Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rendezvous with Captain LC

After the Skype call with our ZFC in Africa, I realized how desperate everyone was. Not just here but in Africa... hell.... all over the world. The nervousness was felt in the room when Lokey said he was leaving at once. And he did. He boarded a flight and made it to Africa several days ago. Lord Micah and I were left in Houston to clean up the remains of what the ASMZ left behind. A bloody, carcass smelling city left for dead. Lord Micah was deep in research with his weapon. Trying to combat the ASMZ is getting harder and harder. But its keeping us on our toes. Some of the people around here have just given up.

Two days ago, there was a mass suicide. 5 blocks down from my house at least a dozen or more residents grouped together and decided it was easier to become the walking dead, than to die slowly. No faith. Worst thing was the looters that came in their absence. Half of them became zombies themselves. Unprepared. Untrained. My sons went in and cleaned house. They came back with food, water, and notes that were meant to go to their families. Fathers, Mothers... hell all branches of family marched out together hand in hand and gave themselves up to the flesh eaters. The ASMZ conveniently showed up hours later to mop up the red off the street. Then the Canary Group came in with their yellow suits, spraying the homes as if the walls were infected with roaches, and other unspeakable bugs. Just getting ready for the FOR SALE signs that were put up in front of their yards this morning. Gross testament to the lack of humanity our leaders have. Funny how were supposed to look up to the ASMZ.

Back to Captain LC.

Lokey arrived in Africa on a Tuesday morning. As affiliated at he is, he had been to Africa before, but didn't talk about it much. He is VERY private. When his identity was released that he was the leader of the GYPSY GROUP, he denied any interviews or conversations with any of our ZFC's. That is until the zombies came in such huge numbers. Everyone has their point of realization. Surviving in numbers gives you a better chance of surviving at all.

He made it to a secure place. It wasn't a safe house, but for Lokey, finding a place to hide out came more naturally than to others. Days went by before he called. he said that his presence was obviously known of but he wanted to seem dead to anyone in the area. His travel from the airport to the ZFC was by way of helicopter. He noticed during his flight that there were 2 or 3 helicopters about a mile or more away from him. They seemed to be shadowing his pilot. He wasn't sure if they were friends or if they were African ASMZ. Lokey watched closely as the helicopters rotated out. One after another they would land, and in place there were other helicopters taking the position. In all, Lokey noted 13 helicopters land. That's when the pilot mentioned the mass amounts of chem trailing ahead.

Out the front window, dozens of chem trails webbed the African sky. The beryllium and aluminum flakes reflected the brilliant African sun offering up a stunning canvas in front of them. Lokey didn't like what he saw. As beautiful as it was, he knew how dangerous chem trails were, and in numbers like this there was no telling what kind of storms were ahead. Lokey looked out and didn't notice any shadowing helicopters so he asked the pilot to circle around a 20 mile radius. He told the pilot it was "To see what the weather was going to do". But the truth was, he wanted to get a better idea on what those helicopters were up to.

The pilot chirped in through the microphone and head set, "Dosh! Dosh!" Which is slang for money. The pilot looked as worried as Lokey felt inside. He obviously didnt like chem trails any more than Lokey did. But he did as he was told when Lokey pulled out a wad of ear plugs and African money. They circled wide, low and fast.

On their second pass, they saw the helicopters staggered on the hot African floor. The pilot snatched the ear plugs Lokey gave him and crammed them in his ears. Lokey did the same. They started to see the hordes. Hundreds, maybe thousands of zombies were walking in the direction of the ZFC's original safe house. From the sky it was easy to see, the zombies were flowing around the grounded helicopters. ASMZ members were outside on the ground with bull horns blasting HUM ATTACKS keeping the zombies from coming too close to them. Smoking cigarettes and laughing, the ASMZ took random shots at the zombies, dropping them easily. There were 8 to 10 bigger transport helicopters that were on the ground with zombies pouring out of them. Then, they all looked up.

Lokey's helicopter was noticed. ASMZ started pointing at them and began firing wildly into the air. Lokey just happened to fly into an ASMZ zombie training operation and he was watching it unfold in front of his eyes. "LET ME OUT!" Lokey said. The ground was whizzing underneath them, the pilot pulled back and gained altitude as fast as he could screaming all sorts of African words. Lokey looked out to watch the camp of zombies and ASZM small into a dot as they reached the low African clouds. Lokey turned off his cell and any other GPS devices he had and grabbed the pilots shoulder. "IM JUMPING OUT! MY PARACHUTE WILL LEAVE ME NEAR THOSE TREES UP THERE! ITS THE CROSS RIVER NATIONAL PARK! LOOK FOR MY FLARE!" The pilot turned his head and replied in English, "I KNOW! JUST GET THE HELL OUT!!"

