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Lokey. Banged up pretty good from his fall from the sky used caution leaving the Cross River National Park. He was lucky landing on a zombie, ultimately breaking his fall. And probably saving his legs. But there were other wandering zombies in his path towards his target BAFOUSSAM.

Why STAR wanted to meet there was a question Lokey intended to ask. As he got closer and closer, the mountains in the area became a hindrance more than anything else. It was beautiful though. Lokeys only real trouble was hiding when the occasional ASMZ helicopters flew over, and slitting the throats of multitudes of zombies that walked amongst the trees. But the trees broke into shrubs and the mountains were at his feet now. With out the cover, he was much more worried. He knew that the chem trails he saw earlier would pose a problem later in the day, possibly they following. He was expecting bad weather. At least.... that's what chem trails brought back home. BAD WEATHER. That's the last thing he needed.

Up. The Bambouto mountains climbed into, and disappeared through the ridge of clouds as Lokey wiped the beads of sweat from his face and arms. The morning was gone, and the sun was baking everything on the ground. The smell of rotten flesh permeated the woods he was leaving behind. Zombies weren't known for their skills in mountain hiking so he knew he'd be safer on the face of this petrified, volcanic rock. But alone. There was something to be said about the scent of rotting flesh. At least you know somewhere out there, there's something.... and your not completely alone in the dark. Same goes for the ambulance syndrome we have back home. If you hear the siren, you know there's life out there. So up he went. Small back pack. Small fire arms and blades.

In the meantime back home:

Lord Micah called me and told me how crazy things were back in Dallas since he got home. The Lab he works in was broken into and the frequency gun he's been working on had been stolen. This poses a pretty serious problem. If the thief that stole the frequency gun can reverse engineer the weapon, they can build their own. Possibly better. This was the weapon that was supposed to even the playing field between us and the ASMZ. This weapon was supposed to "CHANGE THE WAY WE BATTLE ZOMBIES" according to Lord Micah. But now... its gone.

His rant on the phone was intense. He rambled on with words I'll never know, or have the balls to look up in fear that my stupidity will finally look me in the face. The lab entrance wasn't damaged, and there were no footprints, fingerprints.... nothing. We were all stumped. Lord Micah asked me to keep him posted if I came across any news on the device. Then, 20 minutes later... he called back to see if I had any news on the device. I was starting to grasp how detrimental this frequency gun was to our victory against the zombies and the ASMZ.

Just then, I got a call from JOSHUA. He was in the safe house in Africa with X, JIG, and MIKE T. "Eddie, did STAR call and confirm she was going to meet Lokey? Because she up and left us here with out saying more than a "I'll be back." I've never met a more introverted woman in my life!" Joshua went on. "Eddie, if they don't come back soon, they will be left behind. Lokey said he could help us out here and by help, I'm assuming with money so we can buy and barter our way to Ethiopia. X is pissing me off so bad I could spit, Jig and his brother Mike T are always talking so quietly, I don't know what they're up to! We need more input man! And my training tells me something is up. I hope you've had contact with STAR or LOKEY, and I hope you can tell me they're on their way, Cause if not...

Just then a low growling frequency came over the phone. Like MEGATRON from TRANSFORMERS erupted over the phone. JOSHUA screamed out -- KILLEM'ALL KILLEM'ALL KILLEM'ALL!!-- BREECH BREECH!!

Gun shots and loud growls, screams and sputtering moans were all that I heard over the phone. I held on, listening through the mayhem. "GRAB IT! GRAB IT ALL! LETS GO! MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE!!" JOSHUA yelled at the ZFC. I heard foot a door open, the sounds of nature seeping immediately through the line, then foot steps running on gravel road. JOSHUA spoke again, panting but in control. "X is behind us laying land mines, Jig and Mike are running with me covering X with random shots which you can clearly hear over the line! Were running to the trees. I think it'll be safer there. Zombies found us. I don't know how, maybe the ASMZ has been tracking us the whole time. But we need these SAFE HOUSES TO BE SAFE DAMNIT!"

I didn't have an excuse. He was right. The safe houses we have set up along the way to Ethiopia should be safe.. safer. I apologized and gave my word I would work on it. Out of breath, he interrupted, "Don't apologize, just do it... PLEASE!" I knew he was right. And I've already started. My wife and youngest son have time dedicated to working with the GYPSY GROUP to secure more SAFE HOUSES in Africa. But that's all I can do.

Our ZFC hid in the trees. Looking. Waiting... Cussing.

Lokey made it to the summit and crossed over to the downside of the mountain. It was raining now. Exactly what he thought it would do. The chemtrails were now open blankets across the sky, lying underneath the natural clouds that passed over at a quicker pace. Darkness was coming. The day proved to be long and hard but Lokey covered lots of ground. The volcanic floor of the mountain offered up new terrain, smells, sounds. Wildlife was as it was before the walking dead took over the world. So, he sat and listened. Granola bar. And one sip of water from his flask.

Lokey sat underneath a huge leaf that covered almost his whole body. The rain water was dripping off it, hitting his steel toe boots. A sound came from ahead. Lokey instantly put his palm over his throwing knives located across the outer waist line of his black vest. THUDUDUDUDUDD! He turned his head and noticed a throwing knife similar to his own stabbed and still vibrating not but 5 inches from his head. Lokeys hand moved from his knives to his side arm. This looks like trouble...

