the far side of the house. One of them put up a good fight, but training and skill set in when Joshua finished the job. "That was a big bastard" Joshua said under his voice to Mike. Mike made his way to position while Joshua wiped the blood off his bat in the dirt. "Here... Look" Mike whispered. They crouched down at the corner of the house, and through the dark they looked across a fenced field of dirt. Beyond the field was a make shift airport with small planes and helicopters scattered about. And on the side, they all read ASMZ TRANSPORT.

Joshua shrugged his shoulders. "So, you led me to a hornets nest.. tell me there's more." Joshua pulled out some binoculars and pointed to a wooden control tower. "Look at the bottom, behind the wing of that Cessna." Joshua focused the binoculars and looked where he was told. Across the base of the tower were locations, places they were either dropping off or loading freight/zombies. Out loud, Joshua read off what he saw. "Yemen, South Sudan, Tanzania, Zambia, Kenya, Somalia...... Ethiopia. There's transport to Ethiopia!" Joshua looked over to Mike. "Looks like we found our ride." Mike said "Yes, but we don't have much time. This.... make shift airport wasn't here 10 hours ago, and there's no telling when they are going to pack up and leave. Moving their operation from place to place is genius. Not even the African Government could know where they will set up next. We have to hurry."

Back in the Jeep, they knew the crunch in time but still taking the extra moment to run over zombies back toward the safe house. I love zombie killers.


Eddie Rotten

Thursday, May 10, 2012


I sat alone in the office of my den, clenching my fists until my palms bled. Reading the news outrages me and I ended up taking it out on some innocent zombies a few minutes ago. My palms are the newest to suffer my anger. News that Fox or MSNBC publishes, but then moves on casually to the weather or traffic. The latest to hit me hard is the use of aborted babies, dried and crushed and put into pills for horny men and women. The direction the world government is selling is a dark one and I'm starting to realize no one really cares. The convenience of life has won the battle between the reality of whats right and wrong.

My sons are now understanding the darkness of their future. My wife has prepared the best she can for her family while I'm out with the different ZFC'S in the area, and I can tell her energy is starting to hit invisible walls. All is not lost though. While I sit here with new bandages wrapped around my hands, our ZFC'S in Africa are surviving and accomplishing their tasks. They are getting closer and closer to the location of the ARC OF THE COVENANT, and winning the fight between us and the ASMZ. The zombies are getting harder to kill. Not because they are getting stronger or smarter, just that the emotional ties that lay heavy on us at the end of the day are becoming harder to deal with. People are dying, then being reanimated as zombies. Some don't even get the luxury of reanimation, they are just test tube zombs. So, we don't know the difference any more. We have to assume that every face we blow off, used to have a family, friends... loved ones. Since most zombs we encounter now are viciously decomposed, the ASMZ doesnt have to try too hard to make them look 'too' human. Walking, decomposed carcases, that eat flesh with an endless appetite for destruction.

Speaking of Africa....

I got word in from JIG and JOSHUA.

Before STAR and Lokey made it back to their location, JIG and Joshua filled me in on the happenings. Their next safe house was as it should be.. safe. The zombies were far enough away that they weren't a huge issue. Still, X chose to take first watch to make sure they could reload supplies and ammo before hitting the road again. Their first question to me was a reminder to why in the hell they were placed so far away from Ethiopia, where the ARC was fabled to be. Safety was first. Where they landed was safer to enter then to be dropped off 10 minutes away from their goal. And as their travels continued, they started to understand my concerns. So far, their battle has increasingly gotten more difficult, rather than to start balls to the wall, and possibly failing the mission.

One day before STAR and Lokey united with them this was their story.

Eddie, it's Joshua.. I woke up this morning forgetting where I was. JIG and X were outside the safe house talking about who knows what. Probably World of Warcraft or something.... JIG's brother was sitting in the corner, humming to himself. I gotta tell you, I'm more comfortable with STAR here. Even more so with someone like Captain LC, who I admit I don't know, but he has proven himself as a leader of a HUGE successful group. JIG and X just make me... uncomfortable. But there is a positive side to them both. Let me elaborate.

