Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's a new day. One whole day, and it feels like just seconds have passed. Isabelle, her sister Dorothy, Brandon, the driver..... and a new member of our family, Emma, came in last night. Emma is the name of the little girl that hid from the ASMZ when they stormed the Matagorda ZFC. So brave, but so crushed from the images and sounds she dealt with while she held her breath, hoping no one would see her. Matagorda ZFC had seen its last day. They left behind a house falling in on itself. All the children were gone, taken by the ASMZ. We put together a team to tracking them down. When I heard that it was in Colorado... at an airport... I knew just the place. Its the underground city built below the airport in Denver. I talked about this government abomination several months ago. Look it up, I cant go into it right now, but rest assured.. you will be awake after you read about the murals and hidden, cryptic symbols strategically placed all over the place. If that is the place, I don't know HOW were going to get in. The only person that might have a chance.. is Lokey... but he's in Africa for who knows how long.
This morning was rough. I got up, sat on the bed next to my wife and watched her sleep for a minute before telling her I was going to work. The weekend shift opens up opportunity to handle other things in my life which is good. My wife wishes I would do more house work, I'll try to do better. After brushing my teeth, I realized how much older I look since the start of this whole thing. Cracks in my face. Black stained edges around my fingernails which used to be blood.. and not my own I might add. I checked both rooms to see both my sons sleeping. My oldest with his Desert Eagle at his pillow. That's m'boy...
I made it over to the ZFC safe house in our neighborhood where Isabelle, her sister and Brandon were. We are currently deciding what to do with them. They are welcome to stay with us here, but Isabelle wants to go back and start a GALVESTON ZFC. She knows the risk. Starting your own ZFC is full of it. You basically put a huge target on your head. The ASMZ knows where you are, but so do hundreds of survivors that desperately need your help. Isabelle is young, but with Brandon... there's a possibility they could actually pull it off. We know what mistakes the Matagorda ZFC made, and they are noted... Speaking of the Matagorda ZFC... word got to X.
Not just that his ZFC compound was gutted like an elk during hunting season, but that there was a mysterious picture including him, with Isabelle and the now VERY famous house hold name... Lord Micah. And you can already guess, Lord Micah was already on his way from Dallas. As soon as things got settled here, we called Lord Micah and.. tried to explain what we found. He dropped the phone. We heard Sponge Bob Square Pants in the back ground until we figured he wasn't coming back on the line. He's on his way now. I only hope there is a good explanation for it all..Including the Sponge Bob show playing on the t.v. The photo Little girl Emma had, really does look like Lord Micah, X, and Isabelle are family.. we'll see. Not holding my breath.
I'm at work now. Listening to the machines run while I write this. The ride here from my neighborhood ZFC was pleasant. There was a wreck over by NASA. I always look at that place with a glare in my eye. I know about some of the things that are currently taking place there. Underground, I know about the zombie farms that are in operation. The deceit that burns from the heart of those few buildings, and the experiment funded world wide by the dogs that run the show. At the same time, I tip my hat to them. Not only for putting a man on the moon, but for bending the truth about our reality for so long, that we are comfortable with the lies told to us. It takes a tight operation to to that without blinking..... not bad.
The news is keeping my brain turning. With the 'pretend' presidential election taking place, there are so many things the media uses to keep our minds away from the ASMZ's clear take over of the United States. Mitt Romney and Obama have been put on pedestals to be hailed as hero's, never mind where the money comes from.... Goldman Sachs cough cough...wink wink nudge nudge.
The number of zombie farms alone funded by some of these elitist kooks would make your head spin. Not to mention the banks that are now cooperating to track the Occupy Protesters. The Occupy are planning on shutting down the Golden Gate Bridge on Tuesday May 1st 2012. We'll see what really happens. Hopefully hordes of zombies wont take over their movement like what happened in Georgia. That was a blood bath. Sux when people don't anticipate the multiplication of zombie population when they are let loose on the streets. The Occupy are planning on interrupting JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America offices as well. That's a pretty full day. I'm going to keep my radar on and see what they'll use as a cover up for the zombie attacks.... if there are any. The ASMZ is getting smarter with their use of zombies. Less Blatant.
Another thing I'm concerned about is the use of vaccinations in the country. I know for a fact that some "viruses are kept alive to help keep population down." So says BILL GATES in the TED conference. I think I mentioned that. Its all over YouTube, just look it up for yourself. The zombies are sure to hit the news sooner or later, and the poisons they contain will more than likely stir up the Eugenicist to pay off doctors to come up with new vaccines for us all to drown ourselves in. I'm not usually this negative, but my research lands on too many real points. Most kids suffering from WHOOPING COUGH are kids that were vaccinated... FACT. In 2010, 1000 children in New York suffered a mumps outbreak. 80% of them had been vaccinated with the MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) vaccine. I pulled that from Prison Planet. Its worth reading. They aren't covering much on zombie news... some, but not much. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
I'm rambling now... I got a text from my wife a minute ago. Looks like X called in asking about Lord Micah being his father, and the possibility of finding his lost sister, scratch that, SISTERS. I'll wait on more information to talk about, at least until Lord Micah gets here and can speak for himself. I cant wait to hear this one.
JIG, Joshua, STAR, X, Mike T, and Captain LC are in Africa, driving toward their next safe house. As soon as I'm off work I'll be able to get a better fix on their location and how things are going. I haven't heard much from JIG lately so I'm concerned he's cracking. Him and his brother are pretty tight, but they seem to have been helping out, and leading when they are needed to. The Arc of the Covenant wont be easy to attain, but I wouldn't put the assignment in anyone else's hands than theirs. I'm proud of these 6 people, and you should be too.
The 1st GENERATOR: EPHOD will be used to funnel energy to the 2nd GENERATOR: The ARC of the COVENANT. We still aren't sure what the third generator is, but with Lord Micah working hard on it, I'm sure we'll get a better understanding on what it can do, and what the one world government truly plans on doing with it. We already know they want most humans dead, so they can restart the world the way THEY want it. In doing this, we have a pretty solid lead on them creating a God Like human with the combined power of all three generators. We are praying daily that we can prevent their evil from happening. Our lives are literally on the line. Zombies were born from the loins of the black hearted filth of the ASMZ and the one world government. As I said before, we are stronger than they think. Our flags will raise higher than theirs. Our voices are louder than any horde of zombies. We will prevail...
We fight as one, until there are none.

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