A voice came from a few feet ahead, hidden in the trees just as he was. "Don't get all RAMBO on me Lokey, I'm coming out, so don't trip. Its me.... STAR." STAR eased out with another throwing knife ready to go in her right palm, faced out for Lokey to see. Lokey stood up.

"YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED STAR!" "SSSHHHHH!" STAR hushed Lokey and waved him over toward her through the dense thickness of the trees and bush. "Look" Star said and pointed out toward the city of Bafoussam. Lokey looked over her shoulder and saw the worst possible scenario for escaping the ASMZ and zombies imaginable.

Through the trees was an opening into a field lined with trees. And one road leading to Bafoussam. Inside the rain soaked field were buses. 10 of them. White. With the ASMZ letters painted in white spanning their entirety. Zombies were getting off and wandering in circles, some attacking each other like dogs. A few had escaped the packs already, making their way out into the jungle. ASMZ officers were patroling the area with their HUM ATTACK weapons pointed at the zombies in case they got too close. The zombies were big. Bigger than we've seen before. The black ooze gushed from their mouths, vomiting as if it were a necessity of life. The red of blood was all but gone unless their skin was torn. There was an officer standing on top of one of the buses with a bull whip yelling, and snapping the whip at the zombies. They were actually doing what they were told. The ASMZ learned how to control the actions of these zombies by force. Almost scaring them into doing what their told by offering up a police state in the area. Lokey was intrigued. STAR was antsy.

"What do you think?" STAR said. "I think we wait....then go through the middle" Lokey answered quietly.

Not completely understanding, STAR went along with Lokeys words. He seemed to be well versed and set up for just about any situation, so for now... she trusted him.

"I don't want to get to far ahead, so take my hand and follow quietly" Lokey said. STAR reached out and grabbed Lokeys wet hand. They went around as far as they could before they spotted zombies walking through the trees amongst them. They crouched. Pulled out their throwing knives and quietly dropped zombies, making a safe path for them to run through the field. With out saying a word, they dropped zombie after zombie and smiled at each other at the skill they shared. Pick up the knives as they moved forward, they prepared to run through to the other side of the field. The buses were on, discharging the black, diesel exhaust into the rainy air. The plan was to wait till the last zombie exited the bus closest to the road, get there as fast as they could with out being noticed, steal the bus and drive as far as they could without dying.

STAR put in her head set piping the DOORS into her mind, getting ready for what lies ahead. The zombies were thinning out from the center of the field as they all made their way into the dark jungle around them.

They both put in ear plugs just in case.

"READY?" Lokey said. "1.....2....3!"

Lokey and STAR dashed towards the bus. Immediately several zombies noticed them. STAR had blades ready and threw them like arrows, stabbing them in the brain. Faster and faster they ran. The ASMZ noticed them too when the zombies turned and screamed their black, gargling bursts at them. The zombies were a mix of big, small, slow and fast. Some tried to run but were dropped by Lokey as he popped them with his pistol. The larger ones found a way to get closer. STAR with drew her sword, ran up the leg of the largest zombie and swung, lopping off the head of the walker. STAR was forced to fast pacing backwards, still in the targeted direction but there were just too many. Then the HUM ATTACK broke the sound of zombie war on a wet battle field.


The HUM ATTACK was shot by an ASMZ officer, pointing his bull horn into the air. All the zombies that had scattered to the trees, were now RUNNING towards Lokey and STAR. They had made it to the bus. The door was open, and it was pointed towards the road leading to Bafoussam. But they were surrounded. Out of breath and soaked with rain, they stood there ready to die. Sword drawn, STAR looked at Lokey. It looked like he had ants in his pants. He was reaching into the front of his pants frantically. The ASMZ walked closer and closer to them. And in the distance, they could see the running zombies flooding out of the trees. There wasn't even enough time to reach the door. "GOT IT!" Lokey said aloud.

He pulled out a small, black box from his pants. STAR looked perplexed, and drew her pistol.. which she never EVER used and pointed it toward death. Lokey held the device out in his hand, palm up and pressed a small red button on top with his thumb. STAR immediately threw up. She looked over at Lokey and saw he was saying something but all the volume of life was gone. Lokey was smiling and pointing out to the ASMZ. STAR looked out and watched the heads of the officers pop like grapes. They all dropped to their knees. And that was the first pulse.

The little red light on the side of the device turned off and STAR heard Lokey yell, "GET READY FOR THE SECOND PULSE!! PUSH THE EAR PLUGS DEEPE.."

The little red light turned back on. Silently, the second pulse began, completely shattering the rotten corpses that ran toward them. As the waves of zombies came at them through the trees, Lokeys device powered up and blasted ever 2 to 3 seconds. It pushed the zombies off their feet and into the air, bashing them against the trees, ripping them in half. The zombies screamed with anger and hunger, but they were no match for the black box that Lokey held in his hand. Like somebody was sweeping dirt from an old house floor, the zombies were scooped into the rain and shredded into pieces, left on the ground for the jungle to devour and reclaim.

STAR ran behind Lokey and got in the drivers seat of the running bus. The zombies kept coming. Lokey figured the distance between them and the flesh eaters, put the black box away and shot into the crowds of zombies as they came.

They shut the door and drove. Side winding out of the filed, STAR floored the gas through the wet and mud making it to the dirt road leading to town. Lokey holsterd his pistol and walked to the back of the bus to check for supplies. Nothing.

"So....are you going to tell me what the hell that... box is?" STAR looked at Lokey through the long rear view mirror of the bus.

Lokey walked to the front and sat behind her, "UM....I kinda.....Borrowed it from Lord Micah."



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