We got word the other day that STAR and Lokey were headed this way in a stolen ASMZ bus. They conveyed that they knew how risky their drive was, and that they could only get so far before road blocks were set up. My cell connection with them was interrupted by screams coming from outside. Before we were totally set up in this new safe house, we had to fight for everything we had, and what we have left. JIG was the first to the door. X was already outside and we weren't sure if the screams came from him, or an undead version of him. I followed behind JIG to the door and took low aim with my M16. JIG looked down and waved me to go forward. He would rather follow me because of the military training, so I proceeded. The screams were coming from behind the safe house so with my back close to the wall, I crept closer and closer to the sounds that rang in all our ears. JIG's brother MIKE T stayed inside the safe house to guard our supplies. He is a quiet, but good soldier as far as it seems. I crouched low and eased the nose of my gun out towards the sounds from behind our building. We didn't anticipate what we saw. The neighborhood we were in was crowded with people and cars, so the fact that we were using one of the buildings as a safe house, was totally hidden and un-noticed by the ASMZ. JIG and I peeked around the edge of the house and saw 6 men, buried to the neck in the ground. They were all screaming for mercy. In front of them, the ASMZ were yelling and holding up a map, pointing at it over and over. They were looking for some one. We could only figure it was STAR and Lokey. JIG tapped my shoulder and pointed over further to the right. There was a white van backed up with the door open. In front of the door stood the biggest zombie I had seen since I watched Resident Evil... the 2nd one I believe. Just.... HUGE! The zomb was chained to the back of the van, but reaching hungrily to the heads sticking out of the ground. The ASMZ officer holding the paper was yelling, then pointing at the zombie, then at the poor saps in the ground. It was obvious, if they didn't cough up some intel soon, their brains were to be eaten by this large mass of snarling dead flesh. JIG tapped my shoulder again and pointed across behind our position. Hidden behind tin sheets and wooden pallets leaned up against another shack of a home, was X. Blinking a flashlight, letting only us know his location. When I saw him.... he pointed at the ASMZ, then flipped me off. ?? I didn't understand his sign language at all, but JIG nodded and seemed to understand the unsaid plan. JIG politely shushed me, picked up a sizable rock, and backed away from the side of the house. Still hidden from the ASMZ, he fell back and launched the stone far over our safe house, and far beyond the van on the far side of the yard. The stone hit a tin wall, holding up a flimsy roof that came crashing down. You can imagine the noise it made. The ASMZ noticed. Half the men split off and ran to the front side of the van toting their guns, yelling profanities to "COME OUT, COME OUT!"

I saw the zombie spitting black ooze from its mouth. Its blood shot eyes were bulging out as it swayed back and forth attached to the chain, paying attention to both the action in front of the van and the 6 course meal buried in front of it, screaming for their lives. Just then, JIG darted out from behind me and ran right towards the three ASMZ officers still facing our corner of the house. He had a pistol in both hands, raised his arm mid sprint and dropped one... two ASMZ officers to the left. The last officer took aim and JIG dropped to his side quickly. BAM! A huge blast came from across the yard, and a tin roof came down on top of X. The last ASMZ officer dropped to his knees with a gaping hole in his gut. JIG didn't stop. He ran directly towards the giant zombie who was now pulling the chain violently, trying to free himself. JIG ran, then rolled to the hungry flesh eater, ending at its feet but just out of its reach. With momentum, JIG popped up and pistol whipped the zombie directly in the face. Clinging to its upper body, JIG buried both gun into the zombies neck and brain and unloaded his clips. The zombie dropped to its knees and fell forward as JIG took cover behind the van. I ran around to the other side of the house to get a jump on the remaining ASMZ, but when I got there, JIG's brother MIKE T was already there. Baseball bat in hand, and a large pistol sticking out the back of his pants... these UK boys mean business when there's work to be done Eddie. I hadn't seen this side of them before and I must say. Respect is due next time were around a camp fire. But don't tell them I said that. I heard JIG yell "GO GO GO GO!" from behind the van, and with his word, MIKE T pulled the gun from his back pants and shot the fragile tin building wall that the ASMZ were standing under, toppling it on their heads. He calmly placed the gun on the ground and turned to me. "Will you watch that for me?" He then picked the bat back up and walked over to the pile of tin and injured ASMZ members. JIG managed around my side of the van and motioned for me to check on X, who was buried in a pile of tin roofing himself. As I walked past the van, I stepped over the larger than life zombie that JIG easily crippled to nothing. It was a good 8 feet to give a conservative guess. Black puddles of blood ran from its body, and the stench was horrendous. I walked passed the 6 crying men that were neck deep in dirt and fear. When I reached the pile of tin where X was, I heard him laughing. I pulled the tin away and saw the shotgun that was obviously too big for his little frame. As soon as I pulled the tin off X I heard the TINK TINK TINK TINK of MIKE T's baseball bat, whacking the ASMZ that almost killed 6 innocent men. I pulled X from the metal and wood. He had scratches and some good sized cuts on his arm, but with out a word, he marched over to the men who were crying in fear and agony. I helped him dig them all out. MIKE T and JIG drug the bodies of the ASMZ over and them in 3 of the now vacant holes. I thought MIKE T killed them with his bat, but he didn't. He told me that would be 'inhumane'. So I didn't question. JIG and MIKE T left in the ASMZ van for about half an hour, and when they returned, they backed the van into the back yard and opened the rear doors. Out staggered one of the scrawniest zombies I had ever seen. Too thin to chase any one of us down, but hungry enough to feast on the living that were now buried in our back yard.

