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Lord Micah called with more details on what was taken. By now, I knew that Lokey made a trip special to Dallas and took what he wanted. Lokey IS on our side, but before we united forces.. he was, and IS a thief. Or GYPSY... what ever helps you sleep better. And further, I'm glad Lokey's on our side. I'd hate to have that kind of enemy. What upset Lord Micah wasn't the Frequency Weapon, but a stack of papers mixed in with all his research. The papers documented all the places his two children weren't. Unknown to any of us, Lord Micah had been on the hunt for his two kids. One boy, one girl. When he called, he sounded torn.

I immediately told him what I knew about Lokey taking the weapon, and maybe his papers were caught up with what was taken. "There's a chance Eddie... thanks." Is all he said. He didn't even speak once of the weapon that could potentially change the war on zombies and the ASMZ. He hung up the phone.

The conversation was on speaker phone like most are, and when I turned around, everybody glanced away as if they weren't paying attention. I could tell it was on every body's mind for the rest of the day. There's no better motivator than pain though. Where ever his kids are, I knew if they were half as awnry as Lord Micah they'd be fine. And because of the bad news, our ZFC became all the more focused on finding the Arc of the Covenant and getting our people home to their families... if they had any families left.

Star and Lokey made it to, and past their rendezvous destination of Bafoussam. Because they were in an original ASMZ bus, they were given the green light all the way through town. Not to mention the fact that the LITTLE BLACK BOX shredded any kind of life, dead or undead, in their path to find JIG, Joshua, and X. The ASMZ is resourceful though. As the hours ticked by, everyone knew that once the ASMZ found out about the slaughter, they would be coming for them. JIG contacted Lokey and gave him pin-point directions to meet and pick them up. Joshua took over the wheel and they drove toward the next safe house.

Back home we were dealing with a survivor named Isabelle. You might remember me talking about her a few weeks ago. She has a little sister that she is towing along.. surviving like the rest of us. She has been keeping contact better than some others, but she's young.. so I know getting help is a big deal these days. The same goes for Brandon. He phoned in from Florida and we worked out for them both to meet us here. Long story short, they made it. Brandons trip was a lot longer, but didn't seem any less filled with zombies as Isabelle's. They both shared stories of zombie battles along the way. Brandon said that Louisiana was the worst. HWY 10 offered up the ugliest zombies he'd ever seen. He told of a metal building he hid in for days before it was safe to leave. His food was stolen by bandits on the first day, and he scavenged the rest of the way till he got here. He is 13 years old. Not the best of situations for this young man, but survival brings out the strong ones.

Isabelle on the other hand had her little sister with her. That's a story in itself. Her mother died years ago as she said in her first published contact with us here, and she's been looking for her father ever since, sitting tight.. hoping he'd return. But the zombie apocalypse brings circumstances that force you to move, even if you swore you'd wait to live or die where you were.

The Houston ZFC had a bed and food for them all for several days. Isabelle's sister, Dorothy, was a real joy to be around. Always cracking jokes and doing the unexpected happy thing for everyone around her. We haven't had that spirit near us in a long time. Innocent and pure. Untouched from the fear of zombies, or the hate for the ASMZ. Just a child being a child. We didn't want any of them to leave, but there was a better place for them. Before X left for Africa, he set up a solid compound of self sufficient kids in Matagorda TX. Although it was around an hour or more from our location, we all decided that the younger children would be able to flourish there until X returned. With indoor gardens, solar panels, weapons and a few adult roaming around.. they seemed to be better able to handle the evils of life than we are here. We assigned a guide to go with Isabelle, Dorothy, and Brandon to head toward ZFC Matagorda. We took all the information we could from both Isabelle and Dorothy about their father and swore to do our best to track down his last location.

There are no guarantees though. Even when asking, Isabelle seemed to realize how narrow the possibility was that her father is still alive. Dorothy was optimistic though. So cute with her red shoes. The only pair she had. I noticed the brass buckle was broken on the left one, held together with blood stained duct tape. None of us asked what happened. Best to bury that story with the rest of them. I had them repaired before they left. It was the least I could do.

All was not well though. When they arrived at Matagorda ZFC there was bad news.... Really bad news.