Lokey grabbed his bags and parachute, slid open the side door, and jumped. The sound of the helicopter was quickly replaced by the muffled sound of the wind violently screaming past his face. Lokey found direction and began tracking. He jetted through the African clouds, cloaked, and hidden. There were several layers that he passed through. The third layer down he noticed a perfect hole in the clouds. Then another, and another. Then, like a drunk person bumping into you on the subway, Lokey was knocked sideways by what he knew immediately, had to be a  HUM ATTACK! The hole left in the clouds by the blast was enough for him to put two and two together. The attacks were aimed at his pilot who was frantically trying to get away. If it hadn't been for the earplugs, Lokey would surley have been stunned and unable to fly as precise as he was.

Lokey tracked again and powered forward closer toward the ground. He looked over his left shoulder and saw the helicopter he was just in, spinning out of control and going down, intercepted by a surface to air missile. The explosion shot debris in a million directions in mid air. Lokey knew for sure he was spotted, but wasn't sure if the ASMZ saw him jump.He flew on. Seeing the edge of the Cross River National Park, Lokey readied his parachute. He was outfitted with an AOD (automatic opening device) which allowed him to deploy his chute just a couple hundred feet from the ground. Even with ear plugs in, the bang of the reserve chute rang Lokey's ears as he came down violently fast to the ground. He pulled the snap on his knife sheath attached to his belt, pulled his blade, and buried it in the head of a lost zombie, breaking his fall. Lokey's ears were still humming on the inside. The HUM ATTACK that narrowly missed him combined with the blast of the parachute left him half dizzy, but he didn't hesitate. He grabbed the body of the zombie and drug it into the dark woods, hiding him from the world.

Propped up against a tree, Lokey did what he did best. He looted the body of the the dead zombie. It took him a whole 5 minutes to retract the knife that was stabbed deep into the head of the unfortunate zombie he landed on. Occasionally looking up, Lokey found money, jewelry, a pocket knife, and a baseball cap that was stuffed in the deads back side belt. Taking just a minute to rest and think, Lokey sipped his water and realized.... since when do HUM ATTACKS have the power to stun a helicopter? Rendering it useless, taking all its power causing it to fall from the sky? It wasn't a HUM ATTACK at all. It was an EMP blast. That's what left the gaping holes in the African clouds as he passed by.

Lokey then checked his phone, and other battery operated devices. He wouldn't have been able to contact JIG and the other ZFC if he hadn't turned it all off. The EMP blast would have ruined everything he had. "Lucky bastard" Lokey said. "Lucky bastard." If his luck truly was on his side, the army of undead and the ASMZ would have tracked the helicopter they shot down to make sure there were no survivors. And in reality, if the ASMZ wasn't reading the blog over the past few weeks, they might not even know he's IN Africa?

Lokey didn't want to take that chance. He stood up, pouched his water flask and made the call to JIG, STAR, X, JOSHUA, and MIKE T. He paced back and forth between trees while the phone was ringing and noticed a slight pain in his left leg. The parachute landing is starting to take its toll, and his adrenaline is wearing off.

STAR answered the phone. "LOKEY, I guess you made it in one piece? Where are you so we can find some way to meet. Either way one or all of us are going to have to back track to come get you."

"I'm in the Cross River National Park"

"You sure can pick a great place to land Lokey."

"Don't start with me STAR, I don't want to be here but you guys need help. My transport is....down. Tell Jig, his helicopter was probably his by an EMP like mine was... Where can we meet?"

"Lets shoot for BAFOUSSAM. Stay off the main road and I'll call you when I'm close."

"Star, did you just volunteer yourself to come back for me? You should know there are thousands of zombies, a dozen HUM ATTACK helicopters, and countless ASMZ in the area...."

"Lokey, yes... I just volunteered to come get you, but more importantly.. if I don't get out of here, I'm going to rip my own head off. I'm the only female here and these pigs are just begging to be stabbed in the night. I'll call you in 12 hours. Find high ground and don't puss out on me. I don't care if your the leader of the GYPSY GROUP, we need help finding the ARC of the COVENANT. Thank you for being here, but I'm not in the groveling mood."

"uuummmm.....ROGER? 10/4 OVER AND OUT.....STAR"

Eddie Rotten


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