MIKE T stood by the back wall of the house, chain smoked, and waited for the zombie to finish before snapping its neck and curb stomping his head from behind. I went inside to check our supplies, and to ask JIG if his brother was always so...... cold to the living. "No" JIG said. I guess everyone here has a reason to dislike the ASMZ. I have mine for sure.. but my humanity is still intact... for now.

Later that night we heard an explosion about 4 miles away, then half an hour later, STAR and Lokey arrived at our safe house. We ate together as a new family would. Almost with out a word. We counted our supplies together as a family. Checked our ammo together as a family. We saw each other as soldiers, but even more as family. Our crew is tight Eddie. It reminded me about my home, my family.. before.. well. I'll have to give you some incite to my background as the others have soon. But for now I'll finish with this.

Before bed, Lokey told us how him and STAR won a battle using a device that he stole from Lord Micah. STAR had her headphones on the whole time asking MIKE T and JIG if they were into SKRILLX or PINK FLOYD. Lokey pulled the device out and showed it to us. It was very similar to the device that JIG demonstrated to us in the US before going to Africa. His was not anywhere near as powerful as what Lord Micah had constructed. Then Lokey said, "And that's not even the good stuff, X... I've got something you might want to see."

X came closer and peered into Lokeys bag of mysteries. (Every GYPSY has one) "You might want to sit down for this one X." Lokey said. X wrinkled his lips and held out his hand. "What is it? A Mexican jumping bean? A Jack in the Box? A pacifier?" X was so tired of every one seeing his as a child, he had his arsenal of smart as come backs rehearsed. Lokey continued. "When I stole this frequency device from Lord Micah in his research lab in Dallas, I mistakenly took papers in my hast to get out. In the papers I found a picture. Tell me what you think."

Lokey placed the photograph on X's hand and stepped back. X gazed at the picture. His eyes started to water up. "This is a picture of Lord Micah holding me as a baby..... who's the chick? What's this supposed to mean? Where'd you get this? WHERE'D YOU GET THIS!!"

X took the picture and held it close to his face as he sobbed and touched it every other second. "The girl, who's the girl!" X said in total confusion. Lokey went on to explain. "X, this is a picture of Lord Micah holding you as a baby. The girls' name is Isabelle. She is your sister X. Lord Micah is your father." X held the picture, wiped his eyes with his free hand and started to laugh. "You mean to tell me, that MY father, is the famous LORD MICAH?! The Frequency Scientist from Dallas? And that I have a sister named... what was it... Isabelle? MY FATHER IS IN THE MILITARY! MY FATHER TOLD ME HE WOULD COME BACK FOR ME WHEN IT WAS SAFE!! DON'T EVER TALK ABOUT MY FATHER AGAIN!" X continued to sob.

We gave him time to calm down, eventually he came to terms with the idea that all the puzzle pieces fit. It was a surprise to Lord Micah too. We told X that he had not one, but two sisters back home. We explained that his ZFC in Matagorda was breached by the ASMZ, and that everyone in the US ZFC's were looking for his family of brothers and sisters now missing, and thought to be hidden under the airport in Denver Colorado.

Its been a rough day for us all. And if I must say... It looks like STAR and Lokey are getting along quite well. Maybe fighting zombies together for several days on end will do that. I'll get back with you about what my life was like during the merge of the past life with this Zombie Life. I cant promise it'll be interesting, but I know your trying to log every ones past. A journal of the life before, during, and after is important.

Until then, update us with our next safe house. We think the ASMZ will be hunting around here more that some of their soldiers are missing.

From all of us here in Africa. We fight as one, until all are gone.