Isabelle got out of the car and helped Dorothy get her things. Brandon noticed the front door. Blood. There was blood smeared everywhere. The adults that were left to help look after the ZFC were found on the side of the house, burned to a black pile of flesh. The windows were smashed in, the side doors were kicked in with bloody wooden splinters sticking out in all directions. The driver asked everyone to stay near the car just in case, but these were zombie fighters. They paid their dues as far as zombie fighting goes, and they'd be damned if anyone asked them to 'stay put'. They all entered together. Dorothy moved boxes of charred food aside with her red shoes as they made their way closer to the center of the house. Everyone was gone. "There was a fight" Brandon said. "Look!" Brandon pointed and made his way around the debris on the floor. He noticed the tip of an M16 pointing out from the upper deck of the home. They all filed upstairs, now fully noticing the war they just missed. Brandon picked up the M16 and checked to see if it worked. TATATATATATATATATAT!!! All across the far wall, Brandon emptied the clip then looked at everyone else with wide eyes. "Sorry." "Be careful with that thing, you could have shot my sister!" Isabelle shouted. He nodded and pointed toward a door at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. There was a.... sound, coming from behind a door. They huddled up and quietly walked toward it.

The sound got louder as they got closer. It was a small, buzzing noise. "OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!" Isabelle said, and took two heavy steps to the door and kicked it open. Flies. Dead bodies and flies. So many that they had to run back to the end of the hallway. Isabelle asked the driver to stay with Dorothy while she and Brandon went to check it out. There was obviously no life in that room. Dead or undead. Their biggest fear was that they would find all the children of the Matagorda ZFC crammed in there. Hoping it wasn't a mass slaughter. The last thing anyone wanted was to end the day with 60 plus murdered children to answer for.

They pulled their shirts over their nose and mouth, and went in. Grown ups. Stacks of them. Piled one on top of another there were grown ASMZ members. Dead. It looked like they never turned zombie which is a good thing. The only thing worse than the ASMZ is a ZOMBIE ASMZ!! Just then, the driver yelled from downstairs. "HEY KIDS! YOUR GONNA WANT TO COME DOWN HERE....SLOWLY OK?"

Brandon and Isabelle peeked out the door. Brandon glanced around the floor to find another M16 magazine. No dice. It was a child. The driver and Dorothy were sitting across from a child. Dirty face and hands, and thin.... very thin. The child had a pistol aimed at Dorothy's head. Isabelle walked quickly to the steps at the end of the hallway. "What do you want? Point the gun at the driver, POINT THE GUN AT THE DRIVER!!" Isabelle screamed uncontrollably and started charging toward the child. The child turned her head, dropping her aim, and fell to her knees weeping.

The little girl was so scared and alone for so long, she was in a daze. The only emotion she had left was to kill. Mans first and last survival instinct. Brandon grabbed the gun, emptying the one shell in the chamber. It was meant for the next intruder to her home. They all helped her up held her. She needed to be held. Like a child. Like everything was going to be ok. At at this moment it was. She was able to tell them what happened at Matagorda ZFC. The ASMZ found them and moved in with several dozen officers. Barry Soeterror was the leader of the pack. He and a few of his men fell back when the ASMZ were being shot down by the children of the ZFC. The wave of officers never let up. Helicopters and armoured trucks moved in, allowing Captain Soeterror to enter the house. The little girl witnessed the captivity of the entire Matagorda ZFC. The adults were led outside, dropped to their knees, and forced to either be eaten by zombies to the bone, or to shoot each other. They never stopped yelling DONT TREAD ON ME! So they were burned alive. She said the children were moved to Colorado. "Under the airport" is exactly where she said. She went on by telling us somegthing about them being cryogenically frozen for study, or until they weren't needed anymore. They then piled up the dead ASMZ in the room upstairs, followed by a spraying of some sort of gas.... and left.

Hours passed. The little girl woke up in the arms of her new care takers. There were cans of food all over the floor, mostly with bullet holes in them, but some with out. They were ready with a spoon full of soup. The girl smiled when she saw Isabelle's face. "Where's your brother?" She said with a weak voice. Isabelle looked confused, looked around, and said, "Brother? What do you mean.... brother?" "Where is YOUR brother?" The little girl was barely able to speak. "Oh poor baby, she must be delirious.. she needs to rest" Isabelle said and patted a damp rag on the little girls head. The child patted her pocket, then passed out again, weak from the day.

Isabelle moved the little girls arm, and reached two fingers into her pocket. She pulled out an old picture. Isabelle's eyes teared up, then started to cry, dropping the picture. She grabbed Dorothy and walked to the next room, sitting on a chair lit up by the only window that wasn't shot out. Brandon picked up the picture. "Its a picture of Isabelle. She's standing next to..... It cant be..." The driver snatched the photo and noticed just as Brandon did. It was a photo of Isabelle, standing next to Lord Micah. And in his arms